Mistakes Costly for Cougars

By Clare Wiltse, Sports Contributor

“We were our own worse enemy.  Fumbles and penalties did us in.”  Coach Dan Maresh’s comments show his dismay at how his young team played in a 46-8 loss to Emerson-Hubbard.


Northeast took the opening kickoff and marched down the field.  The drive came to a halt with a fumble at the one yard line.  The fumble set the tone for the night as two plays later the Pirates scored on a 77 yard run.


A second fumble produced a scoop and score for Emerson -Hubbard.  Four penalties stalled the offense as they  set the Cougars back 43 yards.


Dylan Hardeman’s touchdown run and PAT by Montana Riecken did not come until the fourth quarter.   By that time the Pirates had their commanding lead of forty-six points.


The Cougars amassed 290 yard during the game.  They got 188 on the ground and added another 102 through the air.  Emerson-Hubbard rushed for 315 of their 349 total yards.


Dylan Hardeman picked up 101 of the rushing yards with a long run of 35 yards.  The Pirates kept Chevy Henneman under control as he was limited to 92 yards on 26 carries.


Henneman passed for 102  yards on 6 completions.  John Whitaker, Dylan Hardeman, Montana Riecken and Jayden Vetick were on the receiving end.


Chevy Henneman led the defense with 8 tackles.  Montana Riecken and  Tyler Hardeman had 7.  Tyler Hardeman and Joey O’Connor shared a sack.


The Cougars will take a 2-5 record into the season’s final game.  They will host Wynot who clinched the District-1 title with a win over Bancroft-Rosalie last week.  The Blue Devils have a 5-2 record and are undefeated  in district play.  Emerson-Hubbard has a 4-3 record after their win over the Cougars.


E-H                  13        19        14        0          -46

LDNE              0          0          0          8          -8



Carries Yards   TDs

Chevy H                       26        92        0

Dylan H                        15        101      1

Montana R                   1          -5         0



Att       Comp   Yards   TDs

Chevy H                       15        6          102      0



Rec      Yards   TDS

Dylan H                        1          6          0

Jacob W                      1          4          0

Jayden V                      2          33        0

Montana R                   2          59        0




Solo     Assisted           Total Tackles

Dylan H            3          1                      4

Jayden V          2          2                      4

Montana R       6          1                      7

Tyler H 4          3                      7

Bren S              1          0                      1

Chevy H           6          2                      8

Joey O             1          1                      2

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Lady Cougars Compete in Five Matches in One Week

The Lady Cougars had five matches this past week.  All five were against East Husker Conference opponents.  Northeast had a regular season match against state rated North Bend Central  on Tuesday.  Thursday and Saturday they competed in the EHC tournament at Stanton.


The (21-3) NBC Tigers defeated the Cougars in straight sets.  Kelly Wakeley had a team-high 8 kills and 14 kills.


NBC                25        25        25

LDNE              19        20        13


K         A         B          D

Madie R           3          1          1          5

Brianne H         4          1          0          9

Tessie C           3          1          2          3

Abby P            0          0          0          7

Victoria            0          0          0          5

Mickayla          5          0          0          1

Kelly W           8          0          0          14

Lexie B            0          0          0          3

Darcey S          1          1          1          8

Set assists:  Darcey 13,   Lexie 9, Kelly 1 Mickayla 1.


The 9th seeded Cougars took down the 8th seeded Titans of Twin River in the first round of the EHC.


LDNE  `           25        25

Twin River        14        22


Madie R           3          1          0          4

Brianne H         4          0          3          7

Tessie C           3          0          3          3

Abby P            1          0          0          4

Victoria M        0          0          0          14

Kelly W           8          0          0          10

Lexie B            0          0          0          7

Darcey S          2          0          1          17

Set Assists:  Darcey 11,  Lexie  7.


Stanton defeated the Cougars on the way to winning the EHC title.  The Fillies have a perfect 26-0 record.  It was a tough contest for the Cougars as they had 18 hitting errors and thy ended up with -.095 hitting percentage.


LDNE              11        18

Stanton 25        25


Madie              1          0          1          3

Brianne 4          0          1          8

Tessie               1          0          0          1

Abby                1          0          0          0

Victoria            0          0          0          5

Kelly                3          0          0          7

Lexie                0          0          0          6

Darcey             2          1          0          7

Set Assists:       Darcey 5, Lexie 5.


The medal rounds found the Cougars and  Knights of O-C playing for the third time this season.  The rubber match went to O-C, but just like in their other meeting the scores were close.   The Knights needed a 30-28 extended play win to take the match.


LDNE              19        28

O-C                 25        30


Madie              3          0          2          4

Brianne 4          0          0          19

Tessie               3          0          0          2

Abby                0          1          0          5

Victoria            0          0          0          8

Kelly                7          0          0          11

Lexie                1          0          0          11

Darcey             1          0          1          17

Set Assists:  Darcey      5,  Lexie 4.


The seventh place match paired the Cougars against West Point-Beemer.  The Cadets came out on top, 2-0.  The hitting game was a problem for Northeast as they had only 11 kills against 13 hitting errors.  They hit -.040.


WP-B              25        25

LDNE              23        13


Madie              1          0          1          5

Brianne 2          1          0          7

Tessie               2          0          2          1

Abby                0          0          0          5

Victoria            0          0          0          5

Kelly                3          1          0          9

Lexie                3          0          0          8

Darcey             0          0          1          12

Set Assists:       Darcey 4,  Lexie 7.


Northeast will have their last home match this week.   They take on (6-19) Pender on Tuesday.  Northeast has an 11-17 record.

Omaha Police Officers and Nebraska Fraternal Order Endorse Hassebrook


Chuck Hassebrook

Chuck Hassebrook

he Omaha Police Officers Association (OPOA) and Nebraska Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Chuck Hassebrook in his campaign for Governor.

“This was an easy choice to make. It is clear that Chuck Hassebrook’s number one priority is to keep Nebraskans safe, unlike his opponent Pete Ricketts, who just doesn’t seem to get it when it comes to Good Time,” said OPOA President Sargent John Wells.

President of the Nebraska Fraternal Order of Police John Francavilla reiterated support from law enforcement, “The Good Time issue is important and needs to be addressed immediately by the next Governor. Any delay will jeopardize the public safety of the citizens of Nebraskans. That’s why we’re backing Chuck Hassebrook for Governor.”

Chuck Hassebrook said, “I’m honored to have the support of men and women who risk their lives every day to protect our safety, and I pledge to use my full authority as Governor to help them do their job. The Governor has the authority to take away every day of automatically granted good time from prisoners who demonstrate from their behavior that they are a threat to the safety of our communities. Governor Heineman hasn’t done that, and Pete Ricketts won’t. But when I’m Governor the buck will stop at my desk, and I will do take it away on Day One.”

The Omaha Police Officers Association represents more than 750 sworn peace officers in the Omaha Police Department. The Nebraska Fraternal Order of Police is composed of over 40 lodges throughout the state, and represents more than 325,000 officers nationally.

Hassebrook has also received the support of of former Omaha and Lincoln Mayors, fourteen state Senators, the AFL-CIO, and Nebraska State Education Association (NSEA), along with early support from Dick Holland, Susie Buffett, and Warren Buffett.

Hassebrook served on the University of Nebraska Board Of Regents for 18 years, and spent 36 years working for rural communities at the Center for Rural Affairs, a national rural advocacy and development organization based in Lyons, where he has assisted over 10,000 rural Nebraska small businesses.

A Minute with the Mayor

Can you believe October is almost over! It sure has been a beautiful fall so far. The leaves have been vibrant this year.   I just can’t wait for this nice weather to get over so we can start experiencing the harsh cold of winter. (Who says a mayor can’t have a sense of humor!)

The pool is pretty much ready to go for next summer. The health department will have to come back before it opens to sign off on a couple of minor things that weren’t quite done when they came for their inspection in September. We won’t take final possession of it from the contractor until it has passed its final inspection so we will have the winter to see how it fairs. I’m excited for everyone to see all the neat features up close.  In the meantime, just keep thinking warm thoughts and pool season will be here before we know it.

The second phase of the community center renovation has been bid out and Fauss Construction came in with the winning bid. They are the construction company that had the bid for the first phase of construction. The second phase is the meat and potatoes phase. Most of the renovation will take place moving forward. It is going to be really cool when it is completed. Again thank you for your patience as we move through the renovation phase. It is going to be well worth it in the end.

The water tower has been repaired. There was some maintenance issues happening with the inside of the tank that fell under warranty work that needed to get completed. The catalytic protection system was replaced to help prevent future rust issues and the drain valve in the base of the tank was also repaired. We should be good to go for another forty years (knock on wood).

We are working on upgrading the electrical system at the camp ground in the park. We will be upgrading the camp ground hookups to be able to accommodate larger campers. Oh, and if you are wondering what caused oil-like streaks on the streets last week, it was the garbage truck. I guess a hydraulic hose busted and the drive was unaware that it had occurred. The city did go around and try to hit the heavily affected areas to soak up the fluid. Hope it helped.

Not much else has been going on. The auditors will be coming soon to do their annual financial audit of the city. We are not anticipating any issues. The new budget was filed with the Nebraska state auditor’s office and the county clerk’s office. We have applied for a grant to help with an additional baler for the recycling center and are working on a grant to help us with a lighting/sidewalk project for downtown Main Street. As you read in a previous article, the city has signed up for a city credit card. It is just too difficult to do business without having one anymore. It is the right thing to do and will make doing city business more convenient.

November 4th is quickly approaching. Because the big room of the community center will be under construction, we plan on moving the election booths into the old library or room right across from the city office door. It will be a little tighter quarters but we have new table top election booths that will take up a lot less space. Thank you to all the Election Day ladies who run the voting process for putting up with the change of location within the community center. Please take time to go vote that Tuesday. This is your opportunity to voice your happiness or frustrations with your elected officials; at all levels of government. So take a few minutes out of your day and go vote. You won’t regret that you did. That’s all I got for now. I’ll just sign off saying one last thing. “GO ROYALS” Win the Series! Talk to you soon.

Mayor Andy Fuston

Mayor Andy Fuston

Social Speaks: Ebola

Ebola is all over the news right now. Should we all be worried or is the media overplaying it as some are suggesting?

    • Sarah Gramke While it is certainly a serious illness, no doubt, it is not at epidemic proportions in the US. Its very good to be informed, and be careful, but its not contagious unless you have symptoms. So the same rule goes as always, if you are sick-stay home, use proper hand hygeine, visit your doctor if you are sick, stay informed, and hopefully because the US has great health and research facilities, we can put a stop to the spread of Ebola in the US. :)–those are my 2 cents 
    • Kim Helzer yes I am worried and no the media is not over doing it. when that many human beings die. We need to be careful. Why do we in United States think “we are god”. and are people will not die die.
    • Sandy Frahm I feel the biggest fear is misinformation. After being reassured we re all safe and health care workers in Dallas are being monitored, after flying Monday thru Dallas on the way to see my new Grandson we find out one of those workers DID travel. It was my understanding, thru media, that would not happen. Then a new article says there is a low risk of getting it from someone’s sweat or blood off a handrail! I do believe we all need to be more diligent in hand washing and in general keeping informed of the facts and warning. But I also believe we ve been given incorrect information and the health care workers and now others involved haven’t been quarantined properly, now some school age kids in Texas who were on Frontier Flight from Cleveland to Dallas now can’t go to school for 21 days. What about the other 132 passengers? Do we panic NO. But it makes me angry the 2nd health care worker was allowed to travel when she knew she was sick! Really??!!!

Go Pink with Plexus

plexus. Jasmine

Snapshots by Jeannene

Jeannene Schutt

The Arbonne Advantage

Scan 3

Junque to Treasures Estate/Tag Sales

Set your Calendar for these 3 days for the 1st tag sale offered by Junque to Treasures Estate/Tag Sales…….October 23rd, 24th and 25th…….the hours will be 9:30-5 all three days….photo updates and upcoming sale dates are available at https://www.facebook.com/JunquetoTreasuresEstateTagSale location is 209 N Oakland Ave`Oakland, Ne (the Itty Bitty Shoppe) 402-380-2333

Fire Prevention Week in Lyons

Jeff Going, a member of the Lyons Fire Department, demonstrates the things not to do in a house to this group of kindergartners. Photo Credit/Denise Gilliland, Editor and Chief, Kat Country Hub.

Jeff Going, a member of the Lyons Fire Department, demonstrates the things not to do in a house to this group of kindergartners. Photo Credit/Denise Gilliland, Editor and Chief, Kat Country Hub.

Lyons Fire and Rescue member Angela Whitley quizzes this group of kindergartners on what to do in case of a fire in the house. Photo Credit/Denise Gilliland, Editor and Chief, Kat Country Hub.

Lyons Fire and Rescue member Angela Whitley quizzes this group of kindergartners on what to do in case of a fire in the house. Photo Credit/Denise Gilliland, Editor and Chief, Kat Country Hub.

Jesse Raabe, left, a member of the Lyons Fire Department, shows the kids what a fireman looks like in his gear. Angela Whitley, right, describes the gear to them and what it does to protect the fireman. Photo Credit/Denise Gilliland, Editor and Chief, Kat Country Hub.

Jesse Raabe, left, a member of the Lyons Fire Department, shows the kids what a fireman looks like in his gear. Angela Whitley, right, describes the gear to them and what it does to protect the fireman. Photo Credit/Denise Gilliland, Editor and Chief, Kat Country Hub.


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