Movie Night at Oakland Public Library

This week’s movie has Humor, Heart and Huggability! Big on Hero! Join us Wednesday July 29th at 6 pm for 102 minutes of animation! Don’t forget your pillow or blanket to get comfy in the library!

Village of Decatur Special Meeting Minutes

Village Board of Decatur                                                                                

Special Board Meeting
July 24, 2015

3 P.M.

The Board of the Village of Decatur met in special session at 3 P.M. at the Community Center on July 24, 2015. The guests signing in were Don Warren, Nina Mussack, Dale Wolf, Jaime Bacon, Jim Nicola, Susan Houck

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Kellogg.

Roll Call: Walt Bolln-yes, Kellogg-yes, Richards-Absent, Tolby-yes, Wolf-yes.

Agenda and minutes of the previous month’s meeting were received:

Roll Call: Walt Bolln-yes, Kellogg-yes, Richards-Absent, Tolby-yes, Wolf-yes Approval and/or correction and suspended reading of the previous month’s minutes:

Roll Call: Walt Bolln-yes, Kellogg-yes, Richards-Absent, Tolby-yes, Wolf-yes

Excusing Board members not attending:
Bolln made a motion to excuse Richards 2nd Tolby Roll call Kellogg- yes, Wolf- yes, Bolln-yes, Tolby-yes




1) Ordinance 7/15 Vacating portion of Twelfth Street, from the center thereof, adjacent to and abutting Lots 11 through 15, inclusive, Block 41. Kellogg stated Village Clerk, would you please read the Ordinance 7/15. Clerk read Ordinance 7/15.




WHEREAS request has been made that the Village vacate the following portions of Twelfth Street: That portion of Twelfth Street, from the center thereof, adjacent to and abutting Lots 11 through 15, inclusive, Block 41;


WHEREAS the Village Board of Trustees believes it is in the best interests of the Village to vacate the foregoing portions of Twelfth Street; and


WHEREAS the owners of the abutting real estate have requested and consented to the vacating of the foregoing portions of Twelfth Street, waive their right of access to their respective properties via the foregoing portions of Twelfth Street, and waive a determination and payment of any special damages they may suffer by the vacating of the foregoing portions of Twelfth Street;




Section 1. The following portions of Twelfth Street located within the Village of Decatur, Nebraska, shall be vacated: That portion of Twelfth Street, from the center thereof, adjacent to and abutting Lots 11 through 15, inclusive, Block 41.

            Section 2. Title to the foregoing portions of Twelfth Street shall revert to the owners of the abutting real estate and become a part of such property.


Section 3. No method or procedure for ascertaining special damage to abutting property owners due to the vacating of the foregoing portions of Twelfth Street shall be established as contemplated in section 92.043 of the Code of Decatur, as each and every abutting property owner has requested the vacation and acknowledges that he/she/it suffers no damages due to the of the foregoing portions of Twelfth Street.


Section 4. Notwithstanding the terms and provisions of this Ordinance, the Village shall retain the right to maintain, operate, repair, and renew public utilities existing at the time title to the abutting property is vacated, and there is reserved to the Village, and public utilities, and any cable television systems the right to maintain, repair, renew, and operate water mains, gas mains, pole lines, conduits, electrical transmission lines, sound and signal transmission lines, and other similar services and equipment and appurtenances, including lateral connections or branch lines, above, on, or below the surface of the ground that are existing as valid easements at the time title to the abutting property is vacated for the purposes of serving the general public or the abutting properties and to enter upon the premises to accomplish such purposes at any and all reasonable times. See Neb. Rev. Stat.§ 17-558 (Reissue 2012).


Section 5. Any other ordinance or section passed and approved prior to the passage, approval, and publication or posting of this Ordinance and in conflict with its provisions is hereby repealed.


Section 6. This Ordinance shall take effect and be in full force from and after its passage, approval, and publication or posting as required by law.


Passed and approved this 24th day of July, 2015.


Loretta Kellogg Chairperson

Ann M Chytka Village Clerk


Richards came in while Ordinance 7/15 was being read. Kellogg stated if there any questions-Tolby asked if this was the property where there is something still built on it she asked if there were any issues with the electricity. Clerk replied yes that is the property and no issues with electric. Bolln stated “I would like to introduce Ordinance #7/15”. 2nd Richards roll call Tolby-yes, Wolf-yes, Kellogg-yes, Bolln-yes, Richards-yes. Bolln moved for final passage on Ordinance #7/15 2nd Richards Kellogg stated “shall Ordinance #7/15 be passed and adopted? ” Roll Call- Tolby-yes, Wolf-yes, Kellogg-yes, Bolln-yes, Richards-yes Kellogg stated Ordinance #7/15 has been passed by a majority of all members of Council. The Ordinance was signed by Kellogg Chairperson and Chytka Village Clerk a seal was placed on Ordinance 7/15.
2) Employee Health Insurance- Bids were received from Burt County Insurance and KH Insurance.

Jaime with Burt County Insurance came to the table the different policies were discussed. There was discussions about the different deductibles. Kellogg stated they are looking for a higher deductible. Our life insurance is with USAble and costs 8.50 per month per each employee will continue. Wolf made a motion to go with plan PB-T Silver with $1,000 deductible with United Health Care. 2nd Bolln Roll call Tolby-yes, Richards-yes, Kellogg-yes, Wolf-yes, Bolln-yes.



Bolln 2nd Richards



ADJOURNMENT TIME 3:30 P.M.                                                            ____________________________


Village Clerk

A Minute with Lyons Mayor Andy Fuston

Happy Hot July everyone! I hope everyone is staying as cool as possible. I know if you’ve been going to the pool, you’ve been able to do that. It has been a great first season. Attendance is up and the smiles are large. I know there have been some hiccups this season but we are working through those. We expected some growing pains with all the new things to do down there. We have been working on being consistent with rules and regulations that are posted. We are figuring out the best practice with the life guard stands; balancing swimmer and life guard safety. It is all feedback we appreciate because we hadn’t been through it yet with this pool. The season is winding down and as we get closer to school starting our pool hours are going to be more limited. Lifeguards are also going back to school and their availability will dictate how long and how often the pool will remain open the last two weeks of August.   Any changes to the schedule will be posted at the pool.

The community center is, for all intensive purpose, completed. We continue to wait on the exterior signage to be installed. The council will be setting an open house/dedication date. The council approved another building permit to Three Rivers Housing Development Corp for a new ranch house with a basement at the corner of 5th and Pearl. Three Rivers has been a fantastic community partner and we look forward to this property being developed along with future projects they are involved with. We also have a new house being built on the north side of town. People are investing in Lyons. It is good for our school system and good for the community. We continue to have issues with vehicles driving faster than the posted speed limit, especially on Diamond Street and Main Street. Main Street, particularly as you are coming into town from the west, is even a bigger concern now that we have the pool open and lots of kids out and about in that area. The council is looking at different options because the speed limit signs aren’t working very well. We are looking at possibly putting in speed bumps, writing more tickets for speeding or adding additional signage/signaling to those areas. We would prefer people just slow down and then we wouldn’t have to do any of these things but until that happens, we will need to do something.

It sounds like progress is being made on the byway outdoor theater art project on Main Street.   It will really be a neat way to bring the community together for some fun. We have received all the information needed to submit our grant proposal for the Main Street lighting project. This is another big grant that if awarded, will allow us to improve and upgrade a much needed infrastructure issue. The railroad crossing on Main St. has also been upgraded. It makes going over the tracks there so much nicer. It is usually the little things that make the biggest difference in quality life and that certainly is one of those areas that you don’t really notice when it is nice but really notice with it’s not. Finally, I just have to say, as I do every year, how great the 4th of July was. The weather was great. All of the events were fun and the fireworks were absolutely terrific! I tend to forget the fire and rescue departments when thanking everyone involved with making the day a great one right before the fireworks show begins. Chalk it off to nerves and not writing down all I need to say I guess! That doesn’t mean however that all of their hard work isn’t appreciated. I am always so proud of our community when that first fireworks explosion lightens up the dark sky. To think our display rivals any other community around just make me proud to live in Lyons. That couldn’t pride wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for other volunteers who take the time to set them up and shoot them off. My hat is always off to Lyons Community Club and the Lyons Volunteer Fire Department for carrying the torch, year after year, for making the July 4th celebration one of Lyons’ crowning jewels. That’s all I got for now. Enjoy the rest of the summer. School is coming parents so hand in there! Stay cool and we’ll talk to you soon.



News from Bancroft Senior Center

* The senior center provides Information and Assistance to any individual who is looking for services for themselves or another person 60 years and older, the center manager and/or center participant can provide information to individuals on services available within the community. We link individuals to the services and opportunities that are available within or beyond the community itself. We will then establish adequate follow-up procedures to see that their needs were met. For more information call 402-648-3387.

*If you are 60 years and older and need information on programs designed to help keep you in your home longer or if you need legal help, contact Connie at 402-648-3387 or in the evening at 402-648-7648.

* We have the following medical equipment to loan out on an as need basis, wheel chair, bath seats, toilet seat riser and portable toilet chair, crutches or walkers. Call 402-648-3387 during office hours.

Meals on Wheels

*Would you like to get Meals on Wheels? Anyone over the age of 60 years and lives within the city limits are eligible for these meals. You may sign up anytime for the Meals on Wheels program; you can get the meals delivered however many times you want them each week. You must call 402-687-2332 before 8:30 a.m. if you want a meal that day. The suggested donation for the meals is $4.00.

Weekly Activities:

Wed. July 29: Melody chimers will practice 9:00 am. Join us for coffee at 10:00 am. There will be a golf game tournament at 1:30 pm.

Thurs. July 30: Rolls and coffee served from 9:00 until noon. Tai Chi class at 9:30 and the walking ex class at 10:45. Sign up to play in the pitch tournament at 1:30.

Fri. July314: The Farmers Market is open today from 9:00 – 11:00 am. Sign up to play in the pinochle or hand and foot tournament at 1:30 pm.

Sat. Aug. 1: The monthly music jam will start at 7:00 pm. Bring some type of food for break time at 8:30 pm.

Mon .Aug. 3: Bring one or two items for potluck dinner, No meat or potatoes will be furnished by the center. Cards and puzzles will be available in the afternoon.

Tues. Aug. 4: Tai Chi class is at 9:30 and the walking ex. class at 10:45. Stop in for coffee at 10:00 am. Sign up to play in the pitch tournament at 1:30 pm.

Wed. Aug. 5: We will have melody chime practice at 9:00 am. Join us for coffee at 10:00 am. Play UNO or the 65 card game at 1:30 pm.


One of Kat Country Hub’s Favorite Pictures From Last Year

I love this picture. The clouds went over our house, and I ran for my camera. This was from May of 2014.

Photo Credit/Denise Gilliland, Editor and Chief, Kat Country Hub.

Photo Credit/Denise Gilliland, Editor and Chief, Kat Country Hub.

Market Report


The big news on Monday was the substantial dip in the Chinese stock market, that trend continued and the 3 day sell of knocks 11% off the Shanghai Composite.  Despite government efforts to reverse the trend, the Chinese stock market continues to decline since peaking on June 12th.

Commodities had a significant sell of yesterday pulling down gold, silver, copper, cotton, soybeans, corn, cattle, and Crude oil futures have continued to slide to a new 4 month low near $47 a barrel, but headed back in to positive territory midday today.

U.S Dollar strengthens again today, as many investors look for the fed to increase interest as early as September.

Ford reported a 46% increase in net income for Q2, logging its largest quarterly profit ever for North America.


Grain Markets 12:39pm

Corn -2 @ 3.71
Dec Corn -2 $3.81 ½
Beans +10 ¼ @ $9.71 1/2
Nov Beans +5 ¾ @ $9.39


Crop condition was raised from 69% to 70% good to Excellent on corn as compared to last years 75%, and soybeans were left alone at 62% good to excellent as compared to last years 71%



December Corn has lost .73 cents in the last 10 trading days, interestingly enough earlier this month, we went from the current trading level to the contract high in just 13 days.  We have literally went from $3.81 all the way up to $4.54 and back to $3.81 in 23 days.  Talk about a roller coaster ride.  There seems to be a lot of noise and no one is exactly sure what to hear, from a weather scare and flooding, to key fundamentals influencing world carry, Political, and of course the macro markets.  It seems they are all competing for attention.

A new gap was created yesterday.  We now have 2 gaps in the Dec ’15 corn contract, from a technical perspective we may see corn continue to trend down into contract lows prior to retracing those gaps.  Keep in mind the gap retracement could be post-harvest.


Strategy:  As the market dips, and affordable way to participate in upside potential on sold bushels is a simple “buy back strategy” utilizing options.  Which keeps capital risk low.


Beans:  Uncertainty in China w no doubt caused a lot of pain for the bean market yesterday seeing a 30 cent drop on Monday in Nov beans.   A bit of a turnaround Tuesday feel today though as beans gained at the open, but only up 5 cents at noon.  Beans are feeling a lot of pressure from the macro markets, fear of Chinese demand and the US Dollar making South America more appealing to international buyers.


Strategy: Beans may be a painful ride down, lock in a sale at a profitable level either cash or utilizing an HTA.  Bonus premium offers may be used to bring the value of the sale up.


Greg Mockenhaupt

ProEdge Risk Management Consultant

P: (402) 685-5613 | C: (402) 380-9855 |

1007 County Road O

Oakland, NE 68045

McMurtry Shares her Passion for Gardening

Spring and summer provide an abundance of color from the beauty of flowers and tailored landscapes to the sprouting vegetable gardens.

Oaklander Catherine McMurtry has enjoyed gardening for many years, both floral and vegetable. Her and her late husband Ernest are parents to six now adult children. “With having six kids, we had to have a garden,” stated Catherine.

Their garden was in Norfolk at her parent’s house. They grew a variety of vegetables to feed their family. “We planted many vegetables, including tomatoes and potatoes,” Catherine said.

Her other passion is growing flowers of many varieties, creating beautiful flowerbeds throughout her yard. She also has a fiberglass bathtub to plant flowers in. “I have planted zinnias in it. They got very tall. I don’t know why, maybe something in the soil,” Catherine stated.

Another one of her favorite flowers is the wave petunia. “They don’t have to be deadheaded. I have grown pink, white and purple petunias,” said Catherine.

She has also had random flowers grow that weren’t planted by her. “Squirrels, birds, water and wind can carry many things, including flower seeds,” Catherine stated.

Catherine has also been a member of the Oakland Garden Club since she retired from her teaching career in 2002. She currently holds the secretary position and has for many years.

The Garden Club has many flowerbeds at the Oakland Park, beautifying the park for all to enjoy. Catherine maintains one of the beds at the park, planting flowers, especially petunias and tulips, watering them and pulling the weeds. The Garden Club has many members, each pitching in to keep the park a very colorful sight for everyone’s eyes.

Catherine also has grown many bushes and trees over the years. “I believe in planting all native trees and bushes, something from this area. The birds, butterflies and insects live on them,” Catherine stated.

She has a piece of advice for those trying to find the best type of flowers to plant, especially for the older individuals. “Plant perennials. It is wonderful to have plants that come back year after year. Two of my favorites are mums and tulips,” Catherine said.

If you would like to become a member of the Oakland Garden Club, contact Catherine or many of the other members.

A different colored tulip. Photo courtesy of Catherine McMurtry.

A different colored tulip. Photo courtesy of Catherine McMurtry.

Liver wart flower, an early bloomer in the shade. Photo courtesy of Catherine McMurtry.

Liver wart flower, an early bloomer in the shade. Photo courtesy of Catherine McMurtry.

Ginko tree. Photo courtesy of Catherine McMurtry.

Ginko tree. Photo courtesy of Catherine McMurtry.

Tulip, one of her favorite flowers. Photo courtesy of Catherine McMurtry.

Tulip, one of her favorite flowers. Photo courtesy of Catherine McMurtry.


Listening to the Second House

By Governor Pete Ricketts

Throughout my first six-plus months as Governor, I have spoken frequently about my goal of Growing Nebraska. To make this goal a reality requires the input and support of the citizens of our state. Growing Nebraska necessitates that we as Nebraskans come together to build a strategy to move our state forward. That is why over the past two years I have spent so much time crisscrossing Nebraska, visiting communities, holding town halls, and listening to taxpayers.


These travels have shaped the focus and priorities of my administration. Those priorities include growing good-paying jobs, lowering taxes, pushing back on regulation, expanding educational opportunities, and running government more like a business. All of these play a role in shaping an overall strategy for Growing Nebraska, and they serve as the inspiration for and creation of initiatives that my administration is already undertaking.


In the coming weeks and months, I will be hosting a series of town halls across the state so that I can continue to listen to you as we shape the state’s priorities. This past week, I kicked off this journey with two very well attended town halls in Northeast Nebraska in Wayne and Laurel. They were both great opportunities to listen to the hopes and concerns of many hardworking Nebraskans. Questions and comments covered a lot of ground ranging from workforce development and education funding to the death penalty and cutting the growth in state government. It was especially encouraging to hear from young Nebraskans at the town halls who wanted to learn more about the future of higher education and healthcare in our state.


It is important to remember that you make up the second house in Nebraska. Our Unicameral Legislature is a one-of-a-kind legislative body made up of a single-house citizen legislature. This unique legislative body requires that the citizens of our state act as the second house, making their voice heard to their elected officials. I encourage all Nebraskans to take the opportunity to attend public events hosted by their representatives so that they can share their views on issues and hopes for our state.


This week, I will be hosting town halls in Nebraska City and Falls City in Southeast Nebraska before heading west for additional town halls in the coming weeks. I hope that you will consider joining one of these events so that I can hear directly from you. The feedback I receive at these events will help me as I continue to build a strategy to Grow Nebraska and to put together new initiatives to achieve the major priorities on which my administration is focused.


Be sure to check Facebook, Twitter, and my website at for all the latest information on upcoming town halls across the state. If you are not able to make it to one of the upcoming town halls, I hope you will take some time to share your thoughts by calling my office at 402-471-2244 or writing to I am always looking for your thoughts and feedback as we continue to work together to Grow Nebraska.

Governor Pete Ricketts

Governor Pete Ricketts

50th Annual Neihardt Day Celebration

The 50th annual Neihardt Day celebration will honor the “Sacred Circle” of the life and works of John G. Neihardt and family on Sunday, August 2 from 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. at the Neihardt Site.

Ron Hull returns as emcee and will introduce featured presenters including American folk-era musical entertainer Mike Adams, a living history interpretation of John and Mona Neihardt by Brad Kellogg and Raija Weiershauser, and manuscript donation by James Storm.

We are also pleased to welcome special guests and members of the Neihardt and Black Elk families, including Coralie Hughes, Neihardt’s granddaughter, who will give a selected Neihardt reading, and Myron Pourier, the great-great grandson of Nicholas Black Elk.

Foundation Board members are invited to attend a meeting in the Neihardt Library at 10:30 a.m. Lunch will be served on the grounds by Conrad’s Kitchen from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. The main program will begin at 1:30 p.m. The celebration is free and open to the public.

Bring your family and a lawn chair to enjoy the festivities!

Neihardt Site Chosen as Passport Stop

The Neihardt Site has once again been chosen as one of 80 stops for the Nebraska Tourism Commission’s sixth annual Passport Program.

The ten tours featured in this program will take participants all over the state to discover unique and exciting places.

This year, the Neihardt Site is part of the “Nebraska Legends Tour,” which includes some of the most famous historical figures to call Nebraska home.

In addition to the Neihardt Site, other stops in the Legends Tour include the Andrew Jackson Higgins National Memorial, Columbus; Arbor Lodge State Historical Park, Nebraska City; Arthur Bowring Ranch State Historical Park, Merriman; General Crook House Museum, Omaha; Ponca Tribal Museum and Library, Niobrara; Senator George Norris State Historic Site, McCook; and Willa Cather State Historic Site, Red Cloud.

When you visit any of the designated sites, be sure to get your passport stamped to be eligible for prizes for each completed tour. For more information visit

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