The Future of Technology

I love to write, but I haven’t been publishing much lately. I am always a work in progress. Does anybody still keep journals? I do. Sometimes I don’t have much to say. Other times, I could write a book about one day of my life.

I am not perfect when it comes to grammar, but I am close. I have to admit, social media has corrupted grammar. People are abbreviating nearly every word! Sometimes People have texted me with so many abbreviated words that I have absolutely no clue what they are saying! Then there are those three letter words, or more depending, that I know aren’t words. Such as idk. I had to ask what that meant, or was it a type-o? I am really feeling my age.

I am getting used to it. No, I don’t like it, but it seems to be the way of the world at the moment. I do have concerns about this “world.”

How many times a year do you write your name? I very seldom write my name. I rarely even write checks any more. Will your children, grandchildren and all the future children to come, know how to write cursive? They will learn how to spell it, and print it, but will they write it?

Maybe I am just a bit too much old school. I am certain technology is ever evolving. Maybe the Jetsons cartoon is more of a reality than I ever thought possible when I watched it as a kid. Actually, I never thought of it being a reality. Technology had barely advanced past rotary phones. Can you imagine people having flying vehicles? Have you been to Omaha? People can’t drive on the ground!

I doubt flying vehicles will happen in my lifetime. I am also grateful! But for those of you that do witness flying vehicles, put extra insurance on your house.

Just food for thought.

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