Election Time is Nearing!

Where did freedom of speech go?

Why can’t people voice their opinion, especially in politics, and not be verbally abused for doing so?

I am one to speak up! As I say over and over again, we are to leave this world a better place than when we found it.

I take freedom of speech seriously. I also respect those that disagree with me. Isn’t that what makes the world go around? Just because you disagree with someone, doesn’t mean you can’t respect them. I cherish my friends. We don’t always agree. But, they are still my friends.

On one news site, I made a comment supporting President Trump. I cannot tell you the verbal abuse I received over that! I was called names that would make Joan Rivers cringe by people that didn’t even know me.

Do I stop speaking? Do you know me?! I ALWAYS SPEAK UP! I appreciate a dialogue with others where conversation and varying opinions are respected. I don’t appreciate being called names for having my own opinion by people that don’t even back up their opinions. Instead, they choose to be verbally abusive.

Responsibility begins with YOU! Not just on a national level, but on a local level. Do your duty! Do your research. Call those running for office, no matter what office it is, and ask questions. Pay attention to where your tax dollars are going! I recently picked up the budget sheets for Oakland. I haven’t had time to review them yet, but I will be doing so very soon. Oakland citizens, are you wondering what the budget is for each department? Did you know you can go to the city office and pick one up? They are available to the public! It is our government!  You can also get budget sheets from the past years so you can compare them. That is what I did. I also have budget sheets from when I was on the council a few years ago. Take the time, pick them up, look them over and ask questions!

It is your right and responsibility! Ask the questions! Do your due diligence!

Stay tuned!

More to come!



VOTE! VOTE! Be Responsible, Do Your Research and VOTE!

Voting isn’t just filling in a box on a ballot, it is a personal responsibility. 

I have voted in every single election since I was 18. I didn’t blindly vote, going along with how others were going to vote.

I did my research. On a national level, I watched the news. Back then, they actually reported facts. Now, I do my own research. The media is very biased, in my opinion, so I do research on legitimate, true, fact-based websites, to find out everything I want to know about those running for election.

On a local level, I go to city hall. I want to see the budget the council approves each year. Having served on the city council, I am aware of how the budget is formulated. I know first-hand how each department operates. Each department has different needs, based on their current situations. Imagine what it takes to fund a street department? The park? The dump? The library? The water and sewer department? The police department? It is quite a task.

Does one department require more funding than others? Again, that is situation based. Do you know how much funding is needed for the street department? Or any of the other departments?

Given that your tax dollars assist in funding your city and all of the local departments, don’t you think you should check into that? DO YOUR RESEARCH?

I have budget sheets from when I served on the city council. I will be obtaining the current budget sheets, which are in effect for the next fiscal year. I plan to review the last two years as well. That is being a responsible citizen and a responsible voter.

I can’t speak strongly enough about this subject. VOTE!

If you would like to speak with me, I am here! I welcome all phone calls and messages. 

I will share the information I have with you. I welcome the opportunity.

Again, don’t be a go with the flow person. Be the person that stands strong and votes responsibly! Do your research!

Always, always, always, call those running for office with any questions you have!

You are a taxpayer. We are all taxpayers. We have every right to voice our opinions!














Do Your Research and Vote Responsibly!

There is something to be said for speaking up!

How often do you speak up? The first amendment gives you the right to freedom of speech.

I take the first amendment very seriously. However, there is, as they say, a time and a place for everything.

The time and the place now is voting in November! I am not speaking on a national level. I am speaking on a local level, which effects many of us more than some realize.

Your vote carries more weight than you realize.

Voting for someone you know without knowing what they stand for is not really voting. At least, not in my mind.

It is important to know the individual (s) not in a personal way, but as a public figure, responsible for your tax dollars.

Where are your tax dollars going in the city you live in? You can always find that out. Go to your city office and pick up the current city budget. This will provide a detailed statement of how much money is in each department. This of course varies from department to department. Each department lists many items, the first being salaries. The list goes on. I happen to be very familiar with budgets and how they are implemented. It is a very lengthy process. Each council member and the mayor are responsible for every single dollar in this budget and where and how it will be spent. Not an easy task.

I currently have all of the budget sheets from when I served on Oakland’s City Council. I will be picking up the new budget sheets. I will be curious to see how it compares from the last two years since I served on the City Council.

I have heard rumor, but just that, rumor. I want to see it in print. I will be sharing that information with everyone soon.

Remember, the money supporting your community comes from your wallet. Be responsible!

The future of your community lies in your hands. As I said, voting for someone is not based on the fact that you know them. In a small community, such as Oakland, everybody knows everybody. Public office is not personal. Far from it. Attend a city council meeting, ask questions. Take the time to call those running for office and ask the questions! Otherwise you are voting blindly, trusting someone just because you know them.

Until next time, which will be soon, the responsibility is on you.


Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

Raindrops keep falling on my head.

This song popped into my head today. The dreary, wet, rainy, foggy days are beginning to become annoying! Did we move to Seattle?

How do people live there? I would be depressed. To be honest, this rainy weather is taking the motivation right out of me! I want to be in my pj’s, sipping coffee and crocheting while watching catching up on TV shows from the DVR. But, I can’t do that for days on end! I did just that this morning and realized breakfast isn’t going to cook itself. I also had a few grocery items to purchase and didn’t want to look like I was shopping at Walmart!

On the bright side (pun intended), it is nice to enjoy a cozy day inside (just one day is enough) with fall scents in the air, enjoying fall decorations and above all, spending the day with Jeff.

Life doesn’t go the way we want it to each day, not by far, but looking for the positive aspects, not the negative, will bring a smile to your face and sunshine to your heart and soul.

Outside chores went undone today. They will be there when the rain stops.

A friend of mine shared a bit of wisdom with me and I remind myself of this over and over. We live but once. So something didn’t get done today, such as mowing, laundry, housework, etc. Oh well. Those chores will wait. Go fishing, take a long walk, spend the day with a friend. Do what you want to do! Go live!

No, you can’t ignore responsibilities.

But, you can’t ignore yourself either.

Take a day and live! Smell the roses, dance in the rain, hug your children/grandchildren often, read a book, sleep in late, whatever your heart desires.

Don’t get so caught up in living that you forget to LIVE!

Let the raindrops fall. There is beauty in nature, even when we are tired of seeing it!

Have a wonderful, rainy evening. 

Take Care and have a great week!



Innocent Until PROVEN Guilty

The 14th Amendment to the Unites States Constitution states a person is innocent until proven guilty.

When did the rules change?

Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been nominated by President Trump to serve on the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land. He and his family have endured much scrutiny throughout the interrogation process, and now from women alleging sexual misconduct against Judge Kavanaugh.

The allegations stem from over 30 years ago, while Brett was in high school and college. There are memory lapses by the accusers due to drinking at the parties Kavanaugh was allegedly at, and of course, the many years since such alleged incidents occurred.

I have read the reports. I have been watching the news. So far, there isn’t any corroborating evidence from any incidents that sexual misconduct happened. The media has reported extensively on this situation, and many news outlets have written stories on the subject. In the pursuit of proof, they couldn’t find any. There weren’t witnesses that remembered the parties, or didn’t know of Judge Kavanaugh doing what the accusers say he did. But yet, many are believing what these women say, just at face value with no proof. Yet, they won’t believe Judge Kavanaugh when he says he never did what they are accusing him of.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. I understand women have such things happen to them, and are fearful for whatever reasons, to report it. But, when reporting such an alleged crime, there must be proof. That is the main problem in this instance, as of now. No proof.

To those adults in your 40’s or older, do you remember what you were doing when you were 17? Did you go to parties, drink quite a bit and remember everything that happened? I am 55. I went to parties. When I look back now, I don’t remember every party. I don’t remember every person that was there. Having some drinks and time being what it is, a long time ago, that makes perfect sense to me.

One politician said it is up to Judge Kavanaugh to prove he is not guilty of such an accusation. The same politician says he believes the accusers. Saying a person is guilty of any accusation without proof is not how we do business in the United States.

A reminder to all, there is what is called burden of proof. Defined, it is the obligation of a party in a trial to produce the evidence that will prove the claims they have made against the other party.

To all of our representatives, this isn’t about the upcoming election in November, although I personally believe this is why all of this is going on. I also believe it is because so many have nothing but hate for President Trump that they will do anything to derail any nomination he makes to any position.

Food for thought: Why shouldJudge Kavanaugh be disqualified over something that may or may not have happened over 35 years ago? If we held everyone in government to that standard, there’d be no democrats left.



Death Penalty. Yes or No?

Nebraska is set to execute a prisoner in just moments. It has been many years, I believe since the 1990’s, since a person on Nebraska’s death row was executed.

About 10 years ago, the Nebraska Supreme Court ruled the electric chair an inhumane way to kill someone, calling it torture. Today the individual will be given a lethal injection. There is a great deal of opposition to this also. Many are concerned about the drugs he will be given. After today, Nebraska will not be able to get the drugs for a lethal injection. Then what?

How do you feel about the death penalty?

I am for it. Just saying that may cause me to get a great deal of feedback. That is fine. As I have said, I like to hear other people’s views.

There are the pro-life people who are in Lincoln now, protesting this upcoming execution. I understand their feelings as well. It is hard to comprehend a deliberate killing of a person. Religious beliefs play into this as well.

I am a religious person. But, I am also a realistic person. This individual killed people. He had no regard for their lives or the family that he had and how they would suffer for the rest of their lives due to his actions.

Many believe that life without parole is the proper punishment. So, the murderer sits in jail, eats three meals a day, can use a weight room to work out every day, can possibly even get a college education. All on the taxpayers dime! Tax dollars need to be spent on better things than this! They say it is more expensive to execute them than to pay for life without parole. Maybe so. I haven’t seen the numbers on that. It is a sad situation either way.

People say the murderer has rights. What about the rights of the victims? I hear more about pro-life, human rights for the murderer, but nothing about the victims.

They were working to support their families and had their life stolen from them. The murders affected many lives. What about their rights? What about the pain and suffering they went through, for the rest of their lives!

Maybe their isn’t an answer. It isn’t an easy one. But, I will continue to support the death penalty. But, I will listen to all points of view, and maybe, only maybe, will I be swayed.

But, I doubt it!

Never Fear Speaking Your Opinion!

I tend to speak my mind. Tactfully, not angrily. I believe everyone should do so. Nobody is alike, thus nobody has the exact same thoughts or opinions.

I want to hear what others have to say, even if I don’t agree with them. I believe hearing another person’s point of view could possibly sway my way of thinking, or at least help me to understand why they think the way they do.

As of late, many people are unwilling to hear what other individuals have to say. I have actually had people swear at me when I share my point of view, especially politically. Or, I am called some very choice names that I would never repeat! I am not intimidated though. I still share my own opinion. It is mine! I have the constitutional right to voice it, and I will continue to do so. I base my opinions on facts. Those that have called me names have never counteracted with facts, just awful insults. I have had some fun political banter with some friends. We don’t agree on things, but we don’t throw hate either. We are adults and act as such. We respect each other and always conclude the conversation with just that, respect.

In other circumstances that I have mentioned, respect is non-existent. But, throwing hate is at an all-time high! People are quick to throw hate on social media. But, would they do the same if we were face-to-face? I highly doubt it. Social media has allowed people with no backbone to type their hate to whomever they choose. I never take anything on social media seriously. I put it in perspective, knowing that a keyboard is their courage. Without it, they would be left to use their knowledge of right and wrong, and would know better. At least I hope so. I won’t count on it though!

In conclusion, never fear those throwing hate. That shows their true character, not yours. Never stop speaking up! If you don’t, nothing changes!

Election for Office of Mayor of Oakland is Nearing. Be informed!!

It is an election year! I hope everyone has registered to vote. I personally consider voting a privilege. I take casting a ballot very seriously. I have not missed voting since I was old enough to do so. That has been a while ago!

This year, Oakland has two people vying for the office of mayor. The candidates are Ted Beckner, current Mayor of Oakland, and Dan Jacobs, a member of the Oakland City Council.

I am not writing to sway anyone’s vote. I am writing this column to share some insights with my readers on the important issues to consider when voting.

I wonder how many citizens of Oakland have looked at the budget the city puts into place each year? I am sure everyone is aware the city operates on a budget, and each department has a certain amount of money allotted to them for necessary expenses.

Since I served on the city council in the past, I am aware of how a budget works. Prior to that, I will honestly say I did not pay attention to a budget or what the city council was even doing.

If that describes you, please change your ways. Your tax dollars are what keeps Oakland running. If you want to see the budget, just go to the Oakland City Office and ask for a copy. The new budget will be in place October 1st. This will show you what each department is spending. I strongly encourage everyone to take a look at it. I know I want to know where my money is going!

I also encourage you to visit with each candidate. That is the only way you will know where they stand on the issues that concern you. I think everyone could agree that our community is very important, so knowing what each candidate’s intentions are is very important. I was on the council with Ted, and I have visited with Dan. How I will vote, I won’t say. But, I will take my own advice and get a copy of the budget.

Another important issue in Oakland is the auditorium construction and possibly relocating the library to the top floor of the auditorium. I have expressed my opposition to moving the library in the past. I still feel this way. The library has purchased a lot next to it to expand the library! Why go in reverse and relocate it to the top floor of the auditorium? I hope this is on the ballot for the community to decide. We should be able to decide what is best for Oakland! Just my opinion.

Election is just a mere three months away! Remember, your vote is important. Be informed!

Kats’ Korner: What the Prospect of a New Community Center Could Mean for the Oakland Public Library

On May 5th and 6th, there were meetings held at the Oakland City Auditorium to discuss the possibility of a new Community Center being built in Oakland. I wasn’t able to attend, but I have opinions on the subject. To those that attended, please don’t hesitate to contact me and share your views. Even if you didn’t attend, I want to hear from you!

My first concern is the library. Granted, the plans aren’t set in stone. But, all the same, as citizens of Oakland, we should all be aware of what the potential plans involve.

A few years ago, the library purchased the lot to the north of its’ location in anticipation of future expansion. If the current plans for the new Community Center come to fruition, those plans will go by the wayside.

The plans include renovating the current city auditorium, expanding to the north, which will mean the police department will also lose their building. From what I gather, they may relocate to another building.

Back to the library. If, and I mean if, this happens, the city office would move into the library. The library would move to the top floor of the city auditorium.

For one, in my opinion, the city office does not need that much space. I know for a fact that more people go into the library in one day than go to the city office in a week. The library is the leading source of information in Oakland. The library benefits our youth. They have access to hundreds of books and the computers, assisting them with their educational needs.

In my opinion, if it is moved to the top floor of the auditorium, less people will use it. Our elderly in the community can park close to the library, and within a few steps, they are in the door. There isn’t as adequate parking at the city auditorium. It is in the business district. The grocery store, Golden Oaks, a beauty shop, just to name a few, have many patrons. Parking would not be adequate.

I assume they would have to bring the city auditorium up to code, providing handicap access, thus providing an elevator to the second floor. But yet, I ask you, will you walk extra steps to get to an elevator? You may park a block or more away to go to the library.

I realize there may be a need for the community center. West Point built a new community building where many wedding receptions have been held. People from Oakland have had their receptions there due to Oakland not having an adequate building for such an occasion. Lyons also remodeled their city auditorium and many local events are also being held there too. Oakland maybe does need one, maybe. But, should it be at the expense of relocating the library? I am hoping not. As I compared Oakland to West Point and Lyons’ community centers, compare Oakland’s library to Lyons and Tekamah. They are much larger and newer. Tekamah recently built a new addition onto their existing structure. Lyons relocated their small library to a new, remodeled building, providing a much greater service to the community. Oakland’s library was looking into this before the idea of a new community center became the discussion. Now, who knows what will happen?

Yes, it is important to keep up with the times, as they say, and building a community center would do that. But, this is not keeping up with the times for the library. It is going in reverse.

If you have concerns, please make your voice heard. Each and every one of us in this community need to take responsibility for what happens in Oakland. I for one, am against moving the library. I hope other plans are considered, keeping the library where it is and allowing the library to expand, providing even greater service to the community.

That is my opinion. What is yours? Contact me and share your thoughts, but also let the city office hear from you!



Remember Thanksgiving is First and the Meaning of Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas?

Christmas is my favorite holiday, but somehow, the meaning of the season has been lost.

It has become so commercialized. Fall decorations were barely on the shelves in stores then I blinked and their were Christmas decorations next to them.

All of this before Halloween was over.

Every business is after our dollars. The commercials encouraging people to spend, spend and spend some more. Every year, there is a projected amount of money the businesses believe every consumer will spend. It shocks me when I see the $$$$ signs. I know I won’t be spending that much money. I could go on and on about the money spent, but I think you understand the point I am making.

The real meaning of Christmas: It is the annual celebration of Christ’s birth.

Please keep this in mind this Christmas and for years to come. Giving gifts is one thing, but focusing on shopping and going into debt is quite another.

Who remembers Thanksgiving?

That is my other complaint.

Every year, Christmas is in the stores. People go shopping on Thanksgiving! I find that appalling. People would rather shop than be with family. The holiday is called Thanksgiving, not Shopping.

Money doesn’t buy happiness. You can’t take it with you.

The love of family and friends and the blessings life has given you will stay in your heart  and in your soul now and forever. 



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