Social Speaks: Snow Days

Let’s have some fun. When you were a kid, what did you do on a snow day? I used to go sledding with all the neighbor kids! We had a blast! How about you??

Connie VonSeggern Build snow forts with my sibblings…

Susan Reynolds-Seery Our school had a huge lot and would plow all the snow to the fence. The snow piles would be huge. Which was right behind my house. When my dad was actually home, we would make tunnels through the piles. It was one of the happiest and bestest moments ever. Then school would resume and all the kids would come and play in them too. I miss those days.
Leann Canarsky Jorgensen We would play outside all day in the snow! Go sledding, make snow angels…I can barely get my kids out the door!
Mike Gunderson Dad would pile the snow so high on the farm, I would dig tunnels.
Fay Schinck We would sled down Cemetery hill, and the pump house hill. Lol. We use to make snow angels, snowball fights…and on snow days we would bake also with mom.
Dee Johnson Sledding on the country roads.
Peggy Robinson Peterson Made hot chocolate scooped snow for the neighbors
Cindy Schorn Sledding and also baking and homemade hot chocolate
Patricia Lucero Depened the snow amount .. I remember a year we could make snow forts…. Going to Oakland Heights hill and sleigh or golf course hill… Times Penny Metheny would be on her horse and pulling me on the sled…. There are so many memories good old days
Cindy Schorn I also remember when really young getting snowed in at my grandparents in the country and being pulled around on an old car hood by the tractor and then having to try and get back to town through the single lanes with snow taller than the cars
Connie Larson The kids used to go to the Heights….its off limits now
Kathy Peterson Depended on the snow amount….we sledded and skiied through the orchard….until we were little frosty the snow people….then we could go in and melt…..with some hot chocolate….. those were the days…..fresh air and healthy exercise….frozen fingers and toes and the warmth inside the house…snuggled under blankets….
Suzanna Boyle Anderson Went sledding down the nursing home hill. Built a snowman. Drank hot cocoa and watched TV
David Mallette I remember not liking snow days….on the farm it meant more work outside. Scooping feed bunks too feed cattle, scraping the hog platform several times, etc. Just meant a lot of work….but I would rather do that than spend 2 to 3 hours in the car to go 20 miles to work like I’ve done a couple of times the last 2 weeks…

Social Speaks: What do you Think of the new Roundabout?

I have heard many different opinions about the new roundabout at the junction of highway 32/77. Do you like or dislike it? Why? Do you think there will be less accidents, especially serious ones, because of the roundabout?

Susan Reynolds-Seery Seeing all of the tire marks going over the middle, its a matter of time before someone hits the light pole. And watching the truck drivers go around it, I don’t think I have seen one actually able to not go over the curb. My opinion, there should also be a better or maybe another sign to warn people of the round about, to many people come flying up to it and then slamming on their brakes. But fingers crossed we don’t have accidents. Knock on wood, we haven’t had to respond to one yet.

Rosa Schmidt I love it! I have not seen a truck or car have any issues. I was more apprehensive previously when I never knew for sure if east/west traffic would actually stop at the light. Traffic flows smoothly now.

Jane Olson I love it also. The bricks on the “curb” are designed for the trucks to drive over. The trucks are not supposed to make it all the way around the curb.
Krisa Brown Exactly, it’s designed for trucks to drive over it, that’s how it works.
Susan Reynolds-Seery I didn’t think there was a way they would be able to. But am glad its made that way so they can travel around it. I would hate to see what happens if the curb was higher. Now if some people would learn how to drive around d it and not over it lol I just like going in circles!
Lauri Bundy Canarsky I think it was a good solution. There were certainly too many accidents with just the lights. Leonard commented last night that we had just driven 1200 miles & that was the first one we had encountered.
Leann Canarsky Jorgensen I love it!! I have had someone run the stop light & hit my car head on at that intersection & have had several people pull out in front of me! I found myself almost coming to a stop every time I went through it because I was so paranoid!! I think if anyone comes flying up on it, they are certainly NOT paying enough attention to the road signs. This is not NASCAR, you don’t have to go through it on two wheels! I think it is going to eliminate accidents & slow people down!!
Cheri Johansen I go thru it every day twice a day – I love it! I would always fee like a sitting duck when waiting to turn off 77 onto 32- sitting in the intersection always wondering if people on 32 were going to stop. Now for everyone to be comfortable knowing how to drive thru the round about! I know there are many people that struggle with it!
Mylet Johnson Kutchera I like it as there has been accidents in the past. I had a relative that was killed there he was a young teenager.

Paula Stromquist I love it!!! If there is accidents hopefully they won’t be as serious or fatal!
Andrew Nelson It’s nice except could have had wider entrance into it and the company that decided to put that steel drain on the north west side is real tough on a lot of people tires and gonna cost people some problems
Lori Marr I like it as it slows down the traffic through that intersection.

Social Speaks: What is Your Favorite Christmas Show?

It is that time of year…..Christmas shows! What is your favorite Christmas TV show?

Paula Stromquist I love the oldies….WHITE CHRISTMAS & HOLIDAY INN

Paula Stromquist Alan’s is CHRISTMAS VACATION
Leann Canarsky Jorgensen Elf, a Christmas Story & Christmas Vacation…I like the funnies!!

 Dan Tierney It’s a Wonderful Life.
Lauri Bundy Canarsky I could watch White Christmas in July.
Suzanna Boyle Anderson I like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, A Charlie Brown Christmas and I like An American Girl Movie Samantha’ Holiday I think it’s called.

Social Speaks: What Was Your Favorite Part of the Burt County Fair?

For those of you that went to the Burt County Fair, what did you enjoy the most this year?

Social Speaks: Ebola

Ebola is all over the news right now. Should we all be worried or is the media overplaying it as some are suggesting?

    • Sarah Gramke While it is certainly a serious illness, no doubt, it is not at epidemic proportions in the US. Its very good to be informed, and be careful, but its not contagious unless you have symptoms. So the same rule goes as always, if you are sick-stay home, use proper hand hygeine, visit your doctor if you are sick, stay informed, and hopefully because the US has great health and research facilities, we can put a stop to the spread of Ebola in the US. :)–those are my 2 cents 
    • Kim Helzer yes I am worried and no the media is not over doing it. when that many human beings die. We need to be careful. Why do we in United States think “we are god”. and are people will not die die.
    • Sandy Frahm I feel the biggest fear is misinformation. After being reassured we re all safe and health care workers in Dallas are being monitored, after flying Monday thru Dallas on the way to see my new Grandson we find out one of those workers DID travel. It was my understanding, thru media, that would not happen. Then a new article says there is a low risk of getting it from someone’s sweat or blood off a handrail! I do believe we all need to be more diligent in hand washing and in general keeping informed of the facts and warning. But I also believe we ve been given incorrect information and the health care workers and now others involved haven’t been quarantined properly, now some school age kids in Texas who were on Frontier Flight from Cleveland to Dallas now can’t go to school for 21 days. What about the other 132 passengers? Do we panic NO. But it makes me angry the 2nd health care worker was allowed to travel when she knew she was sick! Really??!!!

Social Speaks: California Bans Plastic Bags

California is the first state to ban plastic bags in stores, such as Walmart. The ban goes into effect next year. What do you think of this? Should more states do the same?

  • Kay Desh Steinmeyer I use reusable bags most of the time. I think they are easier to carry in from the car. HyVee gives you 5 cents for every bag you bring and use. I think it would be a great idea.
  • Jeannene Schutt The fact that they don’t even give you the paper option is not good. Whole Foods uses all recycled paper bags. With handles…I forget how nice it is to have your groceries not just thrown in a bag…that you hope doesn’t break before you get in the house.
  • Nickie Robinson Go back to paper! I hate when they give me plastic bags!
  • Tami Friedl Hovendick Absolutely!!! Before paper and plastic they had cloth bags that the people carried for their groceries and wares.. There is NO reason we can’t go back to that.. This poor county has so my trash and little because people are just plain lazy.. I congratulate them and hope more states follow.. I am sure in other countries they don’t have as much trash as the US.

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Social Speaks: The Veteran’s Hospital Issue

What are your thoughts on the Veteran’s Hospital issue? The waiting list, those that presumably died while waiting, and how it has been handled?

  • Jeannene Schutt I wonder where Nebraska VA hospital fall in all of this. Tim’s dad always used them and never had a bad experience. They went above and beyond IMO.
  • Mona Tanksley I always think if the military wants the best care for the Vets they would allow them to have treatment in their local facilities to eliminate the delay and the travel which for some can be a real problem.
  •  Kay Gibbs Kommers I agree it’s a mess. My veteran has never been able to get any care or help. They said his records burned up in a fire years ago. Even tho he has his discharge papers etc etc. he gets Nothing. He was in the Vietnam War. So extremely sad for the ones in life threatening situations!!
  •  Helen Taylor Murray That is so messed up Kay! I’d keep pursuing it. I also know there is inconsistency in VA hospitals in different states. My Dad has had ok treatment in Omaha, but like Mona said, Why do they have to go so far for a doctor. They should be able to get treatment anywhere. Brittany’s Grandpa Sznajder needed heart surgery in Florida and they had him on hold. His wife whipped him out of there so fast and got him into another hospital for the surgery. He would have died before his time if she hadn’t acted on her own. Our veterans and military deserve way better than they get!Vicki Miller Gilliland Sounds like Obama Care to me. Waiting lists????

  • Teresa Tobin Well if the 41 Republicans that filibustered the bill last year would have voted yes to adding 26 more VA facilities and increasing availability of care maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess now! Just my 2 cents!

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