We Had a Great Time at Great Wolf Lodge! Love My Family!

Christmas at Craig Cattle

Christmas with my hubby at Craig Cattle. It was a foggy drive there but better on the way home. We spent the day together. We wouldn’t have it any other way! Photo credits/Denise Gilliland, Editor and Chief, Kat Country Hub.

From Our House to Your’s, Merry Christmas!

Love My Girl!

Who is this cutie? Photo credit/Denise Gilliland, Editor and Chief/Kat Country Hub.

A Beautiful Sunset on a Gorgeous December Day

A beautiful sunset! All photos credit of Denise Gilliland/Editor and Chief, Kat Country Hub.

Christmas Events at Oakland Heights

By Nancy Silvey

This week on Friday December 21st is the Residents Christmas party, dinner starting at 6:00 pm followed by entertainment by Wayne Miller and Santa Claus. Next week on Monday December 24th we will be handing out Christmas presents to the residents at noon, then for supper the resident will be having a special Christmas eve meal at 5:30 pm serving Oyster stew and chicken noodle soup.

Church Service for Sunday December 23rd will be given by Craig/Alder Grove Church at 2:30 pm with a luncheon following the service.  On Monday December 24th at 2:30 pm is a Christmas eve church service.

Activities for the week of December 24th   to December29th   are as follows, Reading Group, Manicures, Bingo with Methodist, Mike Barger, Bell Choir, Bible Fellowship, word games, Crafty Cooking, Let’s Play Ball, Friday Bingo, Saturday Music Video, and Lawrence Walk.

Volunteers signing in last week were; Judy Nelson, Anne Anderson, Patty Miller, Betty Hanna, Mary Donavon, Sandra Anderson, Nadine Anderson, Sue Beckner, Tammy Morphew, Monroe Johnson, Bonnie Fleischman, Dani Moseman, Mike Barger, Clover McCauley, and Makayla Johnson.

Guest Signing the guest book last week was: Brian Goracke, and Travis and Mary Stuenkel to see Jene Hightree.



People Flock to Memories Cafe for Free Food on Halloween

Memories was a hit during the Halloween festivities on Oakland’s Main Street. The cafe was giving away free hot dogs, beef burgers, chips, cookies and drinks for people to enjoy while out trick or treating! My granddaughter, Snow White, was one of those that enjoyed a break from trick or treating, stopping into Memories for food and refreshments! All Photos credit of Denise Gilliland/Editor and Chief, Kat Country Hub.

Trick or Treating on Oakland’s Main Street

Oakland’s Main Street was full of kids on Halloween, going up and down the streets in their various costumes, trick or treating at the local businesses. It was a beautiful day and enjoyed by all. All photos credit of Denise Gilliland/Editor and Chief, Kat Country Hub.

Don’t Spread Weed Seed at Harvest

News Column

John Wilson

Extension Educator

October 4, 2018


Don’t Spread Weed Seed at Harvest

Now that fall is here and crops are mature, it’s easy to see weed escapes that might not have been as visible last summer. Some precautions at harvest can reduce weed seed being moved from one field to another. This will help reduce the weed control challenges next growing season.

An Ounce of Prevention is Greater than 150 Pounds of Unwanted Biomaterial

Combines are one of the largest and most impressive machines on a farm. These large machines effectively remove crops from fields and separate grain from other material to be spread back in the field. Following harvest of an individual field, combines retain significant plant material.

As much as 150 pounds of biomaterial is retained, including chaff, grain, and weed seed. This material may remain in tight spaces within the machine or in obvious places, such as the gathering head and grain tank. While it is impossible to remove all material from a combine, efforts following the harvest of fields can be valuable in reducing movement of weed seed and other material from one field to another.

Most farmers can point to fields with specific problems that other fields do not have, such as marestail, Palmer amaranth, or other difficult-to-manage weeds including herbicide-resistant weeds. Sanitation and appropriate combine clean-out when harvesting these fields should be a top priority to prevent spreading the problem to other fields.

Priorities to Prevent Spreading Weed Seed

To reduce the movement of weed seed from one field to another, farmers should take care to do three steps, whenever possible:

  1. Remove problem weeds prior to harvest to prevent contamination of the combine,
  2. Consider harvest order to prevent carrying seed of problem weeds to currently clean fields, and
  3. Practice good clean-out procedures prior to moving to clean fields.

Combine Clean-out Essentials

Cleaning out the combine prior to moving from one field to another may not be practical in all cases but is an essential step to limit the potential for weed problems moving from one field to another during harvest. A full clean-out may be impractical due to the time constraints of cleaning the complex interior of a combine. However, farmers should focus on priority areas where significant material may remain and be knocked loose in following fields.

20-30 Minute Cleaning Steps

Whether you operate a red, green, or yellow combine, a brief 20 to 30 minute cleaning will remove much of the material that may easily come loose in other fields. Steps in this cleaning procedure should include:

  1. Run the unloading auger empty for at least one minute.
  2. Open the clean grain and tailings elevator doors, rock trap, and unloading auger sump. (Optional: Remove the header from the combine prior to self-cleaning.)
  3. Start the combine and separator.
  4. Adjust the cleaning shoe fan to full speed for maximum airflow and alternately open and close cleaning shoe sieves electronically, or
  5. Adjust rotor to full speed for maximum air suction and alternately open and close the concaves.
  6. Operate the combine this way for at least two minutes for self-cleaning (Optional: Drive over end rows or rough terrain to dislodge material during operation.)
  7. Clean any material left in the rock trap.
  8. Use a leaf blower or air compressor to remove material from exterior of the combine, focusing on the head, feederhouse, and axle and straw spreader at the rear of the machine.
  9. Remember to close the doors to the rock trap, clean the grain elevator, and the unloading auger sump.


This clean-out procedure will not reduce the importance of practicing weed control tactics like removing weeds prior to harvest or choosing harvest order to prevent cross-contamination of fields. It will reduce movement of material and weed seed to fields harvested later in the season. At the end of the harvest season, a full combine clean-out should be completed for maintenance of the machine.

This information was taken from HARVEST HELPLINE: COMBINE CLEAN-OUT prepared by the North Central Agriculture and Natural Resources Academy. (December 2017).

Happenings at Oakland Heights

Oakland Heights News by Nancy Silvey

This week on Wednesday December 6th the Bell Choir will be performing at 2:30 pm. Then on Friday December 8th is the residents Christmas party, with dinner starting at 6:00 pm followed by entertainment with Wayne Miller and Santa Claus. Then on Saturday December 9th at 3:00 pm in the Nursing Home dining room the UFF Drama Association, Young players with be putting on a play called “The Christmas Train. Next week on Thursday December 14th Charlie Davis will be here to play the Harmonica. On Friday December 15th is Happy Hour starting at 2:30 pm, and on Saturday December 16th the Rusty Buckets will be here at 2:30 pm.

Church Service for Sunday December 10th will be given by Craig/Alder Grove Church at 2:30 pm with a luncheon following service. On Tuesday December 12th is Catholic Mass at 9:30 am given by Father Paul.

Activities for the week of December 4th   to December 9th   are as follows, reading with Suzanne, Manicures, Reminiscing Group, Sing A Long, Game Day,  Bingo the w/Evang. Free ,  Bible fellowship,   Let’s Play Ball , Crafty Cooking, Saturday Video,   and Lawrence Walk.

Volunteers signing in last week were; Suzanne Sanderson, Cover McCauley, Judy Nelson, Dani Moseman, Anne Anderson, Mary Donavon,   Marge Maller, Patty Miller, Candice Fehrer, , Bonnie Fleischman, Kristen Johnson, Monroe Johnson, Sandra Johnson, Nadine Anderson, Sue Beckner, Tom Johnso, and Makayla Johnson.

Guest signing the guest book last week was; Mary Stuenkel and Brain Goracke to see Jene Hightree. Tom and Mary Plageman to see Dorothy Larson.





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