Adoption Awareness Month

There are 304 children in the state of Nebraska up for adoption. “We are trying to recruit adoptive and foster parents,” stated Russ Reno of the Nebraska Department for Health and Human Services.

74 of the children are between the ages of birth to five years, 86 are six to ten years old, 88 are 11-15 years of age and 57 are 16-19 years old.

They are also all wards of the state. “We do try to keep the children in their home, but sometimes, it just isn’t possible,” Russ said.

Many of them have been wards of the state for a lengthy time period. “81 of them have been wards of the state for five years or more,  40 for five years, 59 have been for four years, 62 for three years, 44 for two and 18 one year or less,” Russ stated.

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. “There is a day each year where the courts are opened on the weekend to approve adoptions of wards of the state.” There were 435 children adopted in 2012. Russ said. “A celebration follows afterwards, consisting of a meal, program and prizes for the adoptees.”

The Health and Human Services Department has one goal in mind at all times for the children. “Our number one priority is keeping the kids safe,” Russ stated.

Teresa Drelicharz is a therapist and also does home studies for private adoptions in the state of Nebraska. “Adoption home studies are only one of the many services provided. We don’t do any placements of children or work with birth parents as other larger agencies do,” Teresa said.

She is also one of many that raise awareness about adoption in the state. “We do this through advertising, electronic billboards and the website (,” Teresa stated.

Children up for adoption come from various backgrounds. “Some of them have been abused and some have been dropped off at hospitals,” Teresa said.

If you wish to adopt a child, there are ways to do so. “Research quality child-placing agencies and find one that feels like a good fit. A place to start is the Nebraska Adoption Agencies Coalition website or go to,” Teresa stated.

Every child deserves a safe and loving home. If you have one to offer a child in need, please contact an adoption agency near you.


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