Center for Rural Affairs Testifies in Support of LB 887

Lyons, Nebraska  –  Today, the Health and Human Services Committee is hearing public testimony on LB 887, the Wellness in Nebraska Act. LB 887 would expand Medicaid in Nebraska to provide coverage to Nebraskans making under 133% of the Federal Poverty Limit who are not otherwise qualified for Medicaid.

“For the health and well-being of Nebraska’s people, we urge the advancement of LB 887,” said Jon Bailey, Director of Rural Research and Analysis at the Center for Rural Affairs. “The failure of Nebraska to approve and implement the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act has created a coverage gap that an estimated 33,000 Nebraskans have fallen into. The coverage gap has real and significant ramifications for our citizens.”

According to Bailey’s testimony, there is essentially no help that that can be offered for Nebraskans that fall into the gap. They do not qualify for insurance marketplace tax credits because their incomes are too low. Consequently, even the least expensive insurance on the marketplace is generally unaffordable; and their employers do not provide health insurance.

“All that we can do and all that the ACA navigators can do is tell them the truth and send them on their way disappointed, frustrated and still uninsured,” explained Bailey.

The demographics, economy and the health insurance market in rural Nebraska make LB 887 critical for our rural residents. These people and their families rightfully deserve to be insured. It is simply immoral to enact a public policy of negligence that leaves them by the side of the road with no options and with the disappointment and frustration of being in the coverage gap. Most importantly, it is immoral to leave them without the ability to resolve their health care needs and without the tools to enhance their long-term health, Bailey testified.

“LB 887 will allow those in the coverage gap to become healthier and responsible health care consumers,” concluded Bailey.

To view or download a copy of Jon Bailey’s testimony for the Center for Rural affairs go to:

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