Denise’s Tidbits

I consider every week, actually every day, interesting. I like to find something new and exciting about it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always turn out that way. As long as I go to bed with a new form of knowledge each day, I consider it a blessing.

Here are some of the tidbits I have found interesting this week.

  1. I read a report on sex trafficking. I am amazed at how much of this goes on each and every day throughout the world. It is disgusting to me that people do such a thing to others. What are your thoughts on this issue?
  2. I love sports as much as anyone and am just as guilty of talking entirely too much about it. I can say that I don’t care who wins the Super Bowl. I am not a fan of either team. I am astounded to have learned this week how much sex trafficking occurs on a higher level during sporting events, such as the Super Bowl. Did you know prominent people, such as doctors, lawyers, etc. participate in this? I wasn’t surprised to know that politicians do.
  3. There is a lady in Iowa, an elderly lady, that didn’t get her sidewalks scooped. The city ticketed her. Other residents near her haven’t scooped their walks, but were not ticketed. The city’s response was: They ticket people according to complaints they have received. That is shameful. It should be the same rules for all. What I don’t understand is, why don’t people help scoop other’s walks instead of turning them in?
  4. I wonder what will happen on Ground Hog’s Day? I am hoping for Spring, soon! I think we could use some moisture however. The ground has some cracks in it. The farmers really need some help.
  5. I am hoping that the Olympics go off without a hitch. If I had one wish that could be granted, it would be world peace. I pray for it every day.


Until next time, enjoy each and every day!

Never be afraid to speak up!!!

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I am a graduate of Northeast Community College with a degree in journalism. I am married to Jeff Gilliland. We have two grown children, Justin and Whitney and four grandchildren, Grayce, Grayhm, Charli and Penelope. I will be covering Lyons, Decatur, Bancroft and Rosalie and am hoping to expand my horizons as time progresses!

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