Kats’ Korner: Loving Life

Denise Gilliland, Editor and Chief, Kat Country Hub.

Denise Gilliland, Editor and Chief, Kat Country Hub.

It is cold outside.

I should be a reporter. Oh wait, I am!

I am feeling the way others in the Midwest are right now. It isn’t the snow, or even the cold.

It is those making it into the drama it is not.

I have lived in Nebraska for the majority of my life. Snow, ice, wind, rain, cold, severe summer storms and possible tornadoes are what I call home.

I have been amused by those that are portraying the most recent snow as much larger than it is. I laughed at those standing outside during a newscast stating how awful the roads were as vehicles drove speedily by.

All the while I wondered, where are these people from, Florida?

This is by far not the worst winter I have ever seen. I am hoping it won’t be either. I want to live long enough to have more “terrible” winters to talk about to my grandkids.

There are 43 days until spring. Is someone going to complain then about the rain, the heat coming too early, or any other issue with the weather?

Just remember, it is ours to enjoy each day.

Why dislike it? It is what it is and I wouldn’t change one moment!

——————————————-Kats’ Korner————————————————-

I have learned many things on my “new” adventure.

First of all, I adore what I do. I love writing articles. I am always in search of an interesting focus. I also enjoy the humorous ones as well as human-interest stories. I don’t worry about how I write as I study each day on more writing concepts. I believe in learning beyond the college education I am blessed to have. I intend to learn every day of my life. I am not being graded as I was in school/college. I am, however, being graded by myself.

I am learning more and more each day about taking pictures as well. I have been doing a great deal of research on the subject. Photography is amazing to me, and a constant pursuit in my life.

I am considering taking additional classes to broaden my horizons.

As long as I am living, I intend to learn.

—————————————Kats’ Korner———————————————-

What are your hobbies? I have many. Finding time for them is quite a challenge.

I have been putting some time aside each day to enjoy a hobby of choice.

This time of year, hobbies mostly include inside activities.

I love to crochet. I am on my fifth scarf. I made three from one pattern, a ruffle pattern. I made one infinity scarf and now I am working on a wrap. I also have four orders for the ruffle pattern.

I will make those next, then I am going to find something new.

I also love to read. Or, have someone read to me. I check out audiobooks from the Oakland Public Library. I enjoy a walk, listening to a book. With it being cold outside, I listen to the book and crochet. It is wonderful to enjoy to hobbies at one time!

I have many other hobbies. I had a professor ask me if I had ever considered writing a book. I haven’t. I know I am not that good of a writer. He encouraged me to pick a topic and work on it.

What he didn’t know was, I had started writing about my life as a child. It won’t be a book, but it may be a short story, or something for my eyes only.

Regardless, I enjoy writing.

Above all, I enjoy all of you. Let me know if I can be of any service to you. Thank you for sharing your lives with mine.

Until next time, enjoy each and every day!

God Bless!

About katcountryhub
I am a graduate of Northeast Community College with a degree in journalism. I am married to Jeff Gilliland. We have two grown children, Justin and Whitney and four grandchildren, Grayce, Grayhm, Charli and Penelope. I will be covering Lyons, Decatur, Bancroft and Rosalie and am hoping to expand my horizons as time progresses!

2 Responses to Kats’ Korner: Loving Life

  1. BJ says:

    My sister was in an accident in Omaha on Wednesday morning.  Someone in an SUV was going too fast and slid into her at an intersection.  She’s still in the hospital this morning, but will be ok.  From what I heard there was so many accidents that the police couldn’t respond to all of them and asked people to exchange information and fill out a report later.  I wish more people would listen to the television stations when they encourage people to slow down instead of laughing about it like some media outlets have chosen to do. My sister sure doesn’t think it’s funny.

    • That is too bad. I hope she is out of the hospital soon. I hope you didn’t think I was mocking accidents, I wasn’t. I was referring to a news cast I watched where there was barely any snow on the ground and cars were driving normally. It wasn’t bad yet at this time. Again, I will be thinking of your sister. Take care, thanks for reading!

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