Walking With the Lord


LEN’S LINES —- A Little Religion On A Positive Note By Len Granger

Walking With The Lord
We often hear people say they are trying as Christians to walk with the Lord. We find in the Bible many references of walking with the Lord in both the Old and New Testaments. In 2 Corinthians, 5:7 we read, “For we walk by faith and not by sight.”

In the Old Testament, the prophet Jeremiah tells us in Chapter 10 verse 23,” “O Lord, I know that the way of man is not in himself, it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps, Verse 24, he adds “Lord correct me.”

Yes, often the world offers a powerful attraction and we fail to prayer to our gracious and loving Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for his guidance and protection, possibly believing we can handle everything. Even if we pray to the Lord and have not received a clear answer, we may go ahead praying it is alright.

I can remember such a situation in my life years ago, where I prayer over several days and did not have an answer to my prayers. I think sometimes the Lord puts us in a situation to see how we will react as He did with men of God in the Old Testament?

As a young man going through Air Force Basic Training which lasted thirteen weeks, we had a Saturday break arranged where we would go to town. It was to a USO dance at the Hayward High School and we had to sign up for a bus by Friday. I like others wanted to get off the base but having been raised in a very conservative church really did not feel comfortable at a dance. I signed up knowing I would be a wall flower but would be able to talk to others.

On arrival we were each met by a host high school senior and welcomed to the USO dance. As we talked, I noticed a young lady on the dance floor that everyone seemed to want to have a dance with that day.. I asked my host, if maybe I could talk with her and she said Coralie is my friend and will soon be resting with us. Well, I talked to this beautiful young lady for about a half hour, also telling her I did not drink, smoke, or dance, which I thought would scare her away. To my surprise she said. “My folks will be here to pick me up in a few minutes; will you go home with me and meet my folks and they will take you back to the base? That was a real surprise for this Iowa country boy. We were engaged in 3 months and married in six months when she graduated from high school. Her father was the superintendent of the large GM Auto Assembly plant and I was just an airman but the Lord blessed us with fifty-five years of living for the Lord and raising a family of six children. My wife on her death bed said, she could not recall anything we failed at, as we would always pray and ask the Lord for His guidance. The Lord answered my prayer and I thank Him everyday, as I try to walk by His side.

Trust this Sunday we will all be in the church of our choice worshiping and praising the Lord for all the blessings he showers on us.

God Bless America

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I am a graduate of Northeast Community College with a degree in journalism. I am married to Jeff Gilliland. We have two grown children, Justin and Whitney and four grandchildren, Grayce, Grayhm, Charli and Penelope. I will be covering Lyons, Decatur, Bancroft and Rosalie and am hoping to expand my horizons as time progresses!

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