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Two convicted murderers in Nebraska wish to be married. Do you think they should be granted their wish?

  • Kathy Peterson nope… their freedoms are gone until they have served their time…….
  • Kathy Peterson once they have paid their debt to society they can do as free people do but not before…….
  •  Laura Marr Mittlestadt If they are both in prison then no. I don’t believe anyone in prison should get married. They lost their freedom until they have been released. Period!
  • Melissa Thomas Hawk Nope… are in jail for a reason and all life outside of jail should totally not allowed…….they are criminals, they gave up all rights when they made the choice to break the law……….if there was a child born…….????
  • Kris M Feauto Absolutely not
  •  Kay Gibbs Kommers In my mind when you commit murder you should not have anymore rights. Wishes. Or anything . They chose to end someone’s life. Etc. who cares what they want. The people they murdered probably wanted to live too and it didn’t matter to them. They need to be caged for the rest of their lives.
  •  Kelly Redding Like Kay said
  •  Jody Sell Graham Paul DITTO Kay!!!!
  •  Kim Guill I agree with Kay !!! ABSOLUTELY NOT !!!!!!!
  • Lauri Bundy Canarsky I don’t care what the Civil Liberties Union says, they gave up their rights to be “normal” when they killed. I’m still trying to figure out how they “fell in love.” She is 33, went to jail in 1998 without chance of parole. He is 42 & received 55-90 for killing someone in 2009. So she went to jail when she was 20, he was 29…doubt they were dating at the time, so why now. He said she’s funny & makes him laugh. Tell that to the mother of the young man she stabbed to death 57 times! It makes me sick.
  •  Donna Hirt Villwok Totally agree with all the above answers. Keep them locked up forever. They are no good to anyone.
  •  Cara Schulzkump Raabe NO!!!!! They get treated better than our elderly! HECK NO!!!!
  •  Catherine McMurtry Why do felons expect–and get–any more rights than simple ho0using &n food!

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