4-H Leader Banquet and Upcoming Activities

By Mary Loftis

Extension Assistant
4-H Leaders and 4-H Council members from across Burt County met Sunday evening, March 23 for the Burt County 4-H Leader Banquet. Although many of the 4-H leaders were unable to attend, those that did were treated to a wonderful roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy meal with all the fixings prepared by Donna Preston.
The evening started off with the introduction of 4-H leaders, 4-H council members UNL Extension staff and guests via the use of anagrams. An anagram uses the letters of a name or phrase and rearranges them to make other words or ideas. For example the words “Leader Training” can be rearranged to say: Gala Dinner Rite, Endearing Trail or Arterial Ending. (As good as Donna’s gravy was, that is very possible!) The last anagram before the meal was “Ale Test” which was “Let’s Eat!”

Mary Loftis

Mary Loftis

Throughout the evening, thanks were expressed to the 4-H leaders for their commitment to the program, but not nearly as much appreciation was shared as there should have been. Without our 4-H leaders, the 4-H program simply would NOT be and we thank each and every one of our 4-H leaders for their many years of dedication to the program.
The guest speaker for the evening was Lisa Kaslon, the Northeast District 4-H Youth Program Coordinator. She outlined the newly revised 4-H Policy Handbook and helped make the 4-H leaders, council members and staff aware of several changes which could affect them and the total 4-H program.
During the evening I made several announcements attempting to update and remind the 4-H leaders of activities and events coming up which may be important to their 4-H members. Some of these were:
· Burt County Beef Preview on Saturday, April 5 on the Burt County Fairgrounds in Oakland.
· 4-H Public Speaking Contest, April 21 with workshops offered on March 31 in Tekamah and April 1 in Lyons.
· Favorite Foods Day Contest, April 26 at the Craig Fire Hall. A new portion of this contest is a team event featuring the use of technology along with the traditional table setting favorite food and meal planning. More details will be shared in the 4-H Newsletter.
· Tagging day will be May 22 in Oakland at the fairgrounds from 3:00-6:00 p.m.
· Livestock Quality Assurance training modules need to be completed and turned in to the Extension Office by June 10.
· Early-bird registration for all 4-H camps is April 15 to receive a 10% discount.
Many thanks go out to the Burt County 4-H Council for sponsoring this event.

Eggs Needed for Embryology Project
It’s time to make plans for the 4-H School Enrichment Embryology project, but unless I can find a supplier for the fertile eggs I need it might be a “chickless” year. If you know of someone who has chickens and roosters and is willing to sell the eggs to the 4-H program please let me know.
In addition, I’ve had a request for baby ducks by the Lyons-Decatur High School. They would like to reintroduce ducks to the local park pond. If anyone has both drakes and hens I’d like to attempt to hatch duck eggs for the Lyons 3rd grade embryology project.
If you’ve got any leads on potential egg suppliers please give me a call at the UNL Extension Office at 402-374-2929 or leave a message if after hours by pressing 214 when the voicemail message comes on. Thanks in advance!

Mary Loftis,
Extension Assistant
UNL Extension – Burt County
111 North 13th Street, Suite 6
Tekamah, NE 68061
Phone: (402) 374-2929
Fax: (402) 374-2930
Internet: mloftis2@unl.edu

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