Keep Looking Up!

“Your Lunar Learning Curve; Get Started Observing the Moon” By Gary Fugman


Photo Courtesy of Gary Fugman.

Photo Courtesy of Gary Fugman.

Happy New Year!  How about starting 2015 with a fun project that cam be accomplished in just four weeks?  This fun project will teach you much about our nearest neighbor in space, the Moon.  The project is well suited for young or inexperienced observers and develops your visual, binocular and small telescope skills.  Besides, after this experience, you could take your “date” outside on a perfect evening, promise him/her the Moon and stars…and really deliver!
This Friday, January 16 at 7pm at the Lyons Library and Saturday, January 17 at 7pm at the Decatur Sears Center, Northeast Nebraska Astronomy Club (NENAC) with Pastor Gary Fugman will lead a discussion on completing a one month Astronomical League project to observe the Moon.  We will explain what features on the Moon can be seen with the naked eye, binoculars and a small telescope.  Then the discussion will center on what particular features to observe the third week of January, before 1st quarter Moon, the last week of January, 1st quarter Moon, the first week of February, full Moon, and the second week of February, 3rd quarter Moon.  Lists of lunar craters, seas, mountains and other features will be explained.  Ways to log and sketch your lunar observations will be discussed.  Moon maps will be made available and how to obtain your Astronomical League lunar certificate and pin will be explained.  Plus, you’ll be ready on Saturday, February14 to give your Valentine the Moon and the stars!
Later in the evening the January evening sky will be shown to all on free stars charts.  Weather permitting, Friday we will go to the Cory and Tracie Martin residence 3 miles south of Lyons and Saturday to Fugman Observatory on the south side of Decatur to observe the night sky through large, astronomical telescopes.  You are invited to bring your binoculars and telescopes as well.  Please dress warmly as winter evenings cool quickly.
For more information on this and future NENAC programs, google “nenacstars” or call Pastor Gary Fugman at 349-1953 and Keep Looking Up!
Questions to Consider:
Why are humans so intrigued with the Moon?
When you look up at the Moon, why are some areas white and some areas grey?

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