Lady Cougars Earn Ninth Place in EHC Tournament

By Clare Wiltse, Sports Contributor

The Lady Cougars went on a roll at the EHC Conference Volleyball Tournament.  After losing the first match against West Point-Beemer Northeast went into the loser’s bracket.  In these consolation games LDNE picked up three straight wins and claim ninth place in the tournament.

The Cougars did all this without starting outside hitter Brianne Haskell.  Brianne was attending the Global World Food Prize Youth Institute in Des Moines.

“Our team is so amazing to work with,” said Coach Angela Hathaway. “The remaining 9 girls that we had for the Conference Tournament pulled together, adjusted, and did all that I asked of them. We had to move a few girls around and play a freshmen that didn’t have much experience, but the girls all play well together and that translated throughout the games. “

After dropping their match to the Cadets in straight sets Northeast came back with a 25-14, 25-13 conquest of Madison.  They were spurred on by Madie Ronnfeldt who hit 0.545 with 7 kills..  The team hit 0.316 for the match.

Kelly Wakeley gave the team a boost with 11 kills when they defeated Clarkson/Leigh in the consolation semi-finals on Saturday morning.  LDNE put up winning scores of 25-20 and 25-16.  Abby Peterson transitioned from her libero position to play in the front row.

The coach commented, “Kelly is a solid player for us. She stepped up her game with her hitting and her defense. Abby transitioned over to a right side to play in all six rotations. It was fun to watch the girls in some different roles.”

In he finals, the Cougars struggled on the attack against Bancroft-Rosalie as they hit only 0.071 and had 13 hitting errors.  Madie Ronnfeldt had another  outstanding game with 5 kills and 11 digs

“Madie stepped up her game for both games. Her defense and offense were on point. We did have some hitting errors but our defense backed us up.,” said the Coach.

Earlier in the week the Cougar had a home match against North Bend Central..  The C-1 rated Tigers overpowered Northeast in three straight  games, 25 too 10, 21, and 18.  The Cougars attack was led by Kelly Wakeley with 7 kills and Tessie Collins with 5.

NBC 25 25 25
LDNE 10 21 18

Abby Peterson  5 digs
Brandi Simonsen  1 dig
Brianne Haskell   3 kills   9 digs
Kelly Wakeley  7 kills   9 digs
Lexie Bacon  1 kill  7 set  assists  9 digs
Madie Ronnfeldt  4 kills  1 dig
Mickayla Petersen  2 kills    11 set assists  4 digs
Tessie Collins   5 kills   1 dig

East Husker Tournament

WP-B 25 25
LDNE 14 10

Abby Peterson  1 kill 4 digs
Brandi Simonsen  1 dig
Kelly Wakeley  3 kills   10 digs
Lexie Bacon  2 kills  6 set  assists  2 digs
Madie Ronnfeldt  1 kill  1 kill  6 dig
Mickayla Petersen  1 kill   1 dig
Tessie Collins   2 kills

LDNE 25 25
Madison 14 14

Abby Peterson  1 kill 5 digs
Brandi Simonsen  5 digs
Kelly Wakeley  4 kills   8 digs
Lexie Bacon  14 set  assists  3 digs
Madie Ronnfeldt  1 ace  7 kills   1 block
Mickayla Petersen  1 ace  2 kills  1 dig
Sophia Henneman  4 aces
Tessie Collins   2 kills   2 blocks   6 digs

LDNE 25 25
C/L 20 16

Abby Peterson  2 kills  1 set assist  4 digs
Brandi Simonsen  10 digs
Kelly Wakeley  1 ace   11 kills   7 digs
Lexie Bacon  1 ace  18 set  assists  6 digs
Madie Ronnfeldt  1 ace  7 kills   1 block    11 digs
Mickayla Petersen   2 kills  1 dig
Sophia Henneman   3 digs
Tessie Collins    1 ace     3 digs

LDNE 25 25
B-R 17 21

Abby Peterson  1 kill    1 block   1 set assist  8 digs
Brandi Simonsen  3 digs
Kelly Wakeley   3  kills   9 digs
Lexie Bacon  2 aces  13 set  assists  9 digs
Madie Ronnfeldt  1 ace  5 kills   1 block    11 digs
Mickayla Petersen   1 ace   4 kills  1 set assist
Sophia Henneman   1 ace
Tessie Collins    4 kill   2 blocks   1 set assists   5 digs

About katcountryhub
I am a graduate of Northeast Community College with a degree in journalism. I am married to Jeff Gilliland. We have two grown children, Justin and Whitney and four grandchildren, Grayce, Grayhm, Charli and Penelope. I will be covering Lyons, Decatur, Bancroft and Rosalie and am hoping to expand my horizons as time progresses!

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