Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, which is sponsored by the ASPCA, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. There are humane societies throughout the country in need of people to adopt a dog, providing a permanent and loving home to a dog in need.

Kay and Ron Kommers of Oakland have adopted several dogs from humane societies over the years. “If Ron sees a picture of a dog, or a dog in a cage, he tells me to go get it,” Kay said. Their dogs are Duchess, an Italian Greyhound, Bella, greyhound terrier mix, Daisy and Lil Bit are Chihuahua’s, Ren, also a Chihuahua was adopted via Craig’s list, Marvin, a Brussels Griff On whom they received from another person in Oakland, and Yoda, also a Chihuahua.

When Kay and Ron first began adopting dogs, the cost was $107-127, which included shots, being neutered or spaying and boarding. “The costs have gone up quite a bit since then,” stated Kay. “Some now charge over $200.”

It is estimated that 1.4 million dogs are adopted each year. Unfortunately, there are many dogs that aren’t blessed with a loving family, and are euthanized. The amount is staggering, 1.2 million a year. The ASPCA hopes to lessen this number during the month of October, and every month realistically, putting the need for loving pet owners in the spotlight.

Oaklander Kathy Peterson has also recued many dogs over the years, eight to date. She currently owns two dogs, Chammie, a Pom and Chi, and Harley, a Chi Terrier. “I adopted a shelter basically because I had just lost a rescue,” said Kathy. She was very heartbroken over her loss, and wasn’t sure she was ready to adopt again. “But after a week of no pitter patter of puppy paws, I needed the comforting noise if I could only find the right one,” Kathy stated. She found her rescue dog in with seven other dogs. “He was cowering in the kennel, his back pushed so far back against the back of the kennel that you could barely reach him” Kathy said. Needless to say, she adopted him. This dog was an Australian Shepherd she adopted when she lived in Minnesota. “Most of my dogs have been true rescues, dogs that were on their own or that I assisted in removing from dangerous circumstances,” Kathy stated.

Whitney (Storie) Tran, formerly of Oakland, now of Omaha, has also adopted dogs, three as of now. “I have always believed in rescuing a dog before buying a dog,” Whitney said. The first dog she adopted, Sox, was a mixed breed dog and recently passed away. The two she currently owns are Lili, a miniature Schnauzer and Tyson, a Chihuahua/pug mix. She had the same requirements adopting a dog as the others did. “The process is much lengthier now. They require two interviews and a lot of paperwork. We had the paperwork, but no interviews,” Whitney stated.

There are other requirements when adopting a dog. “You have to keep their shots up to day and report abnormalities or illnesses to the shelter,” Whitney said.

Adopting a dog is rescuing them from being euthanized. “When you adopt a dog from a shelter, you are rescuing them. However, if you find a dog and take them in when a home can’t be found, I consider that rescuing,” Whitney stated.

That is one thing that all three agree on, as they have done both, adopted from a shelter and taken in a dog from someone else due to varying circumstances.

“To me, a rescue is a dog that has been left in a situation where it is in danger. Some shelter dogs are rescues, but many have been loved and circumstances within the family unit changed the ability to care for the animal properly,” Kathy said. She only recommends adopting if you are ready to take on the responsibility of another permanent family member. “The shelter animals need “forever” homes, anything less is unfair to them,” Kathy stated.

“The shelter animals need “forever” homes, anything less is unfair to them,” Kathy stated.

It is estimated that 37%-47% of households in the United States have a dog. Please consider becoming a dog owner and rescuing one, or more, from your local humane society.


Whitney and Tyson.

Whitney and Tyson.

Whitney and Lili

Whitney and Lili

Kathy's dogs Chammie and Harley

Kathy’s dogs Chammie and Harley

Kay and Ron's dog Ren

Kay and Ron’s dog Ren

Kay and Ron's dog Duchess

Kay and Ron’s dog Duchess

Kay and Ron's dog Daisy.

Kay and Ron’s dog Daisy.

Kay and Ron's dog Bella

Kay and Ron’s dog Bella

Kay and Ron's dog Lil Bit

Kay and Ron’s dog Lil Bit

Kay and Ron's dog Marvin.

Kay and Ron’s dog Marvin.

Kay and Ron's dog Yoda.

Kay and Ron’s dog Yoda.

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