Tekamah-Herman Participating in reVision Grant

By Brandon Lavaley, Tekamah-Herman Superintendent

Welcome back to the second semester! I hope everyone was able to have an enjoyable break and spend some important quality time with family. These next two months are two of the most important, yet most difficult months of the school year for teachers and students. Typically, the weather is not very accommodating, there tends to be a lot of sickness going around, and there aren’t any breaks built into the calendar. However, this is a final push toward our spring testing window for state assessments (NeSA) and local assessments (MAP). Please encourage your student to continue working as hard as they can to improve, make sure they are getting plenty of sleep and eating appropriately. Though these two months may seem long, they fly by and the fourth quarter will be upon us before we know it.

The other topic for this article is the reVISION grant in which Tekamah-Herman is participating. The reVISION process is an initiative in career and technical education to make sure students are graduating high school with the skills and characteristics necessary to be successful when they eventually are employed, whether right after high school or upon graduation from college. The grant is a cooperative effort among 10 schools in northeast Nebraska. The primary purpose is to have the businesses in each community become more engaged with the school district, providing opportunities to students and helping guide curriculum decisions.

The benefit of this process for the school district is preparing our students and giving them opportunities to be successful after high school. The benefit for businesses is working directly with students, potentially preparing them for careers that they can fill within that business. The benefit for the community is helping replace and potentially bring in new jobs, allowing the population to maintain or grow instead of the continual decline we see in rural Nebraska. Businesses in our area have received a mailed invitation to attend an informative, interactive meeting with Nebraska Department of Education. The planning this year will hopefully go toward implementation of programs next year. Your input is vital and I encourage you to RSVP and attend the meeting in Oakland on January 20th. If anyone has more questions about reVISION, please feel free to contact the school and speak with myself, Mr. Gross, or Ms. Nuss about reVISION and the benefits for our students.

Brandon Lavaley, Tekamah-Herman Superintendent

Brandon Lavaley, Tekamah-Herman Superintendent

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