Word on the Street: Sharing Winter Storm Memories

Other than the current winter storm, what are your other winter storm memories??? What year? How much snow?? Share your memories! I remember the storm of 75….and the fun we had riding our sleds! Carefree and loving it! 

Kathy Peterson 2009 was a biggie as well …it was the first Christmas after Dad passed… Terry came from the south…I came from the north…no one left the farm until we left to go back home…even the bunker silo had drifts over the top and it has 16 foot walls.

Kathy Peterson All of our vehicles were buried….as well they had to dig them out with tractors….

Kathy Peterson The storm of 75 was my senior year… we had a boston terrier named Inky…we walked to the top of the windbreak because the snow was so hard….and she would ride down the hill on one of the round disc sleds …ears flying and a wide grin on that cute little face….that was the year that going up the hill by grandpa petersons (now Uncle Jim’s) that we have a picture of a maintainer going through snow drifts taller than it was

Donnie Dodge 1991 Halloween storm- I was at Midland University. 2 days missed and so much fun. spent days scooping local driveways with buddies.

Kathy Peterson I was in MN during the 1991 storm that is when the Metrodome fell in .Mom and Dad had come up that weekend for a show and when they got back they had no power and drove to Blair for a hotel as Dad had a DR’s appointment in Omaha the next day…..

Teresa Tobin 2009. Blizzard in KC. Of I course I had to work. Was told to pack for three days. First night slept on an army cot second night I got a hotel room courtesy of the hospital. Drove home on the third night only to remember I had to first shovel a foot of snow from the driveway to get my car in the garage. But to my surprise my awesome neighbor did it for me. Memories they last along time.

Teresa Paulson-Faust January 14 1997 when my son was born at Methodist n my parents followed a plow from Irvington exit to Blair n then got home safe. I had a c section n didn’t get to my room till midnight n I came into the hospital at 6 am. Long day it was for everyone.

Teresa Paulson-Faust My parents didn’t leave until they knew I was ok n in my room

Lauri Bundy Canarsky I’m old…too many to list details….Dec.1969. Feb 1972, Jan 1988.

Susan Penke We were married in September of 74. That winter of 75 we lived in a little farm house a mile north of Craig. It was so cold the snow would blow up through the wood floors. We had bales around the house and plastic on the windows. We had a 74 Roadrunner and the snow was up to the windows.

Kris M Feauto I lived in Sioux City the storm of 75. I remember making tunnels throughout the snow in the front yard n playing in the snow for hours. No chance of that happening now.

Linda Carlson I worked at Oakland Heights (nights) the winter of 75. It was the first winter it was open and there was no concrete yet –just heay mud under tons of snow. Pretty interesting getting to work and back home that winter.



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