A Minute with Lyons Mayor Andy Fuston

The Lyons city council meeting was held two weeks late this month due to the snow storm we had at the beginning of the month. It practically took that long for me to dig out of my driveway with all the snow we had! I can’t praise the city crew enough on the outstanding job they did keeping and getting the streets cleared during that storm. They put in a couple of really long days to allow the public the ability to get out and about after the storm. When you have that much snow it makes it hard on everyone. The city’s main objective is to get the streets cleared in those situations. I know there were concerns about being able to get to mailboxes due to the excessive amount of snow but unfortunately the city crew’s focus is again on street clearing. Homeowners are responsible for clearing out in front of their mailboxes and their driveway entrances. It is just the way it has to be in these situations. So again, I want to shout out a big thank you to the street crew for taking such good care of our community.

February was a busy month but it always is. Thoughts begin to turn to warmer days and all the items that need to be accomplished in the coming year. We had a nice discussion regarding the one and six year plan for street improvement during the public hearing. We have some streets around town that need some TLC but like everything else finding the money to do it can be daunting. There are no grants available for fixing streets unfortunately! We will continue to chip away at the fixing areas of concern. Some will require more financial support from property owners than other areas but we will work together to make appropriate improvements. The council continues to have preliminary conversations regarding adding solar power to our electrical output. We are at a point where we need feedback from the community to see if you feel it is something you feel will be beneficial. In the next couple of months, a short survey will be coming your way regarding solar energy that we would like you to take some time to tell us what you think. The idea of utilizing some solar power to supplement the purchase of electrical power through a community solar garden is intriguing to me but ultimately the decision to move forward will be based on community need, desire, project cost and site placement. The council gave approval to add a couple more horseshoe pits down at Brink Park after working through some space issues. Hopefully the horseshoe league continues to grow and become even more popular and bring people down to the park for entertainment. The recycling baler has been repaired and a couple of light plant pumps are being replaced. We continue to talk to the company that built and installed the water tower. We have some long-term maintenance issues with the tank that we need to get cleared up to the council’s satisfaction. A representative from the company will be at our next council meeting to talk about them. We are currently advertising for pool managers and lifeguards for the upcoming pool season. Please get your applications in soon so we can plan accordingly. We also continue the waiting game on the street lighting grant we applied for last fall. At this point in the game we have to say that no news is good news but it sure is tough waiting for the phone to ring. Again, if we receiving the grant, it will fund the majority of the lighting project we would like to do on Main Street. I know I say it often but keep your fingers crossed!

Lastly, we received our financial report from the city auditor. It is always fascinating to me to see the breakdown of where our money comes from and where it all goes. The city has two components to it generation and disbursement system; the first is the governmental (or general) side and the other is the proprietary (or utility) side. The general side is where all our tax dollars go and out of that account we pay for the expenses of the community center, police, streets, recycling, landfill, parks, pool and library. The utility side pays for everything utility related.   Due to pool and community center capital costs, we had to transfer money from the utility fund to cover on-going expenses as we waited for our grant and tax money to come in. Thank goodness we have the ability to do that to help us cash flow these kinds of big money projects. Once we get the money owed to us we transfer the money back to the utility fund and make it all right with the world. I can tell your life isn’t getting any less expensive but we continue to be good stewards of our tax and utility dollars.

Lastly, I just wanted to mention that you have to the 1st of March to sign-up to run for public office.   So if you have a desire to run, please do so. Every two years you have the opportunity to help shape the future of your city government. This election year is no exception. The Lyons city government needs more good people to lead it into the future! Don’t be afraid to take the leap. It is very rewarding so sign-up today. Enjoy the warming weather! Take care and talk to you soon.

Mayor Andy Fuston

Mayor Andy Fuston


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