A Minute with Lyons Mayor Andy Fuston


A Minute with the Mayor by Lyons Mayor Andy Fuston

March 2016

Spring has sprung! The grass is turning green! The girls’ basketball team made our school and community proud by going to the state basketball tournament for the first time in school history. And to top it all off the school and their community supporters won the spirit award for the school with the best representation and attitude out of all the D-2 school systems lucky enough to be part of the championship tournament. Enough said!!! I couldn’t help but feel a real sense of pride when I heard about the spirit award. It was thrilling enough to have the girls make the tournament but to receive the spirit award was icing on the cake. It really shouldn’t have surprised me that much however. This was just another example of Lyons (and Decatur) pulling together and being greater than the sum of its parts. It was another opportunity for our community to shine and we did. The whole experience should make you proud, whether a member of the Lyons-Decatur school family or part of the community as a whole. Thank you to Rex and the girl’s team for being another example of what being part of our small community is really all about!

Many of the council meeting agenda items have already been discussed in the paper so I won’t bore you with going back through them. A couple of highlights though I do want to hit upon. The first of which is the Veteran’s Memorial located by the library. Due to the many wonderful and generous donations the VFW has received, construction on the new memorial has begun. When completed, it is going to look amazing and be a true testament to sacrifice our men and women have made keeping our country safe. It will be a beautiful addition to our Main Street. We are in the process of refinancing our wastewater SRF loan. Should save the tax payers about $50,000 over the course of the loan from what we pay now. The council also spoke with a representative of EIA, our water tower builder, about some on-going issues we’ve been having with the tank. I’m hopeful we’ve come up with an action and maintenance plan that will take care of these problems. The council wants to make sure we are getting what was promised the city when EIA was courting the city for our business. Mark your calendar for Saturday, April 9th. That is town clean-up day. Here’s your opportunity to throw out that stuff you really didn’t know what to do with. Take advantage of this opportunity. It only rolls around once a year. We’re still waiting to hear on our grant proposal for the street lighting project. These things take time so we will continue to wait. Financially, the city is right in line with the budget at the five month mark. I know replacement of the second police car was brought up in the paper. It is something we are thinking about. We will have more information at the April council meeting about replacement costs. We are still in need of lifeguards and pool managers. If you are interested, please apply at the city office. The council is also working on providing pool guest with clearer expectations of how we can make the pool a fun and safe experience for everyone. Last year was a new experience for everyone with regards to the new pool and what rules and regulations needed to be in place. It was difficult on patrons and on life guards at times because we didn’t have a clear set of expectations for folks to follow. I hoping with more guidance this year, it won’t be as challenging or confusing.

I’ll I think I’ve been down through the list of things I wanted to talk about. Be looking for information about the Community Club’s Stein, Wine and Swine event coming up on April 1st. You’ll want to attend it you can! Enjoy the nice weather. We’ll talk to you soon.

Mayor Andy Fuston

Mayor Andy Fuston


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