A Minute with Lyons Mayor Andy Fuston

By Lyons Mayor, Andy Fuston


Here we are, already nearing the end of April. Hard to believe school will be out for the year in a month and those house projects I’ve been putting off due to cold weather will now have to be completed! I guess we all have to do what we need to do. The city is no different. Some projects are easy to do and no brainers like refinancing the wastewater bond that will save the city over $50,000 in interest costs over the course of the loan. Others, such as purchasing a new patrol car, aren’t as easy to decide. However, with the old police cruiser falling apart before our eyes and warranty durations shortening with new model years, the council decided to bite the bullet and authorize the purchase of a new 2015 Charger at the state bid price and a 5 year/100,000 mile warranty. This purchase will keep our police department in reliable vehicles for many years to come. The council had more discussion about the water tower issues and had a few more questions for EIA (the water tank designer/manufacturer) that hopefully will be answered by the May meeting. Once we are satisfied with the answers, we will move forward with the modifications. The Storefront Theater is gearing up for its first full season on Main Street. Marilyn Tenney presented the council with a check from the proceeds of the sale of the Lyons DVD to help toward future upkeep. The library will be the entity to manage the schedule of events so if you are interested in having an outdoor movie event, visit with them. The city will still need to be involved due to blocking off the street and such but I’m excited about the potential the theater could mean to community interaction.

You might have noticed that the community sign by the library has been taken down. We removed it due to the Veterans’ Memorial being constructed. We don’t want the sign and pole to interfere with the ascetics of the Memorial. Once the construction is completed, we will evaluate if we want it back in the same place or if we want to move it. It will need to stay close to the library as that is where all the wiring for the electronic sign comes from. Town clean-up was a big success. We ran out of dumpster space which is always a good thing. Thanks for taking the time to clean up in and around your property to help make Lyons look nice. Our city street sweeping company we contract with was sold. We are getting a bid for street cleaning four times a year from the new owner. We had to repair a section of the main sanitary sewer line that had collapsed and a high service pump at water plant #2 has been repaired and back in service. We also replaced the city mower and submitted our last report to NDEQ for our plastic recycling baler.

The pool is on schedule to open at its normal time-right around Memorial Day. We have received several lifeguard applications and they will go through the approval process at the May meeting. The council has also worked through a more formalized Pool Rules and Regulations program and a Lifeguard Handbook to assist lifeguards and pool patrons with the rules of the pool. Last year was a learning experience for everyone with the new pool so I’m confident this year will be a smoother season for all.

Lastly I just wanted to remind everyone just how proud we should be of the students in our school. What the senior/junior classes did by giving up part of their post prom experience and instead donating a portion of the money to the Veterans’ Memorial gave me goosebumps! Because of their altruistic efforts, the school and Lyons/Decatur received some great kudos in the press and from community members.   How lucky are we to have such great kids representing our community. They should make you proud. I know they do me! Enjoy the nice weather. Don’t forget to vote in the upcoming primary in May. Every vote counts! Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.

Mayor Andy Fuston

Mayor Andy Fuston


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