Kats’ Korner: Memorable First Day of School and Consolidation

Consolidation of Oakland-Craig and Tekamah-Herman Schools is a hot topic in each community.

There are many inaccurate accounts of the situation being stated from each town involved. I heard someone so upset stating Tekamah-Herman were coming to Oakland-Craig to school. I have heard others say the students from each school will not get along. This came from parents. I certainly hope parents aren’t encouraging their children to be unaccepting of other children.I find this so disappointing.

The bottom line is: ALL of us are responsible to do what is best for the children, for their education and their future. We owe it to them. They are the citizens of tomorrow, our future leaders.

I recently walked through the Burt County Fair Parade, as President of the Oakland City Council. I had many friends and family walk through with me, showing my dedication to Oakland and the community. I am running for election in November. I wanted to see people first-hand and let them know how much I care for each and every one of them.

At the end of the parade, I had a person whom I had never met, ask me what my position was on the school consolidation issue. I was quite surprised by the question, but I knew my answer immediately. I kindly told her that at this point, I was undecided. I want to take more time to review each side of the issue before making a definite decision. I also told her I think this has to be so difficult for every person on both sides of the proposal.

Since then, I have given in a great deal of thought. I do believe at some point in time, school consolidation will happen for both schools. This will be determined on the amount of state aid available to schools and how well a school can manage based upon their budget. I hope and pray that each district puts education for each student on the front burner.

If each school can provide the best of education for each child without consolidation, then I am for that. But, if that is not a possibility, then consolidation is a must.

I also want to share a memory of my own. I grew up in Tekamah. I went attended Tekamah-Herman schools through my Freshman year. Then, we moved to Oakland. I began my Sophomore year at Oakland-Craig Schools. Those that remember both schools in the year of 1978, you will remember how competitive they were in sports. They were huge rivals back then.

I was terrified to start school in Oakland-Craig. I need not worry so much. I was welcomed and made many friends whom I am still friends with today.

I also stayed friends with my Tekamah-Herman class and the teachers and staff there. I am invited back to every class reunion and just attended our 35 year reunion. I also attended my 35 year O-C class reunion the same day. It is a juggling act, but I want to see everyone! They are a big part of my life.

Basically, I went through my own school consolidation and all went fine.

If the voters approve a consolidation, I don’t worry about students getting along. I know both districts have good, caring people and each of them will come together for the sake of the children.

The children are what is most important. 



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I am a graduate of Northeast Community College with a degree in journalism. I am married to Jeff Gilliland. We have two grown children, Justin and Whitney and four grandchildren, Grayce, Grayhm, Charli and Penelope. I will be covering Lyons, Decatur, Bancroft and Rosalie and am hoping to expand my horizons as time progresses!

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