Thank You Notes and 4-H News

By Mary Loftis, Extension Associate

Thank You Notes:

It’s NEVER too late to send a thank you note, so if you have not sent yours, PLEASE do

so as soon as possible! Without a note from you many 4-H donors either will think we

didn’t give out their award, or that the award recipient just didn’t care! Either way, it’s a

bad scenario and letters will be going out very soon to award donors asking if they will donate again. Please make our jobs easier and make yourself look good by writing a short, but sincere note of thanks!



Speaking of which…Lena Hennig Beckner our 4-H Kitchen Chair asked me to share her personal note of thanks:

“And just like that the 2016 Burt County Fair is over!  I would like to thank all of the 4-H families and volunteers that took time out of their day to help in the 4-H kitchen before and during the fair.

I understand the hard work, dedication and time that both parents and kids put in during the week of the fair, and taking 8 hours out of this busy time to help in the kitchen makes our 4-H Kitchen what it is.

The 4-Hers did an outstanding job of pulling their weight during the shifts as well.  Many of them washed trays, refilled napkins and some even helped on the line! This year I have seen more 4-Hers working in the kitchen than I have in the past 3 years.  The 4-H kitchen would not be possible without the 4-H family’s support and their hard work.

P.S Always remember, no one is ever FIRED from your kitchen shift, you just have to work an extra shift!”

Remember, if your fair time schedule would work better with a different 4-H Kitchen shift please call the Extension Office after January 1st to request your favorite shift! The 2017 Burt County Fair will be August 4-8.


$100 4-H Kitchen Shift Winner!

Lena also shared with me that she put all the names in a hat of individuals who worked 8 hours in the 4-H Kitchen and drew a winner for the $100 offered by 4-H Council. And the winner is…Molly Trotter of Tekamah! Congratulations to Molly and a big THANK YOU toeveryone who made not only the 4-H Kitchen, but the whole fair run smoothly!


Names of 4-H Club County Fair Parade Entries Needed

If your 4-H Club had an entry in the Burt County Fair Parade please give Mary a call at the Extension Office (402-374-2929) so we can have the checks mailed out to the club from the

4-H Council. The only clubs I’m sure had a parade entry are: Argo, Clover Stars and Flying Needles. I don’t want to miss anyone because I never get to see the parade…I’m always in it!

Make a Difference Day

USA WEEKEND proudly sponsors Make a Difference Day, October 22nd. Make a Difference Day is the most encompassing national day of helping others. Held annually on the fourth Saturday of October, millions of Americans are rallied into a single day of action to help change the world. See what you and your friends can do on Make a Difference Day!


Congratulations to our County and State Fair Exhibitors!

Burt County 4-H members did their usual job of “Wowing” the judges not only at the county fair, but at the state fair too! If you didn’t get a chance to head out there to see how the exhibits fared, take a look on line from your easy chair. Simply go to this link:  ( see how everything turned out. And next year join us at the Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island.

Several very special awards were received by our 4-H members and at the risk of forgetting someone because the State Fair on-line results page isn’t all that friendly, here is a list of some of the award highlights:

Brayden Anderson – Rainbow Recognition for 4H Science & Technology – Wooden Fin Rocket-Skill Level 3

Brayden Anderson – Intermediate Swine Showmanship – 9th overall

Nick Bohannon – Photo exhibit of a flower and bug was selected for a special display in UNL Extension Dean’s office, CASNR Dean’s Office and Graduate Studies

Nick Bohannon – Premier Presentation Exhibitor – purple ribbon

Michael Bracht – Rainbow Recognition for 4-H Science & Technology – 4-H Robotics – Build a Robot

Michael Bracht & Caleb Schlichting – Nebraska 4-H Foundation Special Awards – Outstanding Illustrated Presenters

Jenna Bromm – Swine Showmanship – 6th place overall

Rayna Hladky – State 4-H Speech Contest – Purple ribbon, $25 award and $250 UNL Scholarship (also that morning Rayna modeled her Shopping in Style outfit and her STEAM Level 3 Constructed outfit!)

Layne Miller –4-H Premier Exhibitor Contest – 3rd place sheep

Layne Miller –4-H Elite Showman Competition – 4th place

Hayley Niewohner – Rainbow Recognition for 4-H Consumer & Family Science – Original Wood Accessory

Lucas Niewohner – Rainbow Recognition for 4H Science & Technology – 4H Computers – Create a Web Site/Blog or App

Megan Olson – Senior Dog Showmanship – 3rd place overall


Pick Up State Fair Exhibits!

Burt County 4-H members are reminded to pick up their State Fair ribbons and static exhibits in the Nebraska Extension office in Burt County. They are here now and we really need to have them make their way home and out of our space! Please stop by this week to get them. Thanks!


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