The Bugs and Beauty of the Seasons: Always Be Humble and Kind

By Denise Gilliland, Editor and Chief, Kat Country Hub

It is hard to believe it is fall. It is hot and very humid out!

Normally, I enjoy the heat, but not today. I have to admit, I am tired of it.

This summer has been very hot, more than usual. I want it a bit cooler so I can enjoy being outside.

The other problem is the all of the bugs. We spray our yard for mosquitos but haven’t lately because it keeps raining and washing it off. So, the mosquitos come back bringing the little black bugs I call laundry bugs.

I enjoy hanging laundry on the line. But, with the arrival of the laundry bugs, there are some things I can’t hang out, especially anything very light colored or white.

And, the worst part of them is, they may be little, but their bite hurts!

I wanted to have a cup of coffee outside this morning. I was outside two minutes at the most and had to come in! They were eating me up!

I may go out again later and I am bringing bug spray with me!

I will never let bugs dampen my appreciation of nature.

We have two hummingbird feeders in our yard. We love sitting outside and watching them fly in to eat! They are truly amazing!

They can even fly backwards!

I enjoy the different colors of each one. They are so beautiful!

The other evening, one flew by us to go to the feeder. What he didn’t know is another hummingbird was hiding in the bush in our front yard. He swooped at the one on the feeder and chased him off.

He then flew back to the bush and waited for him to come back.

I think there are hummingbirds that are bullies too! It is interesting to watch them!

Enjoy the beauty of nature and the changing of the seasons. Take it all in! It is a blessing!

Lastly, I would like to ask everyone to be kind to each other. Everyone has their opinions. You may not agree with another’s opinion, but remember, they are entitled to it just as much as you are.

As Tim McGraw says: Always be humble and kind.

Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless.

About katcountryhub
I am a graduate of Northeast Community College with a degree in journalism. I am married to Jeff Gilliland. We have two grown children, Justin and Whitney and four grandchildren, Grayce, Grayhm, Charli and Penelope. I will be covering Lyons, Decatur, Bancroft and Rosalie and am hoping to expand my horizons as time progresses!

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