Residential Demolition Program Making a Difference

Residential Demolition Program Making a Difference, Now Available for Commercial Buildings

(October 4, 2016) – Burt County has seen the demolition of ten abandoned or neglected houses since the start of Burt County Economic Development’s Residential Demolition Program, which began in May of this year. Over $32,000 has been paid out to both individuals and city governments who have been approved and completed their demolition. There are still funds available to fund more tear-downs.

In a 2014 County-wide Housing Study completed by Hanna: Keelan Associates, it was noted that 38 structures were rated “dilapidated” or not cost effective to be rehabilitated, and should be demolished. The Residential Demolition Program, funded by a $75,000 grant from the Donald E. Nielsen Foundation, addresses this need. The program funds 50% of the cost of demolishing these houses.

“The goal is to improve the quality of life for families that live nearby. It enhances the appearance of the neighborhoods and opens up lots for potential new housing development,” said Patty Plugge, Executive Director of Burt County Economic Development Corporation.

Funding is still available for additional demolitions. The grant is available for all properties within the city limits of the five Burt County communities.

Initially only available for residential projects, the Nielsen Foundation granted an additional $125,000 for commercial building demolition projects. Applicants can receive up to 50% of the total demo cost, with a maximum of $15,000 per application. The first round of commercial demolitions will run from October 1 – October 31st.

“Several communities had asked about using the initial funds for commercial demo. The need was definitely there, and luckily the Nielsen Foundation saw the benefit of the additional funding,” said Plugge.

Complete detail of the Demolition Guidelines and Application for Residential or Commercial Properties are available at, or can be obtained at each of the city/village offices.

Photo Courtesy of Patty Plugge/BCEDC

Photo Courtesy of Patty Plugge/BCEDC








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