Come to the Fair

By Mary Loftis, Extension Associate

Come to the Fair!

          Come one, come all and “Enjoy the Ride” to the “Best Show on Burt County Dirt!”

How’s that for combining a couple good county fair themes? The Burt County Fair is set to officially begin Friday, August 4th and will run until Tuesday, August 8th on the Burt County Fairgrounds in Oakland. Check out the event schedule on the Burt County Fair website and take part in the local fun, food and friends at the fair!


4-H Scavenger Hunt

          The Burt County 4-H Council is again sponsoring the very successful 4-H Scavenger Hunt they started last year. Youth ages 5-18 are invited to come to the 4-H Building on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, August 5-7 to sign in to get a 4-H Scavenger Hunt question sheet. Then explore the fairgrounds looking for answers to the questions with your family.

When you’ve completed the scavenger hunt come back to the 4-H Building and turn I your sheet. Each youth will receive 5 free carnival ride tickets and a chance to spin the big 4-H prize wheel! Additional prizes include gift certificates to the 4-H Kitchen, additional carnival tickets, and other 4-H and UNL promotional items. It’s free, it’s fun and it helps everyone learn a little more about the fair and 4-H! (Youth may only participate in the scavenger hunt once for prizes, but energetic participants can do a daily hunt just for the fun of it!) Spread the word – this activity is for all youth attending the fair!


Live-Streaming from the Fair

          The Burt County Fair Foundation is trying something new this year…they are adding the technology and equipment to live-stream the livestock shows. All the technical details are being worked out on it at this moment. If you’re interested, or have family at a distance that would like to see some of the shows (especially in the arena) have them go to the Burt County Fair website at: and look for a link.


4-H Rocket Launch

          The 4-H Rocket Launch was a real BLAST last week with 14 4-H members participating. Comments during the event were entertaining at the least. One parent made the comment that “rocketry keeps you humble” …no matter how good your rocket looks or how often it’s launched without a hitch something can always spoil that “perfect launch”. It can also be very aerobic as a group search walked a quarter mile across the sod field and 22 rows deep into the corn field to help find a rocket! It’s also a religious experience as you’re praying the rocket will launch (and that it will be found!)

Yes, there were a few failed launches, but everyone did get their rocket into the air and all were recovered.

Results of the contest are as follows:

Purple Ribbons:

Champion: Brayden Anderson, Lyons

Reserve Champion: Colton Miller, Lyons

Caleb Schlichting, Lyons

Eli Schlichting, Lyons

Elise Anderson, Lyons

Brady Braniff, Tekamah

Linden Anderson, Lyons

Javar Larson, Oakland


Blue Ribbons:

Andrew Schlichting, Lyons


Red Ribbons:

Mackenzie Evans, Tekamah

Layne Miller, Lyons

Michael Bracht, West Point


Clover Kids participating were:

Gavin Johnson, Oakland and Elisha Larson of Oakland


Pie Day II & Fruit Cups

Don’t forget to come to the Vet’s Building in Oakland this Saturday, July 29 at 8:00 to help get the rest of the wonderful 4-H fruit pies made. Cherry, peach and apricot pies will be made since the apple, strawberry rhubarb and rhubarb pies were completed last week. Fruit Cups will be made after lunch at the 4-H Kitchen. All help is appreciated!

Fairgrounds Clean-up

Thanks to sixty-six 4-H members, leaders, families and friends, the Burt County Fairgrounds got a good cleaning Sunday afternoon. The group made quick work of all the projects on the list and then enjoyed a meal sponsored by the Burt County Fair Foundation as their thank you. You all make our county fair very special and it is much appreciated!


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