Rocky William Jefferson of Lyons NE

Rocky William Jefferson was born October 9, 1956 to Gail and Shirley (Duffield) Jefferson in Ainsworth, Nebraska. He passed away in his home May 26, 2017, after a long battle with cancer.

Rocky lived in many parts of Nebraska and Kansas. He moved to Tekamah, Nebraska where he reconnected with Helen Schlueter. Rocky and Helen were married on October 19, 2002. He then moved to Lyons, Nebraska where he lived the rest of his days with his loving wife and dog, Buddy.

Rocky was a man with many talents. He worked construction most of his life and also drove truck. In his spare time he enjoyed hunting, fishing and camping with his many friends and family.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Gail and Shirley Jefferson; brother, Patrick “Chip” Jefferson; grandparents and uncles.

He leaves behind his wife, Helen Jefferson and his dog, Buddy; many brothers and sisters, Michael Jefferson, Kathy (Dewayne) Park, Randy Schlueter, Nancee Root-Cuba; many children, Nicholas (Jennifer), Rachel, Dustin (Stephanie), Jill, Angela (Dave); many grandchildren, Isaac, Azlyn, Archer, Devon, Micha, Cole, Bridget, Preston and Tavion; many nieces, nephews and cousins.


Saturday June 3rd
4:00 PM
Brink ParkLyons, NE 68038

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Rocky Jefferson

Rocky Jefferson of Lyons NE

Rocky Jefferson, of Lyons, Nebraska, passed away Friday, May 27, 2017 at his home in Lyons.

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Saturday June 3rd
4:00 PM
Brink Park
Lyons, NE 68038
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Lyons City Council Meeting Agenda


A Copy of the “Open Meetings Act” Has Been Posted on the Bulletin Board on the East Side in the Council Chambers.




December 1, 2015 – 5:30 P.M.


The City Council reserves the right to go into Executive Session at any time as deemed appropriate and in accordance with State Statute.



  1. Meeting called to order.


  1. None.



Recommended Action: Approval of Consent Agenda

NOTE: All items are automatically approved when the Consent Agenda is approved unless moved to the Regular Agenda by the request of any single Council member.

  1. Dispense with reading of minutes of meetings held November 3.
  2. Claims as presented.
  3. Treasurer report.

Motion and second to approve the Consent Agenda/Tabulation of Vote.




Consideration and Action:



  1. Graham Christensen – Update on wind/solar information.


  1. Chad Kehrt – Approve/not approve the Certification to Board of Public Roads Classifications & Standards (NBCS Forms); and the SSAR report for FY ending Sept 30, 2015.
    1. Motion and second from Council members.
    2. Tabulation of votes.


  1. Patty Plugge – Presentation of guidelines and application for demolition grants.


  1. Wyatt Fraas of Center for Rural Affairs – Discuss the Store Front Movie Theater.


  1. Police report by Chief Buck.


  1. Library & Grant reports by Mike Heavrin.


  1. Utilities report.
    1. Logan Valley Manor.
    2. Wastewater drawdown.
    3. Brink Park.
    4. Wastewater plant.
    5. Natural gas training.









December 1, 2015 – 5:30 P.M.



  1. Clerk’s Report.
    1. Income Statement – General.
    2. Income Statement – Utility.
    3. Budget Reports – General and Utility.
    4. Deadline for incumbents for City Council is February 16, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. See enclosed letter from the Burt County Clerk.
    5. Will the City reimburse employees for January through November 2015 out of pocket health claims?


  1. Consider to approve/not approve NPPD’s 2016 Wholesale Power Contract (Option A).
    1. Motion and second by Council members.
    2. Tabulation of votes.


  1. Discuss Logan Valley Manor Sheriff’s Sale.


  1. Consider a special designated liquor license to the Burt County Fair Foundation for an event held at the Lyons Community Center on February 27, 2016.
    1. Motion and second by Council members to approve/not approve the request for a Special Designated Liquor License.
    2. Tabulation of votes.


  1. Council to nominate Council President for calendar year 2016.
    1. Motion and second from Council members.
    2. Tabulation of votes.


  1. Mayor recommends the following appointments for January 1 through December 31, 2016:
    1. Commissioner for Utilities Distribution & Maintenance: Charlie Wheaton
    2. Commissioner for Sanitation, Recycling, & Landfill: Kyle Brink
    3. Commissioner for Parks, Pools, Recreation, & Auditorium: Lana Minton & Kyle Brink
    4. Commissioner for City Streets: Allen Steinmeyer
    5. Audit Committee: Lana Minton & Allen Steinmeyer
  1. City Physician: Lyons Mercy Medical Clinic
  2. Board of Health: Lyons Mercy Medical Clinic, Chief Jim Buck, Allen Steinmeyer, & Andrew Fuston
  3. Council Representative to Library: Lana Minton
  4. City Clerk/Treasurer: Mary Lou Ritter
  5. City Attorney: Dan Smith
  6. Legal Paper: Lyons Mirror-Sun
  1. Burt County Economic Development: Kyle Brink & Pam Thomsen
  1. Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District Council of Officials: Allen Steinmeyer
  1. Engineering Company: Olsson Associates
  2. City Street Superintendent: Chad Kehrt of Olsson Associates

Approve/not approve said appointments above:

  1. Motion and second from Council members
  2. Tabulation of vote.


  1. Discuss Employee Christmas Bonus.


  1. Discuss the Community Center thermostat.


  1. Motion and second by Council members to adjourn the meeting.
    1. Tabulation of vote.



A Minute with the Lyons Mayor

A Minute with the Mayor

November 2015

Welcome to back to standard daylight time! Hopefully you are used to it being dark by 6pm. It’s certainly not the easiest thing to get used too. I’m ready for bed by 9pm!

The November council meeting was a fairly light one thus I was home in time to be in bed by nine! Our top agenda item was approval of the city’s health insurance plan. After looking at our options, the council decided to change plans that will actually save the city over thirty thousand dollars this coming year. Health care costs, as everyone knows, continues to rise and the city isn’t immune to the squeeze those increased premiums puts on the city’s budget. The council is working to find a balance between the city’s responsibility to its employees and fiscal responsibility to the tax payer. We will continue to evaluate our healthcare coverage to make sure we are meeting employee needs and getting the entire bang for our buck that we can.

We have a plan for the south road at Brink Park to secure it. We are going to rework and pack the bank. We will then add concrete rip rap along the shore line of the lagoon to stabilize the bank. This should help prevent anymore eroding from occurring long that drive in that area. We were still having some water leaking above a couple of big windows in the community center. We had the roof guys out and we hope they’ve fixed the areas on the roof that had been leaking. Our new baler should be here the first week in December. It will help us be more versatile with our recycling efforts. We are still waiting on the $87,000 reimbursement from the grant we were awarded.   All the “Ts” are crossed and the “Is” are dotted so that money should be coming sometime soon.

I know there are a lot of questions and concerns swirling around Logan Valley Manor.  There is still a lot of legal wrangling going on between the owners and creditors. Not sure when all of that will be cleared up. Until that time, not much that can be done about its future. The city council did decide to turn the electrical and heat on to make sure we don’t have ruptured pipes over the winter. I am optimistic that good things are in store for Logan Valley Manor. We just want to make sure the weather doesn’t make things worth there.

Burt County passed a 2% lodging tax which will affect the camp ground. Rates were adjusted slightly to help cover that tax increase. On a good note, we finally got the final reimbursement from the $375,000 community center grant. The $187,500 will help replenish the city coffers that were spent on the project to begin with. Good news indeed. We continue to wait to hear on the street lighting grant we applied for. We are hopeful we will hear from them by the end of the year.

If you missed the grand opening of the Main Street Theater, you missed a really fun evening. It’s just amazing to me when the front of that building comes slowly down to the sidewalk and street. What a feat of ingenuity! Looking at the building you would never know there wasn’t a building behind it. Bill Hedges movie on the history of Lyons that premiered was exceptional. I thought I was watching a PBS special. Looking at where Lyons has been and how it came to be what it is today inspired me to keep working to make Lyons a better place. It made me realize that the people of Lyons may come and go but the spirit of what Lyons is continues throughout the generations. Thanks to everyone who has made these projects possible. You’ve helped make Lyons an even cooler place to live!

Finally on a personal note, I just want to give a shout out to my dad, Ron, who turned 75 on November 17th! I know my wife and my mother won’t give him all the credit for making me who I am today but he sure deserves a lot of it! I have been so blessed to have been raised by a man who cares so deeply for his family. I couldn’t have asked for a better dad to mentor, counsel, teach, and advise me throughout my life. I am proud to be called Ron Fuston’s son! Happy Birthday dad! Here’s to many, many more!

That’s all I have for now. Enjoy the crisp fall weather. Good luck getting all those leaves raked up! I know I’ll need it. Take care and talk to you soon.

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