Social Speaks: California Bans Plastic Bags

California is the first state to ban plastic bags in stores, such as Walmart. The ban goes into effect next year. What do you think of this? Should more states do the same?

  • Kay Desh Steinmeyer I use reusable bags most of the time. I think they are easier to carry in from the car. HyVee gives you 5 cents for every bag you bring and use. I think it would be a great idea.
  • Jeannene Schutt The fact that they don’t even give you the paper option is not good. Whole Foods uses all recycled paper bags. With handles…I forget how nice it is to have your groceries not just thrown in a bag…that you hope doesn’t break before you get in the house.
  • Nickie Robinson Go back to paper! I hate when they give me plastic bags!
  • Tami Friedl Hovendick Absolutely!!! Before paper and plastic they had cloth bags that the people carried for their groceries and wares.. There is NO reason we can’t go back to that.. This poor county has so my trash and little because people are just plain lazy.. I congratulate them and hope more states follow.. I am sure in other countries they don’t have as much trash as the US.
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