Christmas Blessings to All

How time flies!

Is it just me, or does time fly by faster now?

Maybe it is my age. I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem possible that Christmas is five days away! Where did summer go? We really didn’t have much of a Spring or Fall. Today is the last day of Fall. Winter begins tomorrow. We have already had cold and snow. I think they need to change the beginning and ending days of the seasons. Mother Nature seems to have her own ideas as to when each one will begin and how long each season will last.

We have also been blessed so far this December. The weather the last several days has been beautiful. I have enjoyed many beautiful walks lately. The sunset last night was a sight to behold. I love capturing nature’s beauty in a picture. I look at the photos and am reminded how beautiful life is, how precious life is and how none of us should take a moment for granted.

I enjoy every part of my life. I am blessed and very thankful for all I have. I am not talking about material items. I am talking about the people in my life. I have been married to the love of my life for 22 years! We have been together for 24 years. Another reference to how fast time goes by. I remember when we were dating. I remember vividly the day he proposed. A snowy December day, Jeff proposed to me on a bridge at the Troll Stroll in Oakland. I cried and said yes! Every day since has been a treasure. I am also blessed to have a daughter that is also my friend. We talk every day. She is also happily married, has two beautiful children and is expecting their third child in June! Jeff and I are so happy for them! We are also very excited to welcome another grandchild into our lives. Our son-in-law, Tri, is a great dad and he is also very good to us. Does life get better? I don’t think so. Penelope and Rowen, Whitney and Tri’s kids and our grandkids, come to stay with us quite often. They sure keep us busy, but we love it! Watching them grow is cherished blessing. I don’t know how it got started, but I call Penelope Peeps! I haven’t nicknamed Rowen, other than to call him Rowie sometimes. I think every grandparent thinks their grandkids are the best, and they are right, they are!

When I look back, I realize every part of growing, every part of our lives, from adolescence through adulthood, plays a part in who we are as we get older. The trials and errors of life determine who we are as we get older. Hopefully, we become wiser as we get older. I hope I am. I try anyway. I have heard some people dread aging. Why? There is only one alternative to aging.

As President George H.W. Bush said, “The goal is to die young as late as possible.”

God Bless all of you! May Santa give all of you the joy of Christmas.


Life is the Memories Made

I remember being a young child and loving Christmas! I couldn’t wait for Christmas morning to come to tear into the presents under the tree!

Those days are long gone. Now I can’t wait to see Christmas through the eyes of Penelope and Rowen. I love it when kids still believe in Santa Claus! Oh the innocence of a child. There isn’t anything more precious than a child. Especially a grandchild!

We celebrate every holiday with Whitney and her family. We make each and every one special! I take many pictures, capturing every memory to cherish forever! I also write every moment down in my journal. I write everything in my life in my journal. I think it is very important to document the events of my life to look back on, but also to leave for those who live after me to read and keep so they know more about me. I love to write, so my journal is very extensive.

I also love all of the lights at Christmas. The new lights on Oakland’s Main Street are just beautiful! Good job Oakland! Jeff and I have drove around a few times looking at the many light displays around Oakland and other communities. There are so many beautiful homes full of lights, Santas, nativity scenes and on and on. I feel like a little kids when I look at all of them! I just love it!

We have 2 projectors lighting our house! And some lights on the fence. We aren’t as fancy as some people, but simple is the name of the game at our age! I light up the inside of our house too. Besides the two trees we have up, there are lights on the fireplace mantle, a lighted wreath on the door, many snow globes that have lights, Christmas houses with lights and sound and a Thomas Kinkaid tree that is ceramic and has a train that goes around and around it along with Santa and his sled with the reindeer going around the top of the tree. It has sound and lights too! Penelope loves to turn on all of my toys! So do I!

I hope everyone enjoys the lights and the magic of the season! Make all of the memories you can with the loved ones who are a part of your life! Take the pictures, write the memories down, do whatever makes your heart content. Enjoy every moment because it will be gone in the blink of an eye.

I have been taking time each day to remember my loved ones who are no longer here. I pray to them and remember the precious times I had with them. That is life. Memories.

May this Christmas be a special one for all of you! I know it will be for me. I am so thankful for the loved ones in my life. I have learned so much along the way. Life isn’t about things, it is about the people in your life. You can’t take things with you. But, when you leave this earth, your soul will be full of memories.

Don’t miss a single one!



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