Enjoy the Beauty of the Season and Surround Yourself with Those Who Really Care

I am sitting in our living room, enjoying all of the Christmas lights. Yes, we still have our Christmas tree up! I don’t take it down until the end of January. The beauty of the season doesn’t need taken down the minute Christmas is over. Beauty should be enjoyed as long as possible.

I get up early every day, enjoy a cup of coffee and look at the Christmas tree. This year, we decorated it with blue lights and silver, blue and white decorations. It is breathtaking. Jeff and I both adore the color blue. I also crochet early in the morning while all is still quiet outside. I have a light that goes around my neck so I can see to crochet and yet don’t have to turn on the lights in the house. I saw this light advertised and wondered if it would really be as good as they said. I checked the reviews and they were all good. I just put it on my neck, like a necklace, but it is open in the front. There is a light on each end that has 3 different light settings. It is amazing! I can also read in bed with it and not bother Jeff!

The Christmas tree isn’t the only Christmas decor I enjoy. I have many snow globes Whitney has bought me for Christmas every year. I didn’t get a new one yet this year, it is running late! I will get it later this month. I am so excited! I saw the picture of it and it’s beautiful!

I also put lights on the fireplace, and have other lighted decorations. I love the lights and sounds of the season! I have many Christmas houses too! Our house is full, and that is fine because it is full of joy and beauty!

I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas and the New Year! We didn’t get to be with all of our loved ones, but that is life. When people don’t welcome me or even ask how I am, then I don’t want to be with them either. Jeff and I have made our own decisions and know that being with those who really want to be with us are the only people we want around. That isn’t hard to figure out.

Enjoy the beautiful January weather we are having. What a blessing it is!

God Bless all of you. May God surround you with those that truly love and care about you!



The Gospel of “It’s a Wonderful Life” Coming This November

By Gary Fugman
To make his point, Jesus often used a parable, an earthly story with a heavenly meaning.  Parables allow us to recognize real life events as relevant examples of spiritual truth.  Thus, parables link what we already know to what we should believe.  Parables help us look past a surface story to find deep meanings.  Connect how parables help us to find deep meanings to one of the most loved Christmas movies of all times and you have a formula for a fascinating learning experience.  Imagine using scenes from “It’s A Wonderful Life”, a movie parable with George and Mary Bailey, Uncle Billy, and Clarence the Angel Second Class helping you study the biblical principles of Goodness, Godliness, Prayers and Miracles!
You are invited to experience Goodness, Godliness, Prayers and Miracles through “It’s A Wonderful Life” this November.  On Sundays, November 1, 8, 15, and 22 at 1:30pm at 1506 Riverview Drive, Decatur, Pastor Gary and Sharon Fugman are leading a biblical view of the classic Christmas movie.  Scenes from the movie and guide books will be provided for the four sessions.  Refreshments will be served.  Use these four Sunday afternoons to prepare for the Christmas season…and the rest of your life!
For more information on the Gospel of “It’s A Wonderful Life” Sundays at 1:30pm this November, please call Pastor Gary or Sharon Fugman at 402-349-1953.

Market Report

Dow +121.27
S&P +13.19
Nasdaq +35.25

Global stock markets climbed today, rebounding from heavy losses last week after the Federal Reserve left interest rates on hold.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 87 points, or 0.6%, to 16471 in early trade. The S&P 500 also rose 0.6%, after both indexes declined sharply on Friday.  The markets steadies after the Fed decision, though many people debating whether the Fed is going to raise rates yet this year.  We are most likely in for a period of choppy markets.

Commodities: Gold prices jumped after the Federal Reserve’s decision a day ago to hold interest rates steady, Prices for the metal, which have lost more than 7% in the past year and have been bumping along five-year lows, touched their highest level in more than two weeks on Friday, gaining $20.80, or 1.9% to settle at $1,137.80 a troy ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange.  The gains weren’t limited to gold. Silver rose 1.2% to $15.163 an ounce, its highest level since late August. Platinum gained 1.6% to settle at $984.40 an ounce, and palladium rose 1.9% to settle at $610.85 an ounce.


Dec Corn +1 ¾ @ $3.79
Nov Beans+5 ¼ @ $8.72 ½ 

Since last week we have seen grain markets lose some ground.  With our high of the week coming in on Tuesday at @ $3.95 for Dec corn and $8.94 for Nov beans.  With a wide open week for harvest in many parts of the Midwest, it seems good harvest conditions pressure grains, despite good export numbers this am.




Corn: Corn was a 2 sided trade this am opening lower, but pushing higher by 9am.  Little to report as far as fresh news, conditions for harvest seem to be moving right along, wet corn programs popping up around as some producers get an early start.  Ethanol remains steady, and exports can be debated (knowing there are cheaper supplies in South America).  Also the feed and residual can be a variable to give us some movement.  But without a story, we are likely to see corn push lower into harvest.

Beans:  Beans continue getting beat down by the same thing….dollar higher, Brazilian acres, uncertainty in China.  At some point the story gets old, and traders move on.  Not saying we will see a rally, just saying we need something more to make a new low than the same stories, with $8.53 ¼ being the bottom for the November contract.  Seems like beans are happy in the range of $8.65-$8.94 as they have been since Aug 25th.  At least until the story comes!

For Fun:With the Christmas season fast approaching………ha ha….got you!  It’s not even Halloween yet!  But for some reason we are all seeing Christmas stuff in the stores.  Every year I catch myself saying….I swear it’s earlier each year.  Referred to as the “Holiday Creep” stores have been pushing Christmas displays and promotions into stores earlier and earlier each year.  So this is a real thing?   I walked into a store in Lincoln this weekend to see Christmas trees……


In 2011 Walmart launched it “holiday layaway program” a month early (in mid-October), and now in 2015 Walmart launched it in August!  Kmart airing its first Christmas commercial last year in September, so get ready for the Christmas toy commercials.  Yikes!  I personally enjoy Christmas, but I am tired of it before it even gets here.  I mean really, Christmas?  I haven’t even bought my trick or treat candy yet…..know why?  It not even October yet…..


But consumers are to blame, apparently enough get excited and start buying.  Retailers only begin early because it increases sales, so crank the Christmas tunes and head on over to your local store and pick up a zombie mask, a Christmas tree, and a gallon of milk.



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