Lower Elkhorn NRD Tree Grant

The Lower Elkhorn NRD is accepting applications for their Community Forestry Incentive Program. This program provides technical and cost-share assistance for tree planting projects to improve or renovate community green spaces on public lands. Each project must be sponsored by a city, village, county or school and be located on publicly owned land. Cost share rate is up to 75%, not to exceed $5,000.

To ensure the application meets the requirements for this grant, the coordinator is required to contact the Lower Elkhorn NRD Forester, Pam Bergstrom, at 402-371-7313 or (cell #649-5130) for assistance by October 13, 2016. Pam will be available for assistance to help designing your project and your application.

The deadline for applications is October 24, 2016. Application packets can also be obtained by contacting the RCD office at 402-685-4020.

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