Always Stay Humble and Kind

“Always Stay Humble and Kind”-Tim McGraw

I believe in these words and honor them daily.

It is so unfortunate not everyone does.

I have decided to stop watching the morning news until the election is over. I am sure my blood pressure rises for the few minutes I tune in. I will watch the Golden Girls instead.

Morals have become a thing of the past for so many. I don’t mean on the national level alone. It is everywhere. Having your own beliefs and opinions is perfectly acceptable. Freedom of speech is privilege. Some, however, abuse this freedom. Fiction overrules facts, gossip becomes truth and morals and values are left hanging in the wind.


Such behavior is shameful.

Technology is good in some situations, not so good in others. In my opinion, technology allows for people to spew negativity without giving a thought to whom they may be hurting in the process. Words have become a weapon. But, if they were face to face with this person, would they be able to say the same hurtful words? I doubt it.

I have chosen to scroll past the negativity on such forums as Facebook. I have also deleted or unfollowed those that chose to say bad things about others as if it should be an acceptable way of life.

The best advice I can give is: Don’t believe everything you hear. If in doubt, go to the source and get the facts and ignore the gossip. Be respectful of each other. Live by The Golden Rule. And:

Always Stay Humble and Kind.

Words to live by.

Have a great day!



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