Cougars Win Two and Lose Two at EHC Tournament

By Clare Wiltse, Sports Contributor

The Cougar boys went 2-2 in the EHC Basketball Tournament. After a first round   66-53 win over Madison they moved on with a 65-61 conquest of Clarkson/Leigh.  In the semi-finals North Bend Central overpowered Northeast 58-29.  The third place consolation game went Stanton 58-47.

The Northeast Cougars had to tell the 2016 Cinderella of the EHC tournament, Clarkson /Leigh, that it was midnight and she did not want to leave the dance. It took a comeback in the fourth quarter comeback for the Cougar to eliminate the Patriots 65-61.

Clarkson/Leigh was a thirteenth seed with a 3-15 record when they played fourth seed Loganview/Scribner-Snyder. They hung close the Raiders  and made their shots in the fourth quarter to force over time.  In OT they dominated  and won 64-58.

The Cougars had played the Patriots in December and had won 51-47.  C/L took advantage of free throw misses to stay in the game.  This time free throw makes would  provide points for the Cougar win.

The game opened with the two teams trading points.  Alec Anderson’s three point play gave the a 5-4 lead.  His three-point shot made it 8-7.  After a three-pointer by Montana Riecken the Patriots pulled away for a 16-13 first quarter lead.

Northeast had a strong start to the second period.  Anderson’s goal and a conversion by Riecken tied the score. Riecken’s three point play put them in the lead 19-18 and Christiansen’s score kept LDNE on top.  The Patriot went on an eleven point spurt as they made three trifectas to move to a 31-23 lead.  After two baskets by Anderson and a trey and free shot by Hegy C/L had a 36-31 lead.

In the third quarter the Patriots kept their lead   A Tyler Hardeman basket cut the lead to just two points, but Clarkson led 45-41 at quarter’s end.

Alec Anderson set the tone in the fourth quarter.  The senior forward opened with a three point play.  He followed with three makes from the line on shooting foul outside the arc.    Northeast now had the lead, 47-46,  with 6:47 to play.

Marcus Hegy  added to the lead with a basket,  The Cougars went man-to-man defense  for the first time which took away their main shooters.  Their post man stepped outside the arc and put up a pair of treys before Coach Lahm corrected a mismatch by inserting Jon Christiansen to guard him.

On the offensive side,  Cole Christoffersen scored a goal and followed a Hegy trey with by hitting both sides of a one-and-one for a 56-53 lead.  A Patriot three point play tied the score with 2:37 to play.

Marcus Hegy took over he game at this point.  He scored a basket with 1:21 left and converted two pressure free throws  nine seconds later.  With 48 seconds left his free throw lifted Northeast to a 61-56 lead.

Clarkson /Leigh continued to foul.  Northeast ‘maintained their lead as Christoffersen and Christiansen made one shot and Hegy closed out scoring with a pair of makes.  During he fourth quarter Northeast made 13 of 16 free shots.

Alec Anderson led the team with  24 points.  Marcus Hegy was close behind with 19 points, twelve coming in the fourth period.

Clarkson/Leigh 16 20 9 16 -61
LDNE 13 18 10 24 -65

2pt 3pt FT Rb F TP
Riecken 1 1 1/2 8 1 6
O’Connor 0 0 0 1 0 0
Christiansen 2 0 1/2 4 2 5
Ferguson 0 0 0 0 2 0
Anderson 6 2 6/8 8 2 24
Hardeman 2 0 0 3 2 4
Christoffersen 2 0 3/4 10 3 7
LDNE 16/26 5/12 18/26 37 12 65
C/L 13/23 10/30 5/6 25 20 61

The Semi-final game against (19-1)North Bend Central started poorly and snowballed from there.  The Cougars opened the game with 1 for 11 shooting from the field and 1 for 3 at the line.  They trailed 14 to 3 at the quarter.

The up-tempo Tigers blew the game open in the second quarter.  They had a 33-12 lead at the half.  A discouraged group of Cougars had no answer after intermission and were out scored  25-17

Constant pressure took its toll on the Cougars as they could never get their game going in half court game while the Tigers ran their trapping defense.  The one bright spot for Northeast was Cole Christoffersen who attacked their pressure and  scored 12 points and grabbed 11 rebounds.

LDNE 3 9 6 11 -29
NBC 14 19 13 12 -58

Riecken 0 0 0 2 2 0
O’Connor 0 0 0 0 2 0
Christiansen 1 0 0 1 2 2
Whitaker 1 0 0 0 0 2
Ferguson 0 0 2/2 0 1 2
Ronnfeldt 1 0 0 0 0 2
Anderson 1 0 0/1 5 0 2
Hardeman 1 0 0/1 4 0 2
Christoffersen 3 0 6/14 11 4 12
LDNE 10/30 0/4 9/18 26 11 29
NBC 24/48 4/16 6/11 42 19 58

The Cougars had a big question when they faced (17-6) Stanton in the consolation third place game. Which team would show up?  They got their answer in the first quarter.  The offense scored points and the man-to-man defense held the Mustangs in check.

Joey  O’Connor had an offensive burst as he scored the first two baskets of the game on drives to the lane.  Alec Anderson got two baskets and Cole Christoffersen and Marcus closed out the scoring on a 13-6 quarter.

The action continued to favor the Cougars in the second quarter as they built a 28-18 half time lead.  Alec Anderson scored the first eight points for the Cougars.  Marcus Hegy had a trey and basket while Cole Christoffersen added goal.

Hegy continued his offensive thrust with eight straight points in the third quarter.  Northeast held a 36-26 lead before Stanton went on a  9-2 run to close out the period.

The Mustangs knotted up the score with a three bomb by Nickolite with 7:15 to play.  A
Cougar turnover against their press gave them their go-ahead points..  Alec Anderson had a chance to tie the score at the 6:03  mark, but made only one of two free shots leaving LDNE trailing 40-39.

A charging call cost the Northeast a basket, but the Cougar defense held he Mustangs a second error against the press resulted in a three point play for Stanton.  That proved to be a momentum changer as Cougars did not get a defensive stop for the rest of the game.  Stanton scored seven straight times they had the ball.

“Stanton stared to figure out our defense in the third period,” said Coach Lahm.  “They started to drive the lane and we couldn’t stop them.”

Northeast would score only one basket in the fourth quarter. One for six shooting and two more turnover slowed the offensive output  Alec Anderson got a score in the later minutes Free throws by Christoffersen, Hardeman, and Riecken accounted for the other points.

Anderson and Hegy continued to lead the Cougar scoring.  Anderson scored 17 and Hegy had 16 points.

The Cougars have a 13-6 record with three games remaining on the schedule

LDNE 13 15 10 9 -47
Stanton 6 12 17 23 -58

Riecken 0 0 1/2 1 2 1
O’Connor 2 0 0 3 3 4
Christiansen 0 0 0 0 2 0
Hegy 5 1 3/5 3 1 16
Ferguson 0 0 0 0 0 0
Anderson 6 0 5/10 11 1 17
Hardeman 0 0 2/2 3 2 2
Christoffersen 2 0 3/5 5 3 7
LDNE 15/28 1/4 14/23 26 14 47
Stanton 16/26 6/16 8/13 25 18 58

Lady Cougars Drop Two in EHC Play

By Clare Wiltse, Sports Contributor

The Lady Cougars finished 0-2  in the EHC Basketball Tournament.  After losing to Tekamah-Herman 65-56 in the first round they lost to Wisner-Pilger in the consolation bracket.  The Lady Gators won by twelve, 61-49 on their home court.

A fast start by Wisner-Pilger was the undoing of the Cougars.  The Gators opened the game with three behind the arc and jumped to a 9-2 lead and Northeast played catch up the whole game.

We used a zone against Wisner-Pilger,” said Coach Haskell “and for the most part we did a good job defending the first shot, but we did not rebound well.  They got way too many second chance points.”

The shots did not fall for LDNE in the first half and the Maroon trailed by fifteen, 34-19 when they went to the lockers.

In the second half Northeast got in a good rhythm and cut the lead to just eight points in the third period.  An 11-4 run got the score to 38-30.  W-P closed out the quarter on a 9-2 run to restore their fifteen point margin.

Northeast outscored Wisner-Pilger by three in the fourth quarter for a 61-49 final.

The two teams will have a rematch on the Lyons court on February 9.  LDNE has an 11-7 record and W-P has a 11-8 mark.  The girls’ final regular season game is Friday at Loganview.

LDNE 9 10 13 17 -49
W-P 18 16 13 14 -61

2pt 3pt FT Rb TP
Simonsen 3 0 1/5 1 7
Wakeley 1 1 0/2 3 5
Haskell 4 0 7/9 5 15
Collins 0 1 0 3 3
Bacon 0 2 0 0 6
L.Henneman 0 1 0 1 3
Jessen 3 0 0 4 6
Peterson 2 0 0 13 4
LDNE 13/34 5/18 8/16 30 49

Cougars Down Madison in First Round of EHC

By Clare Wiltse, Sports Contributor

The Northeast boys raised their record to 12-4 with a first round win over (6-11) Madison in the East Husker Conference  Tournament.  The fifth seeded Cougars will take on (4-15) Clarkson/Leigh after they upset the fourth seed Loganview/ Scribner-Snyder team.

The height challenged Madison team was not afraid to shoot the long ball.  They put up 31 shots from behind the arc.  They made 13.

The Dragons made three of four to start the game and held a 9-7 lead.  They closed out the period with seven straight misses and Northeast took an 18-9 lead.  Alec Anderson had ten points including a three.  Marcus Hegy had four free throws and a goal.

Northeast blew the game wide open in the second period.  They led 39-15 at the half.  Anderson scored another twelve points as he controlled the paint and made five of six in the paint and added another three.

Northeast struggled on offense in the third period.  They managed only two baskets and two free-throws.  Madison found the range again and put in three from down town.  The quarter ended with Northeast up 45-28.

Joey O’Connor started  of the fourth quarter with a basket.  The Cougars put up 21 points with Montana Riecken getting 7 from the free throw line and six by Anderson.  The Dragons made it interesting with seven three pointers.  Their platoon system paid off as Coach Lahm had to pull out the reserves when Ulises Hernandez made five NBA range three pointers.  The final score was 66-53.

Alec Anderson scored 32  points with 7 rebounds.  Marcus Hegy  had 10 points and 11 rebounds.  Montana Riecken added 12 points.

Madison 9 6 13 25 -53
LDNE 18 21 6 21 -66

2Pt pt FT Rb F Tp
Riecken 2 0 8/11 2 1 12
O’Connor 1 0 0 2 0 2
Christiansen 1 0 0 2 1 2
Hegy 1 1 5/7 11 1 1
Ferguson 0 1 1/2 0 0 4
Anderson 11 2 4/7 7 0 32
Hardeman 1 0 1/4 6 0 3
Christoffersen 0 0 1/3 8 3 1
LDNE 17/26 4/7 20/34 39 6 66
Madison 6 13 2/5 18 28 53

Lady Cougars Come Up Short Against Pender

By Clare Wiltse, Sports Contributor

Two of the best from the East Husker Conference squared off in Pender on January 15 and the game went down to the final seconds before the victor was decided.   Unfortunately for the Lady Cougars they came out on the short end of a 56-54 score.

After a very physical game with several questionable calls Coach Rex Haskell praised his girls.  “They did a very good job of playing through some tough situations and not letting it bother their play.”

Lyons-Decatur defense forced the Lady Pendragons to shoot from the outside on the game’s onset.  Pender made only one of seven and the Cougars  moved to a 6-2 lead with a basket from Abby Peterson, a three point play by Lexie Bacon, and free throw by Brianne Haskell.

Pender finally got inside and tied the score at 10.  The Cougar closed the period with a deuce by Bacon and trey by Wakeley for a 15-11 lead.

Northeast got three points to open the second quarter, but Pender came back nine unanswered and took a 20-18 lead.  Two free throws by Mariah Jessen tied the score and two more by Lexie Bacon put the Cougars on top.  Tessie Collins made it six free shots in a row.  Three conversions by the Lady Pendragons gave them the lead until Kelly Wakeley closed out the half with basket, 26-25.  A steal by Lexie Bacon gave Northeast a last second shot, but a no-call ended the half as she appeared to be fouled on a three point attempt.

Northeast got an eight point lead when Mariah Jessen had two conversions and Wakeley and Bacon connected from downtown.  A basket by Jessen made it 36-28.  LDNE would score six more points.  Pender would get eleven.

A big momentum change was made when the Cougars led 42-35.  A foul by Jessen put Pender’s Amber English   at the line for two shots.  She made the first and missed the second.  The ball was called out of bounds off of Peterson.  Pender followed with a trey for 42-39 score.

Pender ran off a eight straight points open the fourth quarter to take a 47-42 lead.  Mariah Jessen got the Cougars on the board with 4:33 left.  Following a Pender three point play Haskell made one of two and the Cougars were down by five.  Jessen took a couple of feeds from Haskell as Northeast closed to within three points, 52-49.   Pender made only one of six free shots while Lexie Bacon pulled the Cougars closer with two free shots.  Tailing 53-51 Bacon had a good look from behind the arc, but missed.

With 26.3 seconds left Pender went to the line with a 53-51 lead.  Kamryn Anderson made one and missed the second, but Cecilee Jacobson grabbed the rebound for a put back.  Brianne Haskell scored a trey just before the buzzer for a 56-54 final score.

Pender has a 9-6 record.  Northeast has a 9-3 mark  going into game against (9-6) Cedar
Bluffs, (9-6) Humphrey/Lindsay Holy Family, and (10-5) Stanton.
Pender was led by led by the coach’s daughter, Hallie Ballinger with 17 points, and Amber English with 14.  Northeast got a big game from Mariah Jessen who scored a career-high 15 points and had three blocked shots.  Lexie Bacon was close behind with 14.  Kelly Wakeley added 10 points.  Brianne Haskell scored ten points while nursing a sprained ankle which took her out of the Mead game in the second quarter.

North shot 40% to 35% to Pender.  They had a 34 to 32 advantage in  rebounding, but Pender made he most of 13 offensive boards.

LDNE 15 11 16 12 -54
Pender 11 14 14 17 -56

2pt 3pt FT Rb F TP
Simonsen 0 0 0 0 3 0
Wakeley 2 2 0 5 4 10
Haskell 2 1 3/6 2 4 10
Collins 0 0 2/2 1 3 2
Bacon 3 1 5/7 11 4 14
Jessen 5 0 5/6 4 4 15
Peterson 1 0 1/2 11 3 30
LDNE 16/23 4/12 16/23 34 21 54
Pender 18/42 2/15 14/31 32 15 56

Simonsen Posts Second Best Throw in Class D Discus

By Clare Wiltse, Sports Contributor

The East Husker Conference Track meet was a real classic as the EHC has some of the best track athletes in the state this season.  Twenty marks from the meet rate in the top six in the various classes by the girls.  One mark was a state leading time and another topped the Class D.


The Lady Cougars scored just 16 points to take 14th place in the sixteen school event.
The boys finished 12th with 23 points.


Darcey Simonsen posted the second best throw in Class D discus this spring  with a heave of 125 feet 4 inches.  Her mark placed her third in the EHC.  Abby Peterson came through with a P.R. of  111 feet 4 inches and took fourth.


The girls relay of Brianne Haskell, Cierra French, Madie Ronnfeldt, and Kelly Wakeley took sixth in the 4×100.  They had a season best time of 54.7.


Cierra French added an eighth in the 200M dash.  She had a P.R. time of 28.3.  Darcey Simonsen added an eighth in the shot put with a career best 34 feet 5 inch heave.


The boys top finish was a third by the 4×100 relay.  Jon, Benny Dylan and Chevy clocked a 46.7.  They came back in the next event and took fourth in the 4×400 relay.   They improved their time to 3:41.6.


Chevy Henneman picked up a fourth in the 400m dash.  53.1 was his time.   Dylan Hardeman got seventh in the 300 hurdles.  He ran  a 44.6   Jon Christiansen had a off day in the triple jump and finished in fourth place with a top leap of 38 feet 11 inches.

Four Cougars Receive Honors

By Clare Wiltse, Sports Contributor

The post season brought honors to four Cougar Roundballers for their efforts during the 2014-15 season.  Brianne Haskell earned a girls second team All Conference recognition from the East Husker Conference coaches.  Alec Anderson was placed on the third team All Conference for the boys.  Chevy Henneman and Darcey Simonsen were given honorable mention honors.


Brianne was the cog that made the Lady Cougars offense click as they won 15 games.  She led the team with a 14 point average, but also played a valuable role as the point guard.  During the season she dished out a school record 98 assist, 4.1 per game.  She also set a school record of 105 made free throws.  Brianne is looking forward to big things during senior season next year.


Alec scored 371 points for a 16.9 average.  He led the team with 177 rebounds.  The junior also set a school record with 99 made free throws.


Chevy averaged 11.2 points per contest and had 39 steals..  Darcey is a fellow senior and scored 7.4 ppg while leading the team with 43 steals,.


Last Sunday, The Omaha World-Herald listed Brianne Haskell as an Honorable Mention member of the D-2 All State Team.

Lady Cougars Down Lady Knights in First Round of East Husker Conference

By Clare Wiltse, Sports Contributor 

There was a lot of whooping going on in the locker room after the Lady Cougars picked up a first round win in the East Husker Conference Tournament over Oakland-Craig.  It was a different story the previous night  when the Lady Knights claimed a sixteen point win in a regular season game.


The (9-11) Lady Knights won 51-35 on their home court.  On a neutral court at Howells the Lady Cougars raised their record to 12-6 with a 48-43 win.


“The girls really wanted this game,” said Coach Haskell.  “After the way we played last night, we were determined to do a better job.  We couldn’t make a shot on Thursday while O-C was hot.  We shot so much better tonight and our defense denied their jump shots tonight.”


On Thursday the Knight made seven of ten shots in the first quarter.  Brianne Haskell provided all the Cougar points during the period. Her three pointer gave Northeast their only lead at 5-4.  O-C got the jump on LDNE with a 13-2 run when they made five shots in a row and tacked on two free shots.


Mariah Jessen scored early in the second period, but it would be the only basket of the period for Northeast.  Northeast made only one of six shots in the quarter.  They made no trips to the free throw line.  Oakland-Craig took a 27-12 half time lead.


Northeast got off to a 8-2 start after half with a trey by Lexie Bacon followed by a deuce and trey from Brianne Haskell.  The Cougars were back to a single digit deficit, 29-20, but their shooting cooled as the managed only a single free shot in the remaining of the period. Seven shots and three tries drew iron as O-C moved to a 39-21 lead at the end of three periods.


Northeast managed to outscore O-C by two points in the final stanza.   Two threes by Haskell  and a pair of baskets by Jessen plus an bucket by Abby Peterson  made for 5 for 11 shooting.


Brianne Haskell had a game-high 18 points.  Oakland -Craig had three in double figures with Brynn Charling leading with 13 and Shannon Pille adding 11 and Emma Reinert 10.


Northeast had one bright spot on defense.  Mariah Jessen had 8  shot blocks.  This places her at number five on the Northeast Top Ten.


LDNE              10        2          9          14        -35

O-C                 17        10        12        12        -51


2pt       3pt       FT        Rb        F          TP

Wakeley           0          0          0/2       1          0          0

Haskell 3          4          0/0       2          3          18

Collins              0          0          0/0       2          1          0

Bacon              0          1          2/3       2          1          5

Jessen              3          0          1/3       5          3          7

Peterson           0          0          0/1       5          2          3

Totals               7-20     5-18     3-8       17        12        35

O-C                 10-39   2-7       7-11     29        10        51


It was a different story the next night.  Darcey Simonsen was back in the lineup after a precautionary decision kept her out the night before.  Darcey cleared concussion tests and her defense and rebounding made a big difference in the final results.


Northeast bolted to a 7-0 lead with Peterson, Haskell, and Jessen scoring.  In the mean time, the defense forced the Knight to the parameter where they missed four shots and turned the ball over four times.  It took them five minutes to score on a free throw.


A bucket by Jessen followed by a trey by Wakeley got a 12-4 lead for Northeast.  A pair of baskets by Bures  made it 12-8 at the quarter.


The defense contested every shot by the Knights in the second period.  They made only two of ten shots.  Free throws kept them in the game with six makes out of ten tries.  Mariah Jessen was the target of their attack as she drew her third foul during the period.


Northeast extended the lead to five points at the half.  Simonsen scored twice.  Haskell made four free shots.  Peterson had the last three points of the half as LDNE went the lockers leading 23-18.


Northeast moved to a nine point lead after intermission, but O-C was going to make a game of it.  They closed on an 8-2 run to make it a three point game, 33-30.


Darcey Simonsen started the scoring in the fourth period, but the Knights came back with a lay-in by Bures and a trey by Pille with 4:46 left which tied the game at 35.


Brianne Haskell worked her magic in the lane and  put the Cougars back into the lead, but Oakland got a goal from Charling and free throw from Pille to take 38-37 lead with 3:06 to play. Darcey Simonsen was good for two from the stripe as Northeast regained the lead.


With 2:37 left Haskell made one of two free shots.  Twenty seconds later Pille popped in a deuce to tie the game, 40-40.  Haskell answered with dagger of a three pointer with 1:54 to play.  The Cougars would never trail after that.


The Cougars rebounded a missed free shot on  O-C’s next offensive possession and worked the clock down to under a minute before missing a shot.  Snader connected on a long two point shot ‘and the Knights hoped to cash in by  fouling.  Abby Peterson made two free tries for 45-42 score with 44 seconds to play.  Simonsen and Pille traded points before Lexie Bacon sealed the win  with two free shots with 3 seconds left.


It was a team win for the Cougars as they got three players in double figures and six players who scored.  Brianne Haskell led the way with 14while assisting 7 times.  Darcey Simonsen had 11 and Abby Peterson put in a career-best 10 points.


On the defensive side Brianne Haskell and Darcy Simonsen  combined to keep the Knights’ top scorer, Brynn Charling six point below her average on 3 for 13 shooting.  O-C made 15 of 45 shots while Northeast made 16 of 39.


The Cougars move on to face Howells-Dodge in a quarter final game at Stanton.  The Lady Jaguars took a one point win over Northeast in December.


O-C                 8          10        12        13        -43

LDNE              12        11        10        15        -48



2pt       3pt       FT        Rb        F          TP

Simonsen          4          0          3/7       6          3          11

Wakeley           0          1          0/0       3          4          3

Haskell 3          1          5/6       4          4          14

Collins              0          0          0/0       0          0          0

Bacon              1          0          2/3       4          1          4

Jessen              3          0          0/0       4          4          6

Peterson           3          0          4/7       7          1          10

Totals               14-33   2-6       14-23   28        17        48

O-C                 13-39   2-6       11-22   31        19        43

East Husker Conference Announces Basketball Tournament Brackets

The East Husker Conference announced their brackets on Monday for the annual basketball tournament.  The top four seed get home games the first night.  The girls start on Friday with Stanton, Howells-Dodge, West Point-Beemer, and Twin Rivers hosting games.  On Saturday, the boys will be competing at Bancroft-Rosalie, Clarkson/Leigh, Stanton, and TwinRiver.


The (11-5) Lady Cougars are the fifth seed.  They will play at Dodge in the 7:45 p.m. game. Their opponent should be familiar. Northeast drew the twelfth seed (6-10) Oakland-Craig Knights.  The two will face off on Thursday in a regular season game at Oakland  and will come back for a rematch twenty four hours later at Dodge.


The (6-9) boys travel to Twin River (Genoa) for their contest against the sixth seeded  (9-8) West Point-Beemer Cadets.  They square off at 7:45 p.m.


Winning teams play their second round games at the remaining highest seeded team in their block on Monday for girls and Tuesday for boys.  Barring upsets in  other brackets, Northeast should play at Stanton with a first round win by either the boys or girls..

Consolation games are on Thursday and Friday for first round losers.

East Husker Conference Basketball Standings





All       EHC    Div

Bancroft-Rosalie         15-0     8-0       6-0

Clarkson/Leigh            12-5     8-2       6-1

Humphrey/LHF          9-8       4-5       4-3

Howells-Dodge           6-10     5-5       5-1

Lyons-Decatur            6-9       3-5       2-5

Oakland-Craig             6-10     5-6       1-4

Scribner-Snyder          2-12     1-7       0-5

Pender                         0-17     0-11     0-5





Howells-Dodge           11-5     8-3       5-0

Lyons-Decatur            11-5     6-3       5-1

Pender                         11-7     7-5       5-1

Bancroft-Rosalie         8-8       5-4       4-2

Humphrey/LHF          8-9       2-7       1-5

Clarkson/Leigh            7-11     2-7       1-5

Oakland-Craig             6-10     4-7       2-3

Scribner-Snyder          3-12     1-9       0-5




Twin River                  13-3     6-0       5-0

Stanton                        15-2     10-1     5-1

West Point-Beemer     9-8       7-3       4-2

Wisner-Pilger              8-8       6-4       3-2

Madison                      5-11     3-4       2-2

North Bend Central    4-10     2-6       0-4

Logan View                 3-12     3-5       2-4

Tekamah-Herman       1-14     1-8       0-6






Stanton                        16-1     10-1     5-0

West Point/Beemer     15-2     9-1       5-1

Twin River                  13-4     5-1       4-1

Tekamah-Herman       10-7     5-5       3-3

North Bend Central    8-6       3-5       1-3

Wisner-Pilger              8-9       7-5       3-4

North Bend Central    10-11   6-9       3-4

Madison                      3-13     1-7       1-4

Logan View                 1-14     0-7       0-5


Two Lady Cougars Earn Honorable Mention

By Clare Wiltse

Sports Contributor

The East Husker Conference announced their All-Conference Team this week. None of the Lady Cougars were among the eighteen players on the top three teams, but two were given honorable mention accolades. Senior Vanessa Peterson and sophomore Brianne Haskell were duly noted for the 2013-14 efforts.


Brianne was the top scorer for the team with a 10.2 average She went down with as leg injury after 16 games. Brianne was on pace to break the school record for assists before the injury. She averaged 3.4 assists per game.


Vanessa had a 7.6 scoring average and topped the team with 238 rebounds for a 9.9 rpg count. Vanessa was an accurate shooter with 47% conversion rate on her two point shots.


Coach Andy Cronin commented on his two EHC honorees:


“Vanessa Peterson modeled work ethic, persistence and grit for her teammates. Vanessa was second in the conference in rebounding per game, averaging 9.9 rebounds per contest. Vanessa’s defense was a staple for or team in the lane all year long. She was so valuable to the team that there were several games she didn’t sub out. Vanessa lead the team in scoring with 183 total points and rebounds with 238 rebounds and led the team in scoring 6 games this season. Vanessa had a career high in points scored with 22 vs. Walthill


Brianne Haskell lead the team in assists and was on pace to challenge the season record of 83 prior to her injury. Brianne broke the single game record for assists with 11 vs. Winside. She also lead the team in points per game with 10.2 and amassed 163 total points in her interrupted season. She also led the team in scoring 5 times with a game high of 18 vs. Omaha Mercy”


Vanessa is the Daughter of Lawrence and Grace Peterson. Brianne is the daughter of Rex and Deb Haskell.

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