Social Speaks: Ebola

Ebola is all over the news right now. Should we all be worried or is the media overplaying it as some are suggesting?

    • Sarah Gramke While it is certainly a serious illness, no doubt, it is not at epidemic proportions in the US. Its very good to be informed, and be careful, but its not contagious unless you have symptoms. So the same rule goes as always, if you are sick-stay home, use proper hand hygeine, visit your doctor if you are sick, stay informed, and hopefully because the US has great health and research facilities, we can put a stop to the spread of Ebola in the US. :)–those are my 2 cents 
    • Kim Helzer yes I am worried and no the media is not over doing it. when that many human beings die. We need to be careful. Why do we in United States think “we are god”. and are people will not die die.
    • Sandy Frahm I feel the biggest fear is misinformation. After being reassured we re all safe and health care workers in Dallas are being monitored, after flying Monday thru Dallas on the way to see my new Grandson we find out one of those workers DID travel. It was my understanding, thru media, that would not happen. Then a new article says there is a low risk of getting it from someone’s sweat or blood off a handrail! I do believe we all need to be more diligent in hand washing and in general keeping informed of the facts and warning. But I also believe we ve been given incorrect information and the health care workers and now others involved haven’t been quarantined properly, now some school age kids in Texas who were on Frontier Flight from Cleveland to Dallas now can’t go to school for 21 days. What about the other 132 passengers? Do we panic NO. But it makes me angry the 2nd health care worker was allowed to travel when she knew she was sick! Really??!!!
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