Update on Roundabout at Highway 32/77 Junction

The roundabout at the junction of Highway 32/77 was projected to be completed at the end of this month. The date has been pushed back at least two weeks.

“The contractor is 2 weeks behind their schedule—that puts us into the middle of August; inclement weather will extend the delay.

They hope to resume the paving operation late next week,” stated Jeff Francis, project manager.

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Roundabout Project at Highway 77/32 Junction Delayed Until Spring

Work has been suspended on the roundabout project at highway 77/32 junction until next spring.

“The reason for the delay is weather,” said Jeff Francis, the highway project manager. “We were hoping to be further along than what we are.”

The roads department has completed grading and culverts. Temporary roads are not quite ready for travel. “The roads need surfaced yet. The weather ran out on us. Asphalting can’t be started and stopped,” Jeff stated. “We didn’t want traffic on the temporary roads until we could surface them.”

The project is set to start again next spring, weather permitting. “We then will surface the temporary roads and redirect the traffic to them while completing the project,” Jeff said.

More information will be available when the project begins again in the spring.

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