Assist in the Statewide Monarch Conservation

Monarch numbers have declined over the past 20 years. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is working to conserve this species and needs your help!

  •  There is an urgent need to track monarchs across their range over time to better understand and adjust conservation measures. In 2015, a project was launched to monitor monarchs and the regal fritillary. To learn how to help us track these butterfly species, visit our website.
  • Having access to healthy populations of milkweed is critical for monarchs. You can help us plant milkweed along the Cowboy Trail on various dates in October. Learn more online.
  • Landowners and gardeners, you can help us track conservation efforts across the state that benefit monarchs. If you are managing your site for pollinators, have recently restored a grassland that has diverse flowering plants, or have recently added milkweed or planted a garden to help monarchs and pollinators, please register your site now at our milkweed tracker page.

Thank you for your help!

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