Oakland City Council September Meeting Minutes

Minutes of City Council Meeting

City of Oakland, NE

Regular Meeting

September 17th, 2018

A meeting of the Mayor and City Council of the City of Oakland, Nebraska was convened in open and public session at 5:30 p.m. on September 17th, 2018 at the Oakland Auditorium.  This was the regular monthly meeting.  The meeting was called to order by Council President Greg Mockenhaupt. On roll call, Council members, Council President Greg Mockenhaupt, Matt Johnson and Dan Jacobs . Absent Mayor Ted Beckner and Councilman Luke Blanc.

Notice of the meeting was given in advance thereof by the posting of a notice, one of the designated methods for giving notice, as shown by the certification of posting attached to these minutes.  Availability of the agenda was communicated in the advance notice and in the notice to the Mayor and City Council.

Council President Greg Mockenhaupt reminded all present of the location of the Open Meeting Laws poster in the back of the Rosen Room and stated that the council would be conducting business in accordance with said law. Mayor Ted Beckner asked all present to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion made at 5:31pm by Dan Jacobs to accept the September 17th, 2018 agenda. Seconded by Matt Johnson. All council present voted AYE. Absent Mayor Ted Beckner and Councilman Luke Blanc.

The minutes of the August 20th and September 10th, 2018 meeting were presented. M.Johnson made a motion at 5:32pm to approve the minutes as presented-D.Jacobs seconded.  All council present voted AYE. Absent Mayor Ted Beckner and Councilman Luke Blanc.

Motion made to approve August 2018 Treasurer’s Report  by  M.Johnson and seconded by D.Jacobs at 5:32pm. All council present voted AYE. Absent Mayor Ted Beckner and Councilman Luke Blanc.


At 5:33pm Danielle with Firstar Fiber and NDEQ approached Council with the “Needs Assessment Report” that they had gathered going over recycling options and what directions Oakland could go to increase our recycling. She touched base on what Oakland’s landfill is currently made of for recycling and what could be added-what funds and grants there are out there to help with supplies to allow Oakland to become more up to date on recycling. With the help of Dannika Nelson’s Chemistry students we can start a “Dual Stream Recycling” in Oakland. At 6:24pm M.Johnson made a motion to move the topic of “Dual Stream Recycling” to be tabled until October’s Regular Meeting. D.Jacobs seconded the motion. All council present voted AYE. Absent Mayor Ted Beckner and Councilman Luke Blanc. Mrs. Nelson’s students will return with information/material that they will gather up for November 2018’s Regular Council Meeting.

Police Department

  • Oakland’s Police Department Chief Poland reviewed what the School Resource Officer’s program reports will look like – given to School Board Members each monthly meeting- as well as to the City Council monthly.
  • The Oakland Police Department participated in the nationwide “You Drink & Drive You Lose Crackdown.” Results from this grant funded enforcement yielded in the 15 citations, and 59 warnings/defect violations for a total of 73 vehicle stops.
  • The Oakland Police Department was awarded several grants in the months of August and September- $700 towards K-9 Program – $2,000 towards update of radar equipment- and $60,000 towards vehicles from the Nielsen Foundation.

Departmental Reports-

  • Street Department-
    • Discussion about curb numbers needing to be painted- it was finalized that it is the property owner’s responsibilities to repaint them unless a school related or volunteer group volunteer their time to repaint for owner. Curb number are needing to be visiable not only for postal services but for 911 Emergency purposes.


  • Park & Recs Department-
  • Solid Waste Department-
    • At 7:00pm M.Johnson made a motion to approve the 2018 Lease of Re-Purchase Agreement for Solid Waste 242D Caterpillar Skid Steer Loader, seconded by D.Jacobs. All council present voted AYE. Absent Mayor Ted Beckner and Councilman Luke Blanc.
  • Water Department-


  • Superintendent Matt Johnson discussed with Council and fire detergents being painted. Fire Chief Nick Seery and Water Supervisor Dan Tanksley III Jr. are in communication on this topic.
  • Pool Department-



At 7:14pm M.Johnson made a motion to approve the 2018/19 Budget , seconded by D.Jacobs. All council present voted AYE. Absent Mayor Ted Beckner and Councilman Luke Blanc.


At 7:15pm M.Johnson made a motion to approve the 2018 Tax Levy of 1%, seconded by D.Jacobs. All council present voted AYE. Absent Mayor Ted Beckner and Councilman Luke Blanc.


At 7:16pm M.Johnson made a motion to table topic E-1 on the Agenda – Auditor request and proposals to be on October 2018’s Agenda. Seconded by D.Jacobs. All council present voted AYE. Absent Mayor Ted Beckner and Councilman Luke Blanc.


At 7:28 M.Johnson made a motion to find more bids/quotes on Computer backup services for the City Office, seconded by D.Jacobs. All council present voted AYE. Absent Mayor Ted Beckner and Councilman Luke Blanc.



The bills and warrants were presented to the City Council as follows:


AETNA                               26,359.16

AMERICAN BROADBAND CLEC                373.94

Anderson Hardware                      505.50

ANDY’S QUIK STOP                       739.16

Barco Municipal Products Inc.          490.00

Bomgaars Supply Inc.                   172.92  *

Braniff Service                        352.24

Burt Co. Sheriff’s Office               30.00

Central Valley Ag Cooperative        1,163.33

DEARBORN NATIONAL                       98.93

Encyclopedia Brittannica Inc.          500.00

Farmer’s Pride                         510.39

FIRST NATIONAL BANK OMAHA              410.67

Gene Steffy Chrysler                   175.80

GENERAL FIRE & SAFETY                   49.25

JUSTIN MEADER                          515.00

GREAT PLAINS UNIFORM                   352.00

Helena Chemical Co.                     40.63

Holmquist Lumber Inc.                   73.63

HYDRO OPTIMIZATION                   1,781.86

Ingram Library Services                811.65

IOWA PUMP WORKS                        669.07

  1. P. Cooke Co. 72.90

Johnson & Mock                         140.00

ALAN ROCKY LANE                      3,000.00

League Assoc.of Risk Managmnt.      68,933.31

League of NE Municipalities            818.00

Library Journal                        157.99

Midwest Laboratories                   416.50

NE Dept. of Revenue                     30.16

Nebraska D.E.Q.                        500.00

Nebraska Library Commission            500.00

NEBRASKA SPORTS                         60.00

Nelson’s Food Pride                    179.35

NNSWC LANDFILL                       1,918.81

Nebraska Public Power District            .00  *

Nebraska Public Power District       9,610.17

Oakland Independent                    174.49


Officenet                              158.80

ONE CALL CONCEPTS INC                   13.98

Plaindealer Publishing Co.              32.00

Quality Printing                       137.37

RIC ORTMEIER                        10,000.00

Robertson Implement Co.                 19.10


D.Jacobs made a motion to accept the warrants. M.Johnson seconded and all council present voted AYE- at 7:29pm. All council present voted AYE. Absent Mayor Ted Beckner and Councilman Luke Blanc.

There being no further business to come before the council motion to adjourn meeting made by D.Jacobs, seconded by M.Johnson at 7:29pm. All council present voted AYE. Absent Mayor Ted Beckner and Councilman Luke Blanc.


_____________________________________________                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Ted R. Beckner, Mayor

______________________________________________                             _____________________________________________

Kayla Eisenmenger, Clerk                                                                                                      Greg Mockenhaupt, Council President

Kats’ Korner: Snowstorm for the Books!

It was a snowstorm for the books!

People have been comparing it to the storm of 1975. Some say this one was worse, others say differently.

I was only 12. All I remember is piles of snow and endless fun! I lived in Tekamah then. There were over 30 kids in about a five-block radius. Each and every one of us had our sleds out! We went to the top of the hill and sled down the alley. If we were lucky, we could jump the street and go down the next alley. If not, the sled ended up in the street or ditch. We didn’t care. We were having fun.

Those were the days!

I am not twelve anymore. This storm caused me to worry.

My husband works at Craig Cattle and cattle have to be fed, so he has to get to work.

He rode with a couple other guys. They met up with another employee driving a pay loader. He cleared the road so they could get to work.

I was so happy when he got home each day!

I prayed so much during the storm, not just for his safety, but for everyone to be safe and warm at home.

I had other worries as well.

I am on the city council and in charge of the street department.

I knew this was going to be a challenging storm for the city crew.

We initiated a snow emergency Monday in anticipation of the storm. We wanted people to be aware of the impending storm and to keep vehicles off the snow emergency routes. This is so important! Access to the hospital, nursing home, etc. is essential.

The wind was such a problem on Tuesday. No matter how much they tried, the snow kept blowing the roads shut again.

They worked very hard Wednesday, with more than just the snow being a challenge. Trucks were having problems as well. The snow was very heavy and wet, causing trucks to have minor breakdowns. Fortunately, they could be fixed, but it took time, which kept them off the roads while being repaired. The blower also threw a bearing, taking over half of a day to be repaired.

It was a very stressful several days for them.

It was hard on the community as well. We don’t see weather like that everyday.

I hope everyone realizes how hard the city crew worked to clean the streets and make travel safe for all. Until I was on the council, I didn’t realize how difficult this can be, and how hard they work. They are a dedicated group and we are lucky to have them.

I commend all of the city crew and the police department for their efforts in keeping the people of Oakland safe.

If you see any of them around, let them know they are appreciated.

The Groundhog Day Blizzard of 2016 will be one not soon forgotten.

Thought for the Day: Be thankful for each day, a roof over your head, a warm house and food on the table. And a caring community to call home.

Have a great week! Happy Valentine’s Day to all!



Oakland Police Department Reports of Vandalism and Attempted Burglary

The Oakland Police Department has received reports of vandalism and attempted burglary to residential housing and business entities. We strongly urge that should someone see any suspicious activity please contact law enforcement immediately. Also should anyone have any information in reference to any incidents please contact the Oakland Police Department.

Oakland police Department would advise individuals to ensure that vehicles and property are kept locked to help prevent theft of any property. Please contact the Oakland Police Department at 402-685-6329 or the Burt County Sheriff Office at 402-374-2900.

2nd to 5th Streets Closed on Oakland Avenue for trick or treating Oct. 29th

On October 29th, 2015 in efforts to assist
the Oakland NE Chamber of Commerce
with the business trick or treat event held on Oakland Avenue, from 2nd to 5th Street Oakland Avenue will be closed from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm. Also access to Oakland Avenue from 3rd & 4th Street will be closed to prevent traffic movement onto Oakland Avenue during the event.

Assisting these efforts will be the Oakland Fire and Rescue Dept that will help aid the Oakland Police Department with blocking traffic to Oakland Avenue.

The Oakland Police Department would ask that all vehicles be removed from Oakland Avenue prior to the event or any vehicle remaining on Oakland Avenue after 3:00 pm will not be allowed to move during the event. We would like to advise anyone planning to drive to the event that parking will still be accessible to the side streets along Oakland Avenue.

The efforts of closing down access to Oakland Avenue is to bring a safe and enjoyable time for the children, and peace of mind for the parents.

Farewell Coffee for Oakland Police Officer Ed Hollander

Oakland Police Officer Ed Hollander has resigned from the Oakland Police Department. He is leaving the community to take a job in Alliance with the railroad. The City of Oakland is honoring his service to the Oakland Police Department with a farewell coffee Friday, May 9th at 4:00 p.m. at the Rosen Room in the Oakland City Auditorium. Everyone is invited to attend to thank Ed for his service to Oakland and wish him well at his new job!

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