Kayelee: Poem by Diana Schulzkump

Kayelee is such a precious little girl.
She truly sets our hearts awhirl.
Like a beautiful butterfly she flutters around.
So fast, it seems like her little feet never hit the ground.
She’ll cover your face with kisses.
Grandparents know what bliss this is.
Helping mommy or playing with her toys,
She’s filled our life with so much joy.
She likes to help you get things done.
And tho it takes longer, that’s half the fun
When we look at her when she’s sound asleep.
And we tip toe around not making a peep.
We just want to shout to the heavens above,
“This little girl is so loved.”


Happy Place: Poem by Diana Schulzkump

By Diana Schulzkump

When times are hard and things are tough,
When I want to say “I’ve had enough”,
I like to retreat to my Happy Place.
Where there are no troubles to face.
There I do not dwell on problems or pain,
There you are not allowed to cry or complain.
Everyone needs to find a Happy Place of their own.
It could be anywhere, maybe even home.
Each must reach deep down inside,
to find where you can set your worries aside.

Poetry by Diana Schulzkump

By Diana Schulzkump

The angry clouds began to spin.
And the heavy fog drifted in.
All alone he sat on a cliff
And wondered why is life was adrift
All he ever wanted was someone to love.
Every night he prayed to the Lord above.
Suddenly he say her standing in the rain,
And he knew his life would never be the same

Poem by Diana Schulzkump

Below is a poem written by Diana Schulzkump. In a conversation her and I had about writing, she revealed she has enjoyed writing poetry over the years. She has never shared her passion until now. I asked for permission to publish her poems and she granted it to me. Below is the first poem she submitted for publication. I hope you enjoy her writing as much as I do.


 The old homestead stands lost and forlorn.

The once beautiful house is tired and worn.

The magnificent big barn is empty and bare.

All the out buildings are falling in despair.

Once where families used to gather and play,

Now there’s just another vacant day.

The buildings soon to be bulldozed down,

Not a trace of the past to be found,

The pastures will remain in all their glory.

Only now wild flowers and native grasses tell the story.

The government bought this farm, you see.

It will never be the same to me.

When they added it to Boyer Chute and Desoto Bend,

I feel like the mainstay of our heritage came to an end.

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