Social Speaks: What do you Think of the new Roundabout?

I have heard many different opinions about the new roundabout at the junction of highway 32/77. Do you like or dislike it? Why? Do you think there will be less accidents, especially serious ones, because of the roundabout?

Susan Reynolds-Seery Seeing all of the tire marks going over the middle, its a matter of time before someone hits the light pole. And watching the truck drivers go around it, I don’t think I have seen one actually able to not go over the curb. My opinion, there should also be a better or maybe another sign to warn people of the round about, to many people come flying up to it and then slamming on their brakes. But fingers crossed we don’t have accidents. Knock on wood, we haven’t had to respond to one yet.

Rosa Schmidt I love it! I have not seen a truck or car have any issues. I was more apprehensive previously when I never knew for sure if east/west traffic would actually stop at the light. Traffic flows smoothly now.

Jane Olson I love it also. The bricks on the “curb” are designed for the trucks to drive over. The trucks are not supposed to make it all the way around the curb.
Krisa Brown Exactly, it’s designed for trucks to drive over it, that’s how it works.
Susan Reynolds-Seery I didn’t think there was a way they would be able to. But am glad its made that way so they can travel around it. I would hate to see what happens if the curb was higher. Now if some people would learn how to drive around d it and not over it lol I just like going in circles!
Lauri Bundy Canarsky I think it was a good solution. There were certainly too many accidents with just the lights. Leonard commented last night that we had just driven 1200 miles & that was the first one we had encountered.
Leann Canarsky Jorgensen I love it!! I have had someone run the stop light & hit my car head on at that intersection & have had several people pull out in front of me! I found myself almost coming to a stop every time I went through it because I was so paranoid!! I think if anyone comes flying up on it, they are certainly NOT paying enough attention to the road signs. This is not NASCAR, you don’t have to go through it on two wheels! I think it is going to eliminate accidents & slow people down!!
Cheri Johansen I go thru it every day twice a day – I love it! I would always fee like a sitting duck when waiting to turn off 77 onto 32- sitting in the intersection always wondering if people on 32 were going to stop. Now for everyone to be comfortable knowing how to drive thru the round about! I know there are many people that struggle with it!
Mylet Johnson Kutchera I like it as there has been accidents in the past. I had a relative that was killed there he was a young teenager.

Paula Stromquist I love it!!! If there is accidents hopefully they won’t be as serious or fatal!
Andrew Nelson It’s nice except could have had wider entrance into it and the company that decided to put that steel drain on the north west side is real tough on a lot of people tires and gonna cost people some problems
Lori Marr I like it as it slows down the traffic through that intersection.
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