Governor Ricketts Signs Death Penalty Protocol

Governor Pete Ricketts signed the protocol for carrying out death penalty sentences in Nebraska and delivered it to Secretary of State John Gale. 


“The Department of Corrections was responsive to feedback provided in the public hearing,” said Governor Ricketts.  “Finalizing the protocol will help carry out the will of the people of Nebraska in regards to the death penalty.”


A copy of the final protocol will be available on the Secretary of State’s website at

Ricketts Responds to Secretary of State Decision

The Ricketts campaign today responded to Secretary of State John Gale’s decision to place Mike Foley’s name on the ballot as Ricketts’ running mate for lieutenant governor.


“We feel this is a sound decision,” said Ricketts campaign manager Matt Miltenberger.  “The State’s Constitution is clear: Nebraskans have given gubernatorial candidates the right to designate their running mates.   In this case, the ballot can now be certified in a manner that accurately reflects the choices before Nebraska voters.”


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