Social Speaks: Minimum Wage

In March, Nebraska lawmakers voted against raising the minimum wage. What do you think of this decision? Should the minimum wage be raised?
  • Kathy Peterson Not even sure what it is …but if it would be incentive to get more able bodied people off the system and working…then YES!
  • Kay Marie Throener Yes but then everything else would probablyly go up with it too. So would it make a difference?
  • Joel Fredrickson maybe just a little. gotta remember when wages go up prices follow. were gonna be paying $20 for a burger at McDonalds soon enough
  • Kathy Peterson If they would raise the ceiling a bit, and actually enforce the guidelines for welfare…and make them live off of reasonable means rather than making it more comfortable NOT to work…there would be more REAL money going into the market place…..whether they raise the minimum wage or not does not have that much impact on pricing…they would use it as an excuse but pricing actually stems from greed in many cases and the fact that so many people are not willing to put their foot down and say enough…many…not all of the fast food places are already out of whack because people just keep paying the outrageous prices…..and I am using fast food as an example just because it was mentioned….there are a few that you definitely get your moneys worth from and subway is one of those because it is a generous amount of HEALTHY food…one of the few I eat at for the most part because of that wonderful combination… can look at the price of beef and pork and know that the farmers are not getting the profit on that…the same with milk……the greed is happening between production and retail………
  • Joel Fredrickson yea….what she^ said
  • Abby Simonsen If they raise minimum then everyone should have to bump up too. Just sayin’ 
  • Monica Potter I agree with Kathy. Fine and dandy for the severely handicapped but some people take advantage of this as well as no taxes for families with 6 or more kids. If parents want to stay on welfare then food stamps should be a low costs. 
  • Kathy Peterson Raising minimum wage probably needs to be done..but there are other factors that need to be taken into account and maybe they did not pass it because they have to deal with some of these other issues first…….they have to have a plan….and maybe they just don’t have an acceptable one in place yet……
  • Ann Anderson as a small business owner that would break us…and then we would have MORE unemployed people.
  • Kathy Peterson And that is the catch 22 of it all almost every tax will hit the small business owner before it affects anyone else……we are at the bottom of the pile when it comes to any perks from any seaport…at this point I do not have to pay employees…but you never know what the future is going to bring….

Social Speaks: E-cigarettes

Do you believe e-cigarettes are safe? Do they really help people stop smoking? As the FDA hasn’t approved them yet, I am curious as to your thoughts. Has anyone gone from smoking to e-cigarettes to actually quitting totally?

Marcia Walters Yes my friends did! She totally quit and her husband is still using the E cigarette occasionally! Worked for them?

Monica Potter i started vapor cigs 3 months ago on the strength of 12 mg which turns out not strong enough for me as I continued to buy cigs so i talked it over with the guy and found out since I smoked for over 30 years that even tho i cut cigs down is still too weak for me so he suggested I bump up to 24 mg nicotine and I have stopped completely on buying any cigs a month ago. And now I’m even slowing down on the vapor lately.

Kay Gibbs Kommers Yes! Yes! And Yes!!!!

Jody Sell Graham Paul I have heard one person say they have successfully stopped smoking real cigs with a vapor cig

Donnie V Lass I have a friend that has stopped with them. I have one and went from 2 packs a day down to under 1 and am getting better I love mine.

Social Speaks: Girl Scout Day

Today is Girl Scout Day. This date was established to celebrate when the Girl Scouts were first formed, March 12, 1912. On that date, Juliette Gordon Low started the first Girl Scout group in Savannah, Georgia with 18 girls. It has grown to be a national organization. The Girl Scouts were charted by the U.S. Congress March 16, 1950. Now there are millions of girls in the Girl Scouts.
Do you like the Girl Scout cookies? Which one is your favorite? To all of the women and girls, were you a Girl Scout? If so, what did you enjoy the most about being one?

Social Speaks: Your Middle Name

Today is Middle Name Pride Day. It is in honor of the seldom used middle name. Your middle name may often set you apart from others. It was selected with care, so you should be proud of it.
Here’s two reasons to be proud of your middle name:
First, there are plenty of John Smiths and and Mary Jones in the world. It is the middle name your parents gave you that makes your name special.
Second, your parents chose your middle name with consideration. It could have selected to honor a friend or relative. That person may have possessed certain special qualities that they want you to inherit.
Do you know why you were given your middle name? If not, today is the day to find out. If it was in honor of someone, find out a little more about that person.
Enjoy your middle name on Middle Name Pride Day, and every day!

  • Jeannene Schutt Lol..I celebrate that everyday….Jeannene is my middle name
  • Diane Thomas-Greckel pretty boring…I guess it just sounded good with Diane….my middle name is Kay….but I know some really special “Kays”
  • Janet Kai My middle name is Teresa meaning the little flower of Jesus. My parents are/ were very devout Catholics. That’s where my middle name came from.
  • Laura Marr Mittlestadt My middle name is Lea, funny thing, there are quite a few Laura Marr’s so I like my middle name.
  • Diana Schulzkump I love my middle name ! Bob & I both have Lee for our middle name, So both our kids have Lee for theirs. And Cara kept up the tradition for her two kids. When Cara was little she thought everyone in all families had the same middle name – including our cats.

Social Speaks: National Cereal Day

Social Speaks: Suing McDonald’s

An individual is suing McDonald’s for $1.5 million due to only receiving one napkin with his order. When he asked for another one, he claims he was treated rudely. He then emailed the company, who offered him free food. This did not satisfy him He claims he is unable to work because of “undue mental anguish” he suffered as a result of the “napkin” incident. What do you think?
Kristy Lynn Johnson I think that judge will laugh in his face
Janet Bericic I can only HOPE the judge will laugh in his face..
Lauri Bundy Canarsky He can only do it with the support of an attorney. They’ll sue for anything.
Dan Tierney FREELOADER !!!!
Kathy Peterson oh for crying out loud……..
Kathy Peterson actuallyany attorney who would take this case should be treated like the nutcase that they would be representing….I don’t think there would be any trouble having someone committed for this one
Donna Hirt Villwok I think he is nuts.
Kay Gibbs Kommers Flush Him he’s taking up good space and air.
Brooke Johnson What a joke! People are so money hungry, it’s disgusting!
Susan McGrath Unless the worker shoved the napkin down his throat… This guy is a fool and will be taking up time in court… By the way what type of dumb lawyer takes this case????
Connie Jo Peterson There is numerous times we have not gotten 1 napkin…Oh brother!!!!
Anneeta J Van Buren Some sleazy lawyer will pick that up!
Toni M Helzer Oh for Pete’s sake…….I feel dumber for just knowing this is happening in the world.
Edith Gilliland Muller anything to get a dollar, people are sue happy as it is
Mary Alice Pearson Must be in the drive through cause you always get your own napkins where I go. What a deal. Hopefully the judge will laugh at him but in this day and age- who knows?
Kim Guill O M G !!!!!!! STUPID !!!!!!
Jeanne Tranmer Ridiculous ! I would say that person has a lot of more serious problems if the napkin incident caused “undue mental anguish”!
Siouxland Severe Weather I think someone wants free money so they don’t have to EARN it.
Helen Taylor Murray I think that is absolutely crazy! I have never been to a mcdonalds that didn’t have napkins out on the counter to help yourself. If that causes him distress, he must be a walking panic attack.
Rebecka Fleischman This shouldn’t even make it to court. Where has our common sense disappeared to.
Jennifer Dolezal Oh My Word it is disturbing what this world has come to because of some ppl…
Kim Thies This man sums up the definition of why our country is going to heck in a hand basket . What a freeloading scumbag. I can’t even believe this is going to court. I hope he loses and has to set up a long payment plan with his equally scummy lawyer.
Mar E Call Oh for crying out loud!! We should all send him a pack of napkins. This cannot possibly make it to court…where is Judge Judy when we need her????
Dawn Kelley Maybe Burger King could hire him as the “Napkin Police”. That is a low life attorney that takes something like this on. McDonald’s should sue him back for violating their no idiots allowed policy.

Social Speaks

An individual is suing McDonald’s for $1.5 million due to only receiving one napkin with his order. When he asked for another one, he claims he was treated rudely. He then emailed the company, who offered him free food. This did not satisfy him He claims he is unable to work because of “undue mental anguish” he suffered as a result of the “napkin” incident. What do you think?

Social Speaks

Two convicted murderers in Nebraska wish to be married. Do you think they should be granted their wish?

  • Kathy Peterson nope… their freedoms are gone until they have served their time…….
  • Kathy Peterson once they have paid their debt to society they can do as free people do but not before…….
  •  Laura Marr Mittlestadt If they are both in prison then no. I don’t believe anyone in prison should get married. They lost their freedom until they have been released. Period!
  • Melissa Thomas Hawk Nope… are in jail for a reason and all life outside of jail should totally not allowed…….they are criminals, they gave up all rights when they made the choice to break the law……….if there was a child born…….????
  • Kris M Feauto Absolutely not
  •  Kay Gibbs Kommers In my mind when you commit murder you should not have anymore rights. Wishes. Or anything . They chose to end someone’s life. Etc. who cares what they want. The people they murdered probably wanted to live too and it didn’t matter to them. They need to be caged for the rest of their lives.
  •  Kelly Redding Like Kay said
  •  Jody Sell Graham Paul DITTO Kay!!!!
  •  Kim Guill I agree with Kay !!! ABSOLUTELY NOT !!!!!!!
  • Lauri Bundy Canarsky I don’t care what the Civil Liberties Union says, they gave up their rights to be “normal” when they killed. I’m still trying to figure out how they “fell in love.” She is 33, went to jail in 1998 without chance of parole. He is 42 & received 55-90 for killing someone in 2009. So she went to jail when she was 20, he was 29…doubt they were dating at the time, so why now. He said she’s funny & makes him laugh. Tell that to the mother of the young man she stabbed to death 57 times! It makes me sick.
  •  Donna Hirt Villwok Totally agree with all the above answers. Keep them locked up forever. They are no good to anyone.
  •  Cara Schulzkump Raabe NO!!!!! They get treated better than our elderly! HECK NO!!!!
  •  Catherine McMurtry Why do felons expect–and get–any more rights than simple ho0using &n food!

Social Speaks: Convicted Murderers Wish to Marry

Two convicted murderers in Nebraska wish to be married. Do you think they should be granted their wish?

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