Turn Back Time, But Just One Hour!


Social Speaks: Thoughts on Daylight Savings Time

What do you think of daylight savings time? Do you like springing forward or do you like falling back an hour? Or would you rather leave the clock alone??

Andrea Marr Ruiz Move to Arizona…we don’t shift time!!! Lol

Paula Stromquist Leave it at daylight savings time!!!

 Edith Gilliland Muller hate the time change live as is.
Jo Marie Brummond I wish they would just leave it alone…just my opinion

 Laura Marr Mittlestadt I’ve lived in two states that didn’t have daylight savings. I always hated that!
 Lesa Anderson Parker It’s the pits when one has to always re-adapt to the time change. So, leave it either or, and leave it at that.
Dee Johnson Love daylight savings time!

David Mallette Leave it as Standard time the way it started out. As the sun moves…..the days will naturally get longer. I dislike daylight savings time.
Leann Canarsky Jorgensen I like gaining an hour in the fall, but I hate losing one in the spring!!  It just takes time to adjust!
Roger Donna Andreasen Just leave the clock alone already! If you want “more daylight” get up an hour earlier.

Don’t Forget to Fall Behind this Weekend

Reminder: Be sure to set your clocks back an hour when going to bed Saturday night. The time officially changes at 2:00 a.m. Sunday, November 1st. 


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