Social Speaks: The Veteran’s Hospital Issue

What are your thoughts on the Veteran’s Hospital issue? The waiting list, those that presumably died while waiting, and how it has been handled?

  • Jeannene Schutt I wonder where Nebraska VA hospital fall in all of this. Tim’s dad always used them and never had a bad experience. They went above and beyond IMO.
  • Mona Tanksley I always think if the military wants the best care for the Vets they would allow them to have treatment in their local facilities to eliminate the delay and the travel which for some can be a real problem.
  •  Kay Gibbs Kommers I agree it’s a mess. My veteran has never been able to get any care or help. They said his records burned up in a fire years ago. Even tho he has his discharge papers etc etc. he gets Nothing. He was in the Vietnam War. So extremely sad for the ones in life threatening situations!!
  •  Helen Taylor Murray That is so messed up Kay! I’d keep pursuing it. I also know there is inconsistency in VA hospitals in different states. My Dad has had ok treatment in Omaha, but like Mona said, Why do they have to go so far for a doctor. They should be able to get treatment anywhere. Brittany’s Grandpa Sznajder needed heart surgery in Florida and they had him on hold. His wife whipped him out of there so fast and got him into another hospital for the surgery. He would have died before his time if she hadn’t acted on her own. Our veterans and military deserve way better than they get!Vicki Miller Gilliland Sounds like Obama Care to me. Waiting lists????

  • Teresa Tobin Well if the 41 Republicans that filibustered the bill last year would have voted yes to adding 26 more VA facilities and increasing availability of care maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess now! Just my 2 cents!
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