Do Your Research and Vote Responsibly!

There is something to be said for speaking up!

How often do you speak up? The first amendment gives you the right to freedom of speech.

I take the first amendment very seriously. However, there is, as they say, a time and a place for everything.

The time and the place now is voting in November! I am not speaking on a national level. I am speaking on a local level, which effects many of us more than some realize.

Your vote carries more weight than you realize.

Voting for someone you know without knowing what they stand for is not really voting. At least, not in my mind.

It is important to know the individual (s) not in a personal way, but as a public figure, responsible for your tax dollars.

Where are your tax dollars going in the city you live in? You can always find that out. Go to your city office and pick up the current city budget. This will provide a detailed statement of how much money is in each department. This of course varies from department to department. Each department lists many items, the first being salaries. The list goes on. I happen to be very familiar with budgets and how they are implemented. It is a very lengthy process. Each council member and the mayor are responsible for every single dollar in this budget and where and how it will be spent. Not an easy task.

I currently have all of the budget sheets from when I served on Oakland’s City Council. I will be picking up the new budget sheets. I will be curious to see how it compares from the last two years since I served on the City Council.

I have heard rumor, but just that, rumor. I want to see it in print. I will be sharing that information with everyone soon.

Remember, the money supporting your community comes from your wallet. Be responsible!

The future of your community lies in your hands. As I said, voting for someone is not based on the fact that you know them. In a small community, such as Oakland, everybody knows everybody. Public office is not personal. Far from it. Attend a city council meeting, ask questions. Take the time to call those running for office and ask the questions! Otherwise you are voting blindly, trusting someone just because you know them.

Until next time, which will be soon, the responsibility is on you.


School Consolidation Issue: Vote Responsibly, Based on Facts

As November 8th looms, more and more people are voicing their opinions about the possibility of Tekamah-Herman and Oakland-Craig schools consolidating.

I am still undecided as to how I will vote. Upon deciding, I will not share my decision. Voting is a private matter. And, in this case, I believe it is better to remain as such.

There are times social media is a way to gain knowledge, catch up with friends, share pictures with others, and so on.

It is too bad it isn’t used that way all of the time.

Unfortunately, there are those using social media to state their version of facts, some of which don’t even pertain to the issue at hand.

I have read some posts I find appalling. I have to wonder if those saying such things have even attended a meeting to hear both sides of the issue.

I do believe there are many individuals that are of one mind, regardless of the facts. This is sad considering the importance of the issue and especially all involved.

I have also seen many “sponsored” pages on facebook. There are several posts stating alleged facts of the situation and what happens when a school loses its’ high school.

I don’t know who is posting such statements, but I am curious as to where they are obtaining their information.

People have asked, but to no avail.

I read these posts, but I don’t let the negativity and uninformed statements play a part of my decision.

I choose to stick to the facts.

I hope everyone else does.

This may be the most important local vote to be cast in years.

Be responsible and be informed!



School Consolidation: Vote Responsibly!

School consolidation is hitting new highs and lows. Some believe since Tekamah-Herman and Oakland-Craig are alleged rivals, the kids will fight all the time if they are in the same school.

My opinion, kids learn from what they hear.

Education is the MOST important issue.

I don’t even know how I will vote. But, I do know, I will stick to the facts.

Here is my quote after I read so much about weather, kids fighting, and so on.

The most important issue here is education. I went to school in both Tekamah-Herman and Oakland-Craig… family moved to Oakland when I was starting my sophomore year. I was blessed to attend school in Tekamah all of my years prior. Upon coming to Oakland, I was nervous, believing the rivalry would hurt me and kids wouldn’t like me. That was NEVER an issue. I was and am blessed to have life long friends from both schools. I was on honor roll in both schools, thanks to very dedicated teachers. This is a very difficult decision for all. But, kids aren’t going to be fighting to where a sheriff has to be called. That type of behavior should never be encouraged. This is an education and financial issue. Base votes on facts, not hypothetical issues.

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