VOTE! VOTE! Be Responsible, Do Your Research and VOTE!

Voting isn’t just filling in a box on a ballot, it is a personal responsibility. 

I have voted in every single election since I was 18. I didn’t blindly vote, going along with how others were going to vote.

I did my research. On a national level, I watched the news. Back then, they actually reported facts. Now, I do my own research. The media is very biased, in my opinion, so I do research on legitimate, true, fact-based websites, to find out everything I want to know about those running for election.

On a local level, I go to city hall. I want to see the budget the council approves each year. Having served on the city council, I am aware of how the budget is formulated. I know first-hand how each department operates. Each department has different needs, based on their current situations. Imagine what it takes to fund a street department? The park? The dump? The library? The water and sewer department? The police department? It is quite a task.

Does one department require more funding than others? Again, that is situation based. Do you know how much funding is needed for the street department? Or any of the other departments?

Given that your tax dollars assist in funding your city and all of the local departments, don’t you think you should check into that? DO YOUR RESEARCH?

I have budget sheets from when I served on the city council. I will be obtaining the current budget sheets, which are in effect for the next fiscal year. I plan to review the last two years as well. That is being a responsible citizen and a responsible voter.

I can’t speak strongly enough about this subject. VOTE!

If you would like to speak with me, I am here! I welcome all phone calls and messages. 

I will share the information I have with you. I welcome the opportunity.

Again, don’t be a go with the flow person. Be the person that stands strong and votes responsibly! Do your research!

Always, always, always, call those running for office with any questions you have!

You are a taxpayer. We are all taxpayers. We have every right to voice our opinions!















Kats’ Korner: Exercise Your Right, VOTE!!

“Ballots are the rightful and peaceful successors to bullets.” Abraham Lincoln (16th U.S. President). He says it all in just a few words. Every vote cast on election day is a voice from the people, exercising their right to elect the people of their choice, whom they believe have the best qualifications to hold the office they are running for.

I have voted in every election since I was 18 years old. I consider it not only my privilege, but my duty as a citizen of the Unites States of America. Not every person I have voted for has won, but I always feel proud exercising my voice by voting.

I take the time to research the candidates running for each office, whether it is a local, state or national office. I hope others do the same, as just voting because you know the name of someone, in my opinion, isn’t enough to elect them. Name alone is not enough for me. They may be very unqualified, and thus, problems may arise.

I know whom I am voting for, and definitely know whom I am not voting for. There are a few candidates I consider not qualified for the office they are running for. That is just my opinion. I am very pleased with the local election and those running for school board and city council in Oakland. It is wonderful to see so many people running for office.

I believe voting locally is much easier, as people in small towns know each other pretty well. Being on the city council, I am thrilled to see four candidates running for the two available seats. I know whom I will cast my ballot for. My time on the council has opened my eyes as to how much work is involved in representing the tax payers, as they are the primary concern in every decision the council makes. It is not an easy position to be in. With this knowledge, I made my decision on the two I feel will be best to represent the City of Oakland and above all, the tax payers. It hasn’t been an easy decision, as they are all wonderful citizens of Oakland.

One thing to remember, you don’t have to vote for as many candidates as there are openings available. Vote for only whom you want. Don’t give someone a vote just because there are so many openings. Vote for whom you want to do the job and feel can do it!

Most importantly: VOTE!!!Unknown-1 Unknown

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