Village of Decatur Meeting Minutes



NOVEMBER 10TH 2016 @ 4:30 PM

The Board of the Village of Decatur met in regular session at 4:30 P.M. at the City Hall on

November 10th, 2016. Visitors signing in Alta Wolf with Mirror Lyons Sun, Viv Novotny JEO

Consulting, Carol Kellogg with Sears Operating Comm., Dale Wolf, Don Warren, Jason

Troutman, Jolene Stevens, those not signing in were Ethan Joy with JEO.

1) Regular Meeting Called to Order by Chairman Kellogg at 4:30 PM with her stating that a

copy of the open meetings act is located on the north wall.

Roll Call: Anderson-y, Gatewood-y, Kellogg-y, Siecke-y, Tolby-y

2) Agenda and minutes of the previous month's meeting received:

Roll Call: Anderson-y, Gatewood-y, Kellogg-y, Siecke-y, Tolby-y

3) Approval and/or correction and suspended reading of the previous month minutes.

Roll Call: Anderson-y, Gatewood-y, Kellogg-y, Siecke-y, Tolby-y


All Present


1) Police: Monthly Report- No police present. Kellogg stated that John Paul is

available to work again part time. There was talk among the board members and they all

agreed to retain John Paul as part time police.

2) Lights: Monthly Report- Gatewood stated that she had received a couple of calls.

A business on main street called and said that they had been paying a bill but that the line

had been cut for some time. The business owner would like a refund on the bill they have

been paying. Discussion was talked about when it was disconnected, Anderson said that

the business next to it was tore down the week before Memorial Day. The next phone

call was about resident was moving and new residents were taking over on 1st of

September. Clerk stated that she recall him coming into the office on the 8th and that

was the day that it was read. Board discussed this matter and agreed to lower the bill to

$120.25. Then there was a discussion about the disconnect fee if meter is not pulled then

there will not be a fee.

Gatewood stated that the state has updated the disconnect notice. She said that bills are

due on the 15th and delinquent notice will go out on the day penalty is applied. Letters

will go out in the mail and they have 7 days to pay in full to avoid disconnection. A

sample of the letter was provided to the board and the clerk will update the ordinance.

Gatewood asked the members if they thought that the utility deposit should be raised?

Discussion was made and decision to leave the utility deposit at $250.00.

3) Water & Sewer: Monthly Report- Anderson reported that it is still taking about 1

1/2 hours to do the back flush. We are still in need of the 2 of the filters being replaced.

JEO representatives were called to the table. Viv introduced herself and what JEO does.

They are engineers and they are able to find funding for various projects. Ethan stated

that he is aware of our water plant. He said that we have a couple of options. He said

that our system is out of life and that we need to replace the filters. The 2 need to be

replaced for sure. He had questions about the back flushing taking the amount of time. He

said going forward that there is a study and that it could take up to 3 years from start to

finish. Kellogg asked what we need to do to get this rolling. Ethan suggested that we

have an evaluation of the filters done. Ethan would have to see how much an evaluation

would cost. Ethan will let the clerk know what information he can come up with.

Gatewood made a motion to spend up to $5,000 for the evaluation of the filters by

Vessco Inc.

2nd by Anderson

Roll call- Siecke-y, Tolby-y, Kellogg-y, Gatewood-y, Anderson-y.

Kellogg- Motion carried.

Ethan stated that our operators need to be involved in the evaluation.

Kellogg thanked Viv and Ethan for coming to our meeting.

Clerk gave Ethan the needs list for the State of Nebraska. He will submit this for us.

4) Parks: Monthly Report- Income for October $1,067.00 .

5) Streets: Monthly Report- Income from city sales tax for August $4,878.23. Siecke

stated that he has left messages for some businesses to come in and fill the cracks before

winter. Rescind motion from August 18th, 2016 Accepting the street bid to fix numbers

1-5 and 7 on the bid sheet. 2 nd by Siecke at a cost of $92,324.45.

Siecke made a motion to rescind the motion from August 18th, 2016 accepting

the street bid to for $92,324.45

2nd by Gatewood

Roll call Tolby-y, Anderson-y, Kellogg-y, Gatewood-y, Siecke-y

6) Recycling Report: Clerk reported that most of the recycling has been hauled. Jack

Dunning had helped Luke get the loads ready. Cindy would like the recycling to be hauled in a

timely manner. Anderson said that Mayo had been in contact with him about the recycling and

Anderson asked the other members if it was ok for him to meet with Mayo, they agreed. Clerk

said that she is seeking grants for curbside recycling. Also the board talked about the green

recycling truck that has the flat tires and how it either needs to be used or sold.

7) Sears Center- Carol Kellogg came to the table to discuss the cash flow and

information from the last meeting. She stated that the Sear's Center is on budget and has a

reserve if the cost of propane should go up. Carol advised that she would be back in January to

give more updates. Siecke asked if there had been any more issues in the media room? No one

was aware of any issues. The card reader is now working correctly. Anderson asked if there

was a way for the fitness room to have its own access via card. Carol advised Matt is currently

working on that. Anderson asked that if Village will be appointing 2 members to the Sears

Center. Kellogg advised yes at the December meeting. Carol advised new signs will be going

up stating no food or drink in the media room and also minors under the age of 12 must be

accompanied by an adult over the age of 19. Also that if rules are not followed then privileges

may be revoked. Carol asked the board if the Clerk can be at the Sear's meetings. The meetings

will start being twice a year. They didn't see a problem with that. Carol said that once the new

board is seated she will be back to give a presentation about how the Sears Center came about.


1) Employee Policy – Clerk advised the board that they had received the new

employee policy with the new wording highlighted and the old wording crossed out. Once the

changes have been ok'd then she will have the attorney review it.

Siecke made a motion to approve the revisions made to the personnel policy 2nd by


Roll call-Anderson- y, Gatewood-y, Kellogg-y, Siecke-y, Tolby-y

2) Garbage Rates- Siecke talked about possibly moving the garbage attendant pay

out of the general account and moving it to the garbage fund. If we raised the garbage rate up

.50 then it would cover his wage. He would like to discuss this. He advised that at the last

meeting they accepted the garbage bid from Mayo sanitation but did not discuss the

administrative fee increase. There was also talk about charging the tree contractors a fee to put

the limbs up in the dump. It was decided to leave the fee as is.

Siecke: I would like to introduce the following: Resolution # 148- Garbage Rates

Kellogg: Clerk would you read Resolution # 148- On the Garbage Rates.

Chytka: Read the Resolution # 148- Garbage Rates

Resolution #148

Establishment of Garbage Rates

A resolution by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Decatur, Burt County,

Nebraska pursuant to of the Code of Decatur, establishing the clean-up day rates and

administration fees the Village shall charge for the collection of garbage.

BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Decatur, Burt County,

Nebraska the Village hereby establishes the following garbage rates and shall charge

garbage rates as follows for the collection of garbage it provides:

$ 9.00 per household per month for collection fees

$ 1.00 per household per month for clean-up day fees

$ .75 per household per month for administration fees

Pursuant to § 54.04 of the Code of Decatur, the Village Clerk shall have the duty

of billing persons and collecting all monies the Village receives related to providing

garbage collection. The Village clerk shall faithfully account for and report to the Village

Treasurer, all monies collected.

Passed and adopted this 10th day of November, 2016.

This resolution shall take effect and be in full force after its passage, approval and

publication as required by law.

Village of Decatur, Nebraska

Loretta Kellogg



Ann Chytka

Village Clerk

Siecke: I move that Resolution # 148- Garbage Rates be passed

Gatewood: I second the motion

Kellogg: Shall Resolution # 148- Garbage Rates be passed and adopted by Roll Call:


Anderson-yes, Kellogg-yes, Tolby-yes, Siecke-yes, Gatewood-yes

Kellogg Motion Carried


* JEO- Viv and Ethan -See above in water and sewer report,

* Fire Department- City Hall Key- Clerk brought up that there was a false alarm at

City Hall where fire department was dispatched. No key was available.

Anderson brought up where the key should be located at the fire hall. That will be

checked on.

* Basement North wall outlets- Clerk reported that during the Methodist dinner the

circuits kept tripping along the north wall. Board spoke and stated that Max needed to be

contacted to see if able to fix the problem.

* Robert Sparks- Water line- Not present

Gatewood made a motion to go into executive session to discuss possible litigation 2nd

by Siecke

Roll Call Anderson- y, Tolby-y, Kellogg-y, Gatewood-y, Siecke-y

Time 6:14

Siecke made a motion to come out of executive session 2nd Tolby

Roll Call Kellogg-y, Gatewood-y, Anderson-y, Siecke-y, Tolby-y

Time 6:24

Siecke made a motion rescind the motion that was made not to pay 1/2 of the water bill

from Robert Sparks.

2nd by Gatewood

Roll call- Anderson-y, Tolby-y, Kellogg-y, Siecke-y, Gatewood-y

Siecke made a motion to that we pay Robert Sparks $680.10 for the bill that was

previously presented. 2nd by Gatewood

Roll call- Anderson-y, Tolby-y, Kellogg-y, Siecke-y, Gatewood-y


Clerk presented a flyer from Discover Northeast asking if we wanted to advertise in the

2017 travel guide. There was discussion from the Board whether or not to advertise. It was

decided not to advertise in the guide in 2017.


Next Regular Board meeting will be on December 8, 2016 at 4:30 here at City Hall.

Anderson thanked Tolby for her Service in the Armed Forces.


1) Claims preapproved by Tolby and Kellogg

2) Motion to Approve the Claims as Submitted by Siecke and 2nd by Gatewood

Roll Call: Anderson-y, Kellogg-y, Tolby-y, Siecke-y, Gatewood-y

Are there any questions from the audience?

Dale Wolf asked about the light up by the Methodist Church, Luke said that a new ballast

has been ordered.


Siecke 2nd Gatewood

Adjournment time 6:32 PM

_________, Chairman

_________, Village Clerk

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