Fremont Fair Results


Burt Count 4-H and FFA exhibitors took advantage of the 85th Fremont 4-H Expo (Fremont Fair) to get a warmup for the Burt County Fair on August 4-8. Results for Burt County exhibitors includes:



Senior Showmanship

Purple – Megan Olson (3rd place – bronze medal)

Blue – Reese Hansen

Junior Showmanship

Blue – Lakyn Humphrey

Red – Leah Clark

English Pleasure

Blue – Megan Olson

Western Pony Pleasure

Blue – Reese Hansen

Red – Leah Clark

Senior Western Pleasure

Blue – Megan Olson

Junior Western Pleasure

Red – Lakyn Humphrey

Senior Western Horsemanship

Blue – Reese Hansen, Megan Olson

Senior Pole Bending

Red – Megan Olson

Junior Pole Bending

Purple – Lakyn Humphrey (reserve champion – silver medal)

Blue – Leah Clark

Senior Barrel Racing

Red – Megan Olson

Junior Barrel Racing

Purple – Lakyn Humphrey (champion – gold medal), Leah Clark



Senior Showmanship

Purple – Casey Stone (reserve champion – silver medal); Megan Olson

Senior Beginning Novice Obedience B

Purple – Megan Olson

Graduate Novice Obedience

Blue – Casey Stone

Agility – Level 1

Purple – Casey Stone (reserve champion – silver medal)

Red – Megan Olson

Agility – Level 2

Purple – Megan Olson (champion – gold medal)

Agility – Level 4

Purple – Casey Stone (champion – gold medal)






Dorset Breeding Ewe Lamb

Purple – Layne Miller (reserve champion – silver medal)

Commercial Yearling Breeding Ewe

Purple – Layne Miller

Senior Showmanship

Purple – Layne Miller (reserve champion – silver medal)

Junior Showmanship

Purple – Bailey Pelan

White Influence Market Lamb

Purple – Layne Miller (champion – gold medal)

Hampshire Market Lamb

Purple – Layne Miller

Natural Market Lamb

Purple – Layne Miller (reserve champion – silver medal), Bailey Pelan

Crossbred Market Lambs

Purple – Hannah Brudigam (3), Bailey Pelan (2)



AOB Breeding Heifer

Purple – Leah Keithley

Simmental Breeding Heifer

Blue – Garrett Klausen

Feeder Calf Steer

Purple – Leah Keithley (champion – gold medal)

Feeder Calf Heifer

Purple – Leah Keithley (champion – gold medal)

Senior Showmanship

Purple – Bailey Fleischman (reserve champion – silver medal)

Intermediate Showmanship

Purple – Leah Keithley

Red – Anna Karnopp

Market Heifer

Blue – Anna Karnopp

Market Steer

Purple – Bailey Fleischman (champion lightweight, reserve grand champion – silver medal), Andrew Cone (2, reserve champion lightweight), Brennan Ahrens, Trenton Elliott

Blue – Mason Cone, Garrett Klausen

Red – Cody Elliott, Trenton Elliott, Anna Karnopp



Senior Showmanship

Purple – Jenna Bromm (champion – gold medal)

Intermediate Showmanship

Purple – Brayden Anderson (champion – gold medal), Elise Anderson

Junior Showmanship

Purple – Linden Anderson, Brooklyn Hightree, Jocelyn Hightree

Crossbred Breeding Gilt

Purple – Brayden Anderson

Progress Gilts

Purple – Brayden Anderson, Linden Anderson, Jenna Bromm

Blue – Linden Anderson

Market Gilts

Purple – Elise Anderson

Blue – Brooklyn Hightree, Jocelyn Hightree

Progress Barrows

Purple – Jenna Bromm (champion – gold medal), Brayden Anderson, Elise Anderson (2), Linden Anderson, Brooklyn Hightree (2)

Market Barrows

Purple – Jenna Bromm, Jocelyn Hightree

Blue – Jocelyn Hightree



Static 4-H Exhibits

                        Layne Miller received purple ribbons and gold medals on:

Woodworking Level 4- end table;

Electicity – Heavy duty jumper cables;

Model Rocket;

Wildlife Habitat – Bird House and

Design Decisions – wood pallet bench


Cody Bachtell received purple ribbons on Embellished t-shirt, wooden stool, barn wood sign, and metal flag wall hanging. Blue ribbons on: Acrylic painting and bird feeder.

Ashley Bohannon received purple ribbons on her message board, Photography 3 photo and wooden accessory.


Fremont and Burt County Fair Information

Fremont 4-H Fair This Week

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to show your 4-H exhibits at what I call the “Pre-Fair”! The Fremont 4-H Fair will be held July 6-9 at Christensen Field in Fremont. Livestock as well as static exhibits will be on display. If you made a static exhibit for last year’s Burt County Fair, but didn’t get it done in time to exhibit at the Fremont Fair you are welcome to show your skills and exhibit it this year.

I always told my 4-H members if they are baking for county fair to put their four best cookies (for example) in the freezer for the Burt County Fair, then pick the four next best ones for Fremont Fair and the third best ones to save for Open Class entry. The only trick is making sure no one EATS them before any of the fairs! I’ve seen pictures of signs on food saying “Eat this and you DIE!” as 4-H members try to protect their exhibits from hungry family members.

Check out all the exhibit options by going online to:  for the Fremont 4-H Fair Book.


Fremont Fair Entry Deadlines and Information:

4-H Static Exhibits (Citizenship & Civic Education, Clover buds Exhibits, Communications & Expressive Arts, Consumer & Family Science, Environmental Education/Earth Science, Healthy Lifestyles, Personal Development & Leadership, Plant Science, Science & Technology – Home Economics) will be entered at the Fremont 4-H Fair during Entry/Check-in Day ­­­Wednesday, July 6 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. AND/OR Thursday, July 7 from 7:30–8:30 a.m. at the Christensen Field Multi-Purpose Building. Enter on the South side for easiest access.


4-H Animal Exhibits will be entered at the specified in the Fairbook. For check-in of the particular department/species refer to “Schedule of Events” and/or to the specific department/species information in this premium list.

Hope to see you there!


Burt County 4-H Bicycle Rodeo

The 4-H Bicycle Rodeo will be held July 12 at the St. Patrick’s Catholic Church Parking Lot, on Hwy 32 on the West edge of Tekamah, beginning at 6:30 p.m. All 4-H members are encouraged to participate including Clover Kids.

Participants must be signed up by NOON the day of the contest so materials are prepared for them. Helmets are always a good idea!

The contest will include a safety quiz as well as the 4 riding events…control, balance, figure 8 and slalom.

If you have any questions about this event please call the Nebraska Extension Office at 402-374-2929.




Pie Day I – July 14

The 4-H Kitchen Pie Day I will be held Thursday, July 14 in Methodist Church Basement in Tekamah. Pie making preparations will begin at 8:00 am and will run until approximately 2:00.

Everyone welcome to help and the Burt County 4-H Council will provide lunch. All volunteers and pie lovers are welcome to help – 4-H related or not! Bring your apron and favorite peeler, knife or rolling pin (well-marked please) and come join this fun group of pie makers.


4-H Rocket Launch – July 14

Attention all 4-H rocketeers…the 4-H Rocket Launch Contest will again be held at Rogers Sod Farm on Hwy 75 just south of Decatur in their wonderful wide open spaced grassy area. The contest will begin at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 14th and if it is still light after the contest 4-H members are welcome to do any additional launches needed to complete their launch record for fair entry for the rocket.

Please call the Extension Office at 402-374-2929 by noon the day of the contest so we can plan for you.

If you’d just like to come watch you are most welcome, just bring a lawn chair or blanket and maybe bug spray! It’s a really fun contest so don’t miss out!


Come to the Burt County Fair Promotion, August 6-8

Youth ages 5-18 can receive 5 ride coupons by completing a county fair scavenger hunt!

The contest will be available Saturday and Sunday 10-10 and Monday 10:00 a.m.-5:00 pm at the Burt County Fairgrounds. Sign up and get started at the 4-H Building. Note: Youth may only participate and receive prizes in the scavenger hunt ONCE during the fair.

PLUS participants get to spin the giant 4-H Prize Wheel to win an extra prize, like trinkets, more ride tickets, 4-H Kitchen coupons or even a 4-H t-shirt!

Make plans NOW to bring your family and friends to the Burt County Fair to take part in the County Fair Scavenger Hunt and see what the Burt County Fair holds for you and your family!

This fun activity is sponsored by the Burt County 4-H Council and funded by the America’s Farmers Grow Communities Grant from Monsanto, Corporation donated to the Burt County 4-H Council by grant winner, Rosie Gregerson of Tekamah.

Mary Loftis,

Extension Associate
UNL Extension – Burt County
111 North 13th Street, Suite 6
Tekamah, NE 68061
Phone: (402) 374-2929

Fax: (402) 374-2930






Fremont 4-H Fair Static Results

By Mary Loftis, Extension Assistant 

Static results…how exciting does that sound? Still, motionless, stagnant, quiet…BORING! But, the static 4-H exhibits 4-H members produce may be motionless, but they are anything but boring. If you didn’t make it to the Fremont 4-H Fair, you’ll just have to come to the Burt County Fair to see what creative projects these 4-H members have created.

Special recognition medals were awarded to the top two exhibits in each project area. Burt County 4-H members brought home seven of these medals for the exhibits they had created.

Rayna Hladky of Tekamah received a gold medal for her acrylic painting in the Portfolio Pathways project.

Jenna Voskamp of Tekamah had her child development game named as a silver medal winner in Child Development.

Brent Miller of Lyons was a multiple award winner receiving a gold for his deer feeder in Wildlife Habitat; a silver in Model Rocketry and a silver in Electricity for rewiring a livestock grooming blower.

Layne Miller also of Lyons brought home two medals, a gold on his model rocket and a silver on his colonial folding table in woodworking.

Other Results included Clover Kids exhibits which are non-competitive:

Consumer and family science: Brennan Trotter, Tekamah, Kaylin Miller, Lyons (2) and Lily Ann Willing, Tekamah (2)

Communications and Expressive Arts: Brennan Trotter

Environmental Education and Earth Science: Veona Hladky, Tekamah; Kaylin Miller and Lily Ann Willing.

Healthy Lifestyles Education: Lily Ann Willing

Misc. Other Items: Brennan Trotter and Lily Ann Willling (3)

In 4-H competition in the STEAM Clothing 1 project: Colten Miller, Lyons Purple

STEAM Clothing 2: Ashley Bohannon, Tekamah, Blue.

Beyond the Needle: Blue ribbons to: Jadyn Fleischman, Herman; Jessica Fleischman, Herman; Kora Voskamp, Tekamah; Jenna Voskamp, Hannah Rief, Tekamah; Claire Dllouhy, Herman; Anna Wakehouse, Tekamah, Emma Wakehouse, Tekamah; Avery Trotter, Tekamah, Casey Stone, Tekamah, Izzy Connealy, Tekamah; Maggie Braniff, Tekamah and Ryan Braniff, Tekamah.

Red ribbons went to: Katheryn Gregerson, Herman; Connor Davis,  Tekamah; Izzy Connealy; Anna Stork, Tekamah; Anna Wakehouse, Emma Wakehouse, Jadyn Fleischman, and Hannah Rief.

Child Development: Purple: Jenna Voskamp and Red: Kennedy Pagels, Tekamah.

Design My Place: Purple: Elizabeth Dlouhy, Herman

Portfolio Pathways: Rayna Hladky; Blue: Ashley Bohannon and Jodi Kocsis, Tekamah.

Sketchbook Crossroads: Purple: Rayna Hladky; Blue: Ashley Bohannon

Design Decisions: Purple: Colten Miller (2), Hailey Miller, Kennedy Pagels, Jenna Voskamp, Emma Wakehouse (2), Layne Miller (2), Brent Miller, Kora Voskamp (2), Liz Dlouhy; Blue: Anna Stork, Anna Wakehouse, Hannah Rief (2), Kora Voskamp, Ryan Braniff; Red: Jenna Voskamp. Casey Stone, Claire Dlouhy, Avry Trotter, Anna Stork, Rayna Hladky, Katheryn Gregerson and Kennedy Pagels.

Woodworking: Purple: Layne Miller and Brent Miller

Model Rocketry: Purple Layne Miller and Brent Miller.

Electricity: Purple: Brent Miller; Blue: Layne Miller.

Wildlife: Purple: Brent Miller

Floriculture: Purple: Brent Miller and Layne Miller.


These “static 4-H exhibits” don’t need to be led or herded. They are motionless themselves, but they do show the creativity and talent of these 4-H members, as well as the growth in skills achieved through the 4-H year.

Mary Loftis,

Extension Assistant
UNL Extension – Burt County
111 North 13th Street, Suite 6
Tekamah, NE 68061
Phone: (402) 374-2929

Fax: (402) 374-2930


Fremont 4-H Fair Swine Showmanship Winners

Burt County showmanship skills were apparent at the Fremont 4-H Fair Swine Showmanship Contest Saturday evening in Fremont. Brayden Anderson of Lyons won the Intermediate Division while Jenna Bromm of Oakland won the Senior Division and Elise Anderson of Lyons placed third in the Junior Division. Photo Credit/Kevin Anderson.

Burt County showmanship skills were apparent at the Fremont 4-H Fair Swine Showmanship Contest Saturday evening in Fremont.
Brayden Anderson of Lyons won the Intermediate Division while Jenna Bromm of Oakland won the Senior Division and Elise Anderson of Lyons placed third in the Junior Division. Photo Credit/Kevin Anderson.

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