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I am learning more and more about healthy cooking. We grow a very large garden every year. We love our veggies! We have a large freezer and a smaller one that we fill up each year, canning and freezing our vegetables to use throughout the year until we plant the next garden.

Last night, I made a stir fry, put it in aluminum foil and grilled it. I also grilled corn on the cob. The stir fry consisted of smoked sausage, potatoes (not from the garden, we were fresh out), tomatoes, peppers, green beans and onion, all from last year’s garden.

I put just a bit of real butter on top, added infused garlic canola oil, sea salt, freshly ground pepper and a bit of garlic powder.

It was delicious!

I love grilling. It is so much healthier than frying. We grill as much as we possibly can. Jeff bought a grate to put over our fire pit, so we will be cooking on it soon too. You have to be careful which type of wood to use when using the fire pit for cooking. We have peach and apple which is sure to make whatever we cook very tasty.

What do you do for healthy eating? Let me know and I will share you cooking ideas and pictures with all the readers!

Let’s all join in and eat healthy to live longer!!

My grilled stir fry! Delicious!
Photo credit: Denise Gilliland, Editor and Chief, Kat Country Hub.

Kats’ Korner: It is summer time!

It is officially summer, my favorite season.

I love the heat! I will even admit I am getting a little tired of it. The humidity bothers me. I have allergy and sinus problems and humidity doesn’t help.

We are working on a new landscaping project in our yard, but with the heat, we haven’t been able to work outside for any great length of time.

We bought a new pool this year. Our other one lasted about nine years, than it started leaking. We managed to patch some of the leaks, but it got out of hand. It isn’t cheap to fill up the pool every week or so.

I certainly enjoy the pool! So do our grandkids. If this one lasts nine years, I will be happy. I may not get another one. Time will tell.

We also bought a hot tub. It is so relaxing. Jeff has back problems, and the hot tub is a big help for him. It is our bit of enjoyment in life. It also takes away the stress and tension from a tough day, and makes for a very restful sleep.

Kats’ Korner

The heat and humidity have been good for our garden. It seems to be growing by leaps and bounds!

We planted potatoes, green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and onions. We had some wild pumpkin plants growing. Jeff planted one in the potatoes, but I am not sure it is still there. The potatoes are so tall, if it is there, I won’t know until the pumpkins are growing!

Jeff also bought 10 strawberry plants this year. He was a little late in getting them, so we won’t have strawberries this year. I can’t wait to have some next year!

We also have two apple trees and a peach tree. We bought another peach tree and a cherry tree this year.

We should live on a farm. I know Jeff would love that!

                                                        Kats’ Korner

With the arrival of summer, there are a couple of dates to remember! Summer seems to fly by, so keep these dates in mind.

One is coming up on us rather quickly! July 3rd is the annual Party in the Park! There will be games for the kids, food and refreshments and fireworks. Please come out and enjoy a fun filled evening in the beautiful Oakland Park celebrating the freedom of our country.

The next event is the Burt County Fair! Mark your calendars for August 5th-9th. There will be many events to enjoy. Kat Country Hub will be sharing further information as it becomes available.

Thought for the Day: Don’t be in such a hurry. Life is precious. Enjoy each moment God has given you.

Have a great week!

Our garden. It is really thriving! Photo Credit/Denise Gilliland, Editor and Chief, Kat Country Hub.

Our garden. It is really thriving! Photo Credit/Denise Gilliland, Editor and Chief, Kat Country Hub.




Kats’ Korner: Garden Veggies and Accidents

I am so anxious for fresh garden vegetables. Our garden was planted later than usual due to the spring rains, so I am going to have to wait longer for tomatoes, peppers, spinach, beans, onions, potatoes, zucchini and cucumbers. I am making myself hungry just thinking about it!

We have had the pleasure of a great asparagus crop this spring though. We discovered asparagus is very good grilled!

I wish our garden was bigger! I would love to have cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and more squash! We planted six cabbage plants one year and they were all ready to be picked at the same time! That is a problem! We gave some away and ate many recipes with cabbage in them! I froze some too!

We freeze tomatoes and peppers too. I use them year round in soups and stews. Jeff has a great salsa recipe, using the tomatoes, peppers and onions from the garden, freezing it to have all year!

Besides the obvious health benefits from growing vegetables, having a garden also saves money, which is another plus with the economy the way it is.

Happy gardening everyone!


I did have a gardening accident. Jeff and I were planting seeds in the garden one evening. We were finishing up and I was picking things up to put them back in the shed. There was a garden hoe and rake lying on the ground. I had my hands full and thought I had walked over them, but I was wrong.

The next thing I knew, I was flat on the ground. Apparently, I stepped on the end of the hoe bringing the other end up, which hit me in my right arm, right above the elbow.

At first, I didn’t know what happened. I just knew I was on the ground. Jeff was there and saw what happened. I am grateful it didn’t hit me in the head or back!

My arm instantly swelled up. I was worried at first that I broke it. I could barely move it! I put ice on it, which helped with the swelling. Of course, it had to be my right arm, which made life interesting for a few days, but I managed. I couldn’t believe how much it bruised! It still is a bit bruised, and has a small bump, but it doesn’t hurt anymore.

I did learn a lesson: Don’t be in such a hurry! I was rushing that day to get things done, and look what happened! I have slowed down!

Thought for the day: Be good to one another. You only get one go around, don’t waste it being hateful.

Have a great week! Don’t forget, the Swedish Festival begins Friday! Hope to see everyone there!


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