Oakland City Council June Meeting Minutes

Minutes of City Council Meeting

City of Oakland, NE

Regular Meeting


A meeting of the Mayor and City Council of the City of Oakland, Nebraska was convened in open and public session at 5:30 p.m. on June 20th, 2016 at the Oakland Auditorium. This was the regular monthly meeting. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Ted Beckner. On roll call, Council members Denise Gilliland, Matt Johnson, Greg Mockenhaup. Luke Blanc was absent.

Notice of the meeting was given in advance thereof by the posting of a notice, one of the designated methods for giving notice, as shown by the certification of posting attached to these minutes. Availability of the agenda was communicated in the advance notice and in the notice to the Mayor and City Council.

Mayor Beckner reminded all present of the location of the Open Meeting Laws poster in the back of the Rosen Room and stated that the council would be conducting business in accordance with said law.

The minutes of the May 16th, 2016 meeting were presented. M. Johnson made a motion to approve the minutes as presented and D. Gilliand seconded. All council members voted AYE.

The treasurer’s report for June 2016 was presented and questions answered. M. Johnson made a motion to accept the treasurer report and D. Gilliland seconded. All council voted AYE.

Tim Adams, with JEO, spoke with the council about the progress of the sewer project. M. Johnson made a motion to approve pay schedule 4 for $132,135.74 to Midwest Underground. G. Mockenhaupt seconded the motion. All council member present voted AYE.

Jon Mooberry with the City’s Engineering, JEO, reported that in accordance with insutruations of the Mayor and City Council, notice to contrators had been published and bids had been revieved and opend for the constuction of improvements in Street Improvement District No. 2015-1. The Engineers presented the bid tabulation and recommendations for award of the construction contract. Following discussion and review of the bids received, Council Member D. Gilliand introduced the following resolution, Resolution 2016-8(1), and moved its passage and adoption. Motion seconded by Council Member G. Mockenhaupt. All council member present voted AYE. Motion carried.

Kathy Backer and Melanie Thompson were on the agenda but not present.

Chief Poland gave his monthy report and updated the council on current status of Ordiances.

  1. Johnson made a motion to accept the demolition bid for 110 N Park from J & K Excavating for $9,500 as long as it was demolished by July 15th,2016. D. Gilliand seconded the motion. All present voted AYE. Motion carried.

Council spoke about a timeline for the 2016-2017 budget preperations. A tentive budget retreat is scheduled for August 1st, 2016.

The bills and warrants were presented to the City Council as follows: CREDIT MANAGEMENT $150.53, Oakland Hghts (dent.ins.city) $467.42,COLONIAL LIFE $449.24,CREDIT MAN. $150.53, ACCO $1,391.51, ABB $288.29, AMERICAN LEGION $40.00, Anderson & Sons $49,000.00,ANDY’S QUIK STOP $400.45   BIG JOHN MGF. $433.00, Black Diamond $29.99 BLE $195.78, BCBS $24,802.91, Bomgaars $247.43,Braniff Service $348.31,Brehmer Mfg.Co. 1,300.00, Burt Co. Sheriff’s Office $30.00,CVA $369.06,Colonial Research $183.94,Daniel R. Tanksley,III $22.95,FARM & HOME INSURANCE $80.00,Farmer’s Pride $430.71,First Bankcard $369.04,HACH Company $114.73,HD Supply $3,048.05,Helena $262.50,Ingram $711.39,INSUREVEST $500.00,   JEO $1,575.00,Jerri Case $5.00, JOHN DEERE $141.54,Johnson & Mock $585.00 K-C Parts & Repairs 691.32,KATIE ONKEN $676.10,Lorensen $19.60,Midwest Lab $361.30,Midwest Service Sales $216.20,Neb. Public Health $75.00,Nelson’s $63.67, NNSWC $1,467.13,Oakland Ind. $94.79, Olson’s $814.86,ONE CALL CONC.$39.12,PENDER IMPLEMENT $33.40,Quality Printing $25.58,Red Barn $2.30,Robertson Imp. $364.00,Rosa Schmidt $56.16,Stalp Gravel Co.$5,630.31,Swedish Festival $1,500.00,USA Blue Book 857.57,USPS $215.00,Verizon Wireless $191.58,Vern’s Plumbing $383.15,WEST POINT NEWS $44.80,KATIE ONKEN $246.13,Anderson Hardware $412.84,Bomgaars $178.44,DEARBORN NATIONAL $154.39,Farmer’s Pride $470.83,MIDWEST UNDERGROUND $132,135.74,Muni. Ind. Control 362.50,NPPD $11,597.87,JOHN DEERE $141.54,Johnson & Mock $585.00,K-C Parts & Repairs $691.32,Bomgaars $68.99,EFTPS $4,183.17,FIRST NATIONAL BANK- HSA 265.00,Ameritas Life Ins. Corp. 785.46,EFTPS $5,032.90.Nebraska Dept. Of Rev. $1,097.16,FNB- HSA $2,585.00,Ameritas $777.66

     M. Johnson made a motion to accept the warrents. G. Mockenhaupt seconded and all council voted AYE

There being no further business to come before the council, the meeting adjourned at 6:35 p.m.



Ted R. Beckner, Mayor


Katie K Onken

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